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These things hold strong places in my heart....and some of the lower spots too....

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Matt opened his eyes to find Mello’s side of the bed empty.  He sat up and looked around the room in concern.  He knew Mello had been having a difficult night, tossing and turning after what had happened, and he hadn’t really gotten any sleep until the early hours.  He got out of bed and grabbed his jeans, pulling them on hurriedly, grabbing his shirt as he went out of the door.

He ran to the main door, knowing that Mello liked to sit outside when he was troubled.  He quickly surveyed the areas he usually went to but didn’t see him.  “Where the fuck are you?” he muttered under his breath then turned and went back into the building.  The only other place he could think was the cafeteria, hot chocolate or coffee would be something he’d go for if he were upset.

He ran in the door and looked around, then exhaled in relief.  Mello was slumped in a chair, sitting at a table in the corner.  Just as he began to walk towards the table he saw someone else was already moving towards Mello and he stopped in surprise.

“Well, I’ll be a son of a bitch,” he said and sat down at the table nearest him; there was no way he was going to
Interrupt, at least not right away.

Near was used to sitting by himself in the cafeteria, it didn’t really bother him to be alone, but it was unusual to see Mello sitting at a table by himself.  He, and the rest of the school, had heard about Beyond’s escape and recapture, and he knew how close Mello was to the troubled teen.  Right now Mello looked pretty troubled himself, and he was surprised to see that Matt wasn’t with him.  He debated with himself what the right thing to do would be, and after a few moments he sighed and made his way over to where Mello was sitting.

“Would you care for a little company?” he asked quietly when he got to the table, “Actually, I think you need a little company.”  Mello looked up from his cup of hot chocolate and gazed at him.  Part of him wanted him to just go away, and another part of him was actually touched.

“Yea, you can sit down,” he said with a shrug, “Just don’t expect much conversation, I’m not in the mood.”  Near nodded and sat down, his hands wrapped around his own cup of chocolate.

“I know what happened last night, and I’m really sorry, Mello.  It’s obvious you haven’t slept much, and I can’t blame you.  I don’t have any close friends, but if I did, I believe I would be just as distressed as you appear to be.”  Mello looked at him briefly before looking back at his hot chocolate.

“Yea, thanks,” he said and then looked at him again, “No, you don’t have any close friends do you?  What’s the matter, don’t you like anything that isn’t plastic?”  Near chuckled and picked up the robot that was lying on the table next to his cup, his other hand playing with his hair.

“I have discovered that most people don’t like me, and I don’t endeavor to make them change their minds,” he said running his fingers over the toy, “I don’t mind being alone, I rather enjoy it and my toys give me all the companionship I need.” He looked up at Mello who was looking back at him with a questioning expression on his face. At least he no longer looked upset, so his company seemed to be helping.

“I live with a foster family, a family of many foster children as the parents are trying to make as much money as possible from the government and so there is little to no privacy. Being here is the only time I have any space to myself and my toys don’t talk,” he grinned at Mello, “But you don’t want to hear about me, I’m supposed to be keeping you cheery company!”  Mello blinked and then laughed. That had to be the first time he’d ever heard Near say anything even remotely funny.  Of course it wasn’t as if he’d given him the opportunity to before anyway, he was so busy being a bitch to him.

“Sorry for your home life, no wonder you stay alone all the time,” he sighed, “Look, I’m sorry for how I’ve treated you before.  Matt had to kick my ass and show me what a jerk I was being, and I’m really sorry.”  Near shrugged and sipped at his hot chocolate.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” he sipped again then looked around the room, “I haven’t seen Light or Lawliet…are they okay?”  Mello nodded with a sigh.

“I haven’t seen them since last night, but other than being scared out of his mind I think Lawliet’s okay, and Light’s not going anywhere until he’s sure he is anyway.”  He found he really didn’t want to discuss that situation anymore and changed the subject.

“So what are your plans when we graduate?” he asked and Near smiled.

“I will take Watari up on his offer to give us living quarters here on campus.  I have no desire to return to the nest, and as I am now 18 and no longer a ward of the state, they probably won’t want me back since they can no longer collect on me.  I’m rather looking forward to this, and working with all of you.  I hadn’t really thought of a future for myself until this came up, and I believe I will be quite happy with this.”  

“Yea, Matt and I decided we needed to get out of here, we’re moving to the city, taking Alexander with us, and we can continue to learn and work together that way, and maybe start doing little jobs on our own…” he stopped when he looked up and saw Matt walking towards him.  

Matt watched them talk for a few moments, and when he was sure that Mello was being civil he got up and made his way to their table.

“Try not to scare me like this next time," he said as he sat down, "Leave me a note or something." He looked over at Near with a smile. “Thanks for looking out for him, he needs so much attention.”   Near nodded and began to gather his things.

“I didn’t mind, he just looked like he could use some company.  Now that you’re here I’ll get my breakfast and go back to my room,”

“Thanks for the company Near,” Mello said and Near smiled and nodded before walking away.   Mello looked over at Matt and sighed.

"Sorry, about just leaving, I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to keep you awake."

"It's okay, I just panic easily," he watched him play with his cup for a few minutes before he said anything else.  "Tell me what you're thinking, why you couldn't sleep.  I mean, I can guess the basics, but something has to be going on in there.” He added pointing to Mello’s head.

"Everything's all fucked up and backwards," the blonde said finally, "The strongest personality I've ever known is shattered like a water glass, and the one that was so fragile is now being so strong I don't know how he's doing it.  Everything we planned over the past few months is gone."

"It's not gone babe, it's just postponed for a while as far as B's concerned.  He'll get better, he'll get out, and everything can pick up where it left off."  Mello snorted laughter and shook his head.

"That's bullshit and we both know it," he said, "When B gets out, are you going to tell me that you're not going to look at him differently from now on?  That you're not going to be looking over your shoulder all the time, wondering what could set him off again? Don't lie and tell me you're not because I know I'm going to and he's my best friend.  I can't look at him the way I used to, I can't think about him the way I used to and that pisses me off!"

Matt sighed and nodded.  "Okay, yea you're right about that, but I think after a while we'll stop looking at him that way.  We can't help being cautious about him after what he's done Mello, that's just natural."

"I don't want to look at him differently, I shouldn't. A doesn't, I know he doesn't."

"They have a different relationship Mello, I wouldn't look differently at you afterwards if it had been you.  I love you and nothing would change that," he chuckled, "I might lock up all the knives..."  Mello looked up at him as if he were angry at what he’d just said...but then started laughing.

“How do you manage to always make me laugh,” he said shaking his head, “No matter how shitty I feel.”

“It’s my job, I’m good at it,” he said and then looked around the cafeteria, “Breakfast is on, and I’m starving.  You want me to get you something?” Mello shook his head.

“I’ll come with you, I could stand some food now myself,” they stood up but before walking towards the food line, Mello grabbed Matt’s hand, “Thank you,” he said and Matt smiled with a shrug.

“Thank me later when we’re alone,” he said with a lecherous wiggling of his eyebrows that make Mello laugh again, and realize just how much better he was feeling, and how much he needed Matt.

Lawliet’s eyes shot open and he sat up quickly, his heart pounding as he fully expected to see his brother standing over him.  He quickly looked around and took a deep breath when he realized he was being foolish, he was alone.  He immediately regretted moving so quickly, groaning in pain.  He looked over in the bed and began to panic again when Light’s side of the bed was empty.  He began to slide out of the bed, grimacing a little in pain from his wound, but he had to find Light.

“Light? Light!! Light where are you?” he called trying to make it to the door.  The door opened and Light ran in, frowning when he saw he was out of bed.  He wrapped his arms around him and moved him back to the bed.

"Where the hell did you think you were going?" he asked crossly, "Haven't you had enough drama for a while?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't see you, I didn't know where you were, I had to find you," Lawliet said practically babbling and trembling in Light's arms.

"Sorry, but I had to go to the bathroom, and I'd rather do that alone," he said with a chuckle as he put L back into the bed.  Lawliet looked up at him ashamed at his behavior and then chuckled himself before heaving a sigh.

"I didn't think about that, I'm just...I'm just afraid of everything right now and I hate feeling that way," he complained.  Light sat next to him and ran a hand through his hair.

"I think that's completely understandable under the circumstances.  But as far as your brother's concerned, I think we've seen the last of him until he's better.  They're not that stupid where he is now.  So just relax about him and work on healing."

"I have cases that I need to be working on, they're waiting for answers and so much time has been lost..."

"The cases will be there, you need to heal.  Probably you can do some work while you're in bed, as long as you don't overdo it.  And don't forget you still have some school work to do, we graduate in just a matter of weeks."

"I'm not worried about schoolwork, that isn't important to me," Lawliet said stubbornly, "It's my cases..."

"Lawliet you've got the rest of your life to be this mysterious detective L, right now you need to work on being Lawliet the student.  More importantly you need to relax and heal before you can do anything.'  Lawliet crossed his arms and pouted, a look Light couldn't help but adore.

"Fine," he said and then softened, "Do you think for a couple of days you could do your school work here? I’m…I just don’t want to be alone right now.” He asked looking down at the floor. Light smiled and nodded as he squeezed Lawliet’s hand.

“Of course, I’m sure I can work that out for the rest of this week, or until you feel comfortable being alone again.  Okay?”  L nodded.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a problem, and I’m just…” Lawliet began to apologize and Light shushed him and kissed him softly.

“It’s okay, I understand.  I’m sure you’ll be fine after a few days,” they both looked toward the door when they heard a sound from the main room.   Lawliet looked terrified and Light shook his head. “It’s okay, I’m sure it’s nothing.  Probably Wammy coming in to check on you.”  He went to the bedroom door and opened it and sighed in relief when he found he was right, and Wammy was bringing a trolley into the main room.

“It’s just Wammy with breakfast.  I’ll be right back.” He called over his shoulder and went out into the main room, closing the door behind him.

“Good morning Light,” Wammy said with a smile, “Is he awake?”  Light nodded and then sighed.

“He is, but Wammy he’s so scared of everything.  I got up to go to the bathroom while he was asleep and he completely freaked when he woke up and found me gone.  I’m really worried about that.”  Wammy nodded his understanding and sighed himself.

“I’m not surprised, but I think he’ll be alright in a few days.  You have to admit he’s every right to be frightened after looking up and seeing his worst nightmare in his room yesterday.”

“Yes, of course but I’m just concerned,” he stopped and ran a hand through his hair, “How did it go with Beyond after he arrived at the hospital?”

“As long as A was there with him he was fine; A talked to him, promised he’d see him every day and was always going to be there for him. I must say, seeing this side of Alexander after seeing the very timid and quiet side of him for so long is definitely amazing to see.”  Light nodded as he looked at what Wammy had brought for breakfast.

“Just goes to show you don’t know what you’re capable of until you’re forced,” the bedroom door opened and Lawliet came out, the aroma from the cart obviously bringing him into the main room.

“Is it alright if I eat out here? I just have to get away from that bed for a few minutes at least,” he asked and Wammy nodded. Light went to him and helped him move over to the couch to sit down.

“I think that would be fine as long as you stay in one place,” Wammy finished, bringing him a tray and a plate of food as he sat on the couch, “Light, I brought enough for both of you so you eat as well.” Wammy told him and he nodded taking a plate and sitting next to L.

“Wammy, I really need to work,” Lawliet said earnestly, “I…really need to.”  Both Light and Wammy understood he needed to do it to get his mind off of Beyond.

“That’s fine.  While you eat I’ll gather up the files from my office and bring them here.  We’ve already received several inquiries in response to the cases you’ve already done.  I have a feeling this is going to be very big, very quickly.” He smiled and left them alone to finish their breakfast.

“So what happens if this L thing gets really big?” Light asked after a few moments, “What will all that entail for you?”  Lawliet shrugged as he chewed on a piece of toast covered in butter.

“I don’t know, I can’t imagine anything will really change that much.  Especially if I stay relatively hidden as Wammy wants to do,” he grinned. “I sort of like the idea of being the mysterious, unknown detective in the background.”  Light laughed and shook his head.

“It does sound kind of cool,” he admitted, “But it also sounds like it could be dangerous once you get well known. “  

“No one will know who I am, so it doesn’t matter,” he smiled at him, “Why are you worried about me?”  Light rolled his eyes.

“No, I can’t imagine why you would even suggest such a thing” he said, then reached over and ran his fingers across Lawliet’s cheek.  “Well, maybe a little,” he added.

“I’ll be fine,” he assured him, then leaned against him. “You’ll be with me.” He said and Light put his arm around him and chuckled.

“Absolutely.  After everything we’ve been through, anyplace else would just be boring,” he said.  Lawliet turned away from him as he reached for his coffee.

“Well, I’m glad I keep you entertained,” he said indignantly, his nose going into the air.  That only made Light laugh more and he wrapped his arms around him.

“You know you love me,” he said and kissed the back of his neck.

“You just wait until I’m healed Light Yagami,” Lawliet warned leaning against him, “I’m going to remember all of these slights.”  

“I’m looking forward to it,” Light answered and then kissed him deeply before pulling away with a sigh and adjusting his pants.  “Let’s get back to breakfast before I forget myself.”   Lawliet smiled apologetically.

“Hold on to that feeling, it won’t be too much longer before I can help relieve that little problem of yours,” he said and it was Light’s
turn to look indignant.

“LITTLE problem?” he repeated making Lawliet burst into the first real laughter he could remember enjoying in weeks.

A knocked on Wammy’s door, a little concerned at why he’d been called in to see him.  He was afraid it was going to be bad news about Beyond; or maybe his grades.  He had been visiting Beyond every day after classes were over, taking his homework with him so he could stay with him as long as possible and yet still keep up with his studies.   He hadn’t thought it had affected his grades at all, he knew he was more tired these past few weeks so maybe he just hadn’t noticed.  He opened the door when he heard Wammy tell him to come in, and nervously walked in.

“Good morning Alexander,” Wammy said with a smile, “Please have a seat,” He gestured to the chair directly in front of his desk.

“Good morning Mr. Wammy,” he answered sitting down, “I came as soon as I got your note; am I in trouble?”  Wammy chuckled and shook his head.

“Not at all,” he said, “As a matter of fact I’m rather impressed with how you’ve been handling things these past few weeks since Beyond’s last situation.  I called you here because I have a favor to ask you, to help Beyond.”   A sat forward in the chair looking earnestly at Wammy.

“What can I do to help him?” he asked, “I’ll do anything…”

“I know you will, Alexander, and this is what I’d like you to do,” he pointed to one of two piles of books on his desk, “These are his books that I picked up from his teachers, along with workbooks, assignments. I’d like you to take these to him the next time you visit, help him work through his classes this way.  I believe he’ll get through these without a problem and acquire enough points to be able to graduate with the rest of the class.  Of course he won’t be able to attend, but you could bring him his diploma.  I believe it would be good for him, boost his spirits and make him feel accomplished. If there are any classes he needs help with, you tell me and we’ll have the teacher prepare a lesson to help him.  What do you think?”

“I think it’s a great idea,” A said excitedly, “It will keep his mind occupied; he’s having a difficult time with keeping his thoughts…where they should be.  They’ve changed his medications so he’s better but part of the problem is he’s so bored all he can do is think and go over everything that’s happened.  Thank you Mr. Wammy, this will help him so much!”  He reached over and grabbed the pile of books and papers.  “I’ll make sure he gets started today when I go to visit.”  Wammy nodded and sat back in his chair.

“Very good Alexander.   Just don’t  forget to take some time for yourself,  do not get over tired or your grades will suffer.  If there are any problems, let me know immediately.”  A nodded and stood up, moving quickly to the door, then stopped and turned around.

“He is going to be himself again, isn’t he Mr. Wammy?” he asked and the older man smiled at him.

“With your help Alexander, I have no doubt.  Don’t expect miracles right away, but I’m sure he will recover.”  A smiled and nodded and then went out of the office.

Wammy stood up and picked up the second pile of books at the other end of his desk.  Now if only Lawliet would be as eager to get his schoolwork done as he was sure Beyond was going to be.  He sighed and left his office.
Light quickly stepped off of the elevator onto L’s floor at the hospital.  He had already called Watari to see how he was once he had finished with the case, and had received an ear fulI. Thus he wasn’t too surprised to see Watari sitting in the waiting area when he arrived.

“Gave up on him did you?” he asked with a grin.

“It’s the doctor’s suggestion that he stay over-night in case he begins to bleed again. The wound, while not life threatening, did bleed quite a bit and he is concerned over the blood loss.  However, he is being quite stubborn.  I did manage to convince him to stay until you arrived, and I shall now leave him to you.  I believe a cup of tea is calling my name.”  

“Gee thanks,” Light said with a grin as the older man walked away.  He knocked on the door of L’s room before going in and found him sitting in the middle of the bed cross legged, one arm in a sling and an expression on his face that would have frightened lesser mortals.

“I hear you’re being a pain in the ass,” he said as stood at the door, “What a surprise. I hope that expression isn’t for me or I’m leaving.”

“It was for that idiot doctor,” L answered angrily, “He’s trying to make me stay over-night, I categorically refuse!” he nearly spat and Light chuckled as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“How dare he be concerned about your welfare and want you to stay the night for observation?”

“Light, I just recently got out of the hospital, I’ve been away from you for far too long, and I refuse to stay here another night, I wish to go home!”

Light walked over to the fuming detective and sat next to him on the bed.  He reached up and moved hair from in front of L’s eyes.

“Alright, I’ll talk to the doctor and promise to bring you back at the smallest sign of a problem and see if he agrees.¬ But you have to agree to do what I say with no arguments.  That includes staying in bed and not doing anything until the doctor has seen you again. Agreed?”  

“Stay in bed? But…” he stopped when Light crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “Fine, agr¬¬eed." he said with a sigh.  Light nodded and uncrossed his arms, leaning forward to kiss him gently.

“Good,” he said after the kiss and stood up.

“What happened with Norman Bates and his mother?” L asked with a grin.  Light laughed at the reference and ran a hand through his own hair.

“You’re not far off in that analogy,” he said, “Matsuda and I interrogated them separately and got the entire story.  Apparently, as you suspected, they both had a hand in Hayami’s partner’s death.  Apparently shortly after Shumei arrived at home after being forced to leave the party early, and overhearing a conversation his mother had at the party to go see Ishinu, he decided to pay a visit to him first. Knowing his particular tastes he played up to him, pretending to try the drugs and alcohol offered him and just allowing Ishinu to get as intoxicated and as pliable as possible.  After which he continued to put a large amount of pills in the man’s mouth and more alcohol to wash them down with.  When Ishinu had practically passed out he left, hoping he’d die from an overdose. What he didn’t know was his mother saw him leaving the building when she was arriving, and immediately flew into a rage thinking he’d been taken advantage of by Ishinu.  When she came in and saw him passed out on the floor, she retrieved a knife from the kitchen and slit his wrists, leaving him to bleed to death. Neither one ever mentioned it to the other.  Shumei assumed that when his mother arrived at Ishinu’s apartment she found him passed out and just left."

“I imagine both of them will be sent away for quite a while,” he said then smiled at Light, “We make an excellent team.”

“I agree,” he answered then moved towards the door, “Don’t move until I get back from talking to your doctor.” He warned then left the room.  L leaned back against the back of the bed and closed his eyes.  The pain medication was beginning to make him sleepy but he fought it, not until he got home.  He didn’t want to spend one more minute away from Light and his home than he had to; he had too much to make up for.
After what seemed like an eternity to him, Light finally returned and with Watari beside him.  He fought to sit up straight and Light helped him.

“Alright, let’s get you home and into bed,” he said as he helped him stand, “Don’t move too quickly, just lean on me.” He instructed and L nodded doing as he was told without argument for a change.  Once home, Light immediately helped him undress and put him to bed.  

“How’s the pain, are you okay?” he asked as L tried to get comfortable with the sling.

“It’s tolerable right now,” he answered, “Whatever they gave me is working admirably.” Light smiled at him and kissed him gently.

“I appreciate that you were looking out for my interests but please try to find another way to do so without getting yourself hurt next time.”

“Yes, well it wasn’t my idea to get shot either,” he answered, “Especially not for that ass….I merely assumed I’d push him out of the way. I didn’t realize her aim was as out of control as she was.”   He tried to stretch his eyes open as he felt himself begin to succumb to the pain medicine.

“I think it’s time you get some rest,” Light said trying not to laugh at his efforts to stay awake. “I brought home paperwork from the case, I’ll get it and work on it in here while you rest in case you need anything.” He began to stand and was stopped as L grabbed his hand.

“Light…are you still angry with me?” he asked softly and Light sighed.

“We don’t need to talk about this now….” Light began but L shook his head.

“I need to know that everything’s okay, that we’re okay, or what I have to do to fix it,” he pleaded.  “I love you Light, and I’m so sorry for what happened, and I need…” Light stopped his words by taking L’s face in his hands and kissing him.

“We are okay L,” he said softly when he released him, “I have some issues with what happened, but I’ll get past it, we’ll get past it.  You just have to make sure you never shut me out again of anything that involves us. But…our relationship is as good as it always was as far as I’m concerned.  I love you L, I have no choice.”  He leaned forward and kissed him again.  “Besides, I would have thought how we started our day today would have proven that.”

“That’s just sex and as wonderful as that is, we had more than that and I…”

“We still have more than that; we have everything we had before any of this happened.  Now, go to sleep. If you still want to talk we’ve got plenty of time later.”  L nodded then reached up and kissed him again before lying back down and finally allowing his eyes to close.

Light watched him for a while, running his fingers through the unruly black hair before standing up to get his papers.  He thought about everything that had happened and he had to smile; for a relationship that really should never have existed in the first place, it continued to thrive in spite of everything that was thrown at it over the years.  Of course they were okay, there was no other alternative and never would be.   He made a cup of tea and gathered his papers, then sat on the bed next to L as he slept, knowing this was always where he’d be; next to L.
Since I've made a journal.  So sorry but I've been a bit on the busy side, trying to keep my fanfictions moving, and just daily garbage!

There's been so much excitement regarding the Death Note Musical. Since I last posted several songs from the New York Demo of the musical were released and were excellent, making me wish even more I could just fly there tomorrow.  There has been excellent rehearsal footage uploaded on youtube ( )and recently footage of the final dress rehearsal that's just brilliant looking.  This video has the English versions of the songs added.

I also just came back from AnimeBoston which was as it always is absolutely wonderful.  It took me three days to recover so that should tell you how much fun it was!! Had the extra added fun of having one of my son's wonderful AMV's make it to the finals of the AMV Contest in the drama category.  It should have won, what do you think? 

I did make an awesome connection with a group that goes to Japan and buys merchandise and copies of the musicals that are made from animes (Like Black Butler, Bleach, Naruto) and sells them at conventions. They are on their way to Japan next week to see the Death Note Musical and I have already put in an order for everything they can bring me so I'll be sure to let you know what I get.

That's it for now, chat atcha later.  New chapters for both stories should be up soon!!


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Obsessed 27

When everything was set up, Hayami made the call to Yoshida Eiko, sounding contrite and apologetic. He made an appointment for them to meet in an hour then hung up. He coughed and stuck out his tongue, rubbing it with his fingers.

“Having to say words like that to that bitch should have set my mouth on fire,” he said making a face.

“Really? I would think you would be so used to uttering falsehoods to get what you wanted that this would be easy.” L commented as he finished setting up the feed to Hayami’s computer.

“Please Ryuzaki…” Light pleaded while Matsuda tried to stifle a chuckle.

“I don’t have to lie to get what I want Mr. Ryuzaki,” he answered, “With very few exceptions,” he looked at Light, “What I want usually comes willingly.” L started to open his mouth and Light shot him a look that told him there would be trouble if he did. He stopped and smiled at Light instead.

“Yes, with some exceptions,” he said then tested the connection on Hayami’s computer, “It’s live. Everything going on in that next room will be shown here, and on my computer; everything going on in here will be shown on Light's.”

“Excellent, now everyone knows what the plan is, do we have to go over it again?” Light asked and everyone agreed that they knew. “Fine, now everyone to their places, Mr. Hayami, do whatever you would normally do before receiving a possible client. Matsuda, Ryuzaki, go to your places I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

L and Matsuda both nodded and went into the room designated for their hiding place while Light turned to Hayami. “We’re going to be just a few seconds away but don’t take any extra chances. Greet them, tell them your story and take Yoshida into the other room for a private discussion. Before doing that, make sure you cozy up to her, make advances, take your time. I saw a look in that boy's eyes when she was fawning over him that didn't look quite right during our interview and I think we can exploit that. ” He grinned when he saw Hayami make a face, “You don’t have to go through with it, just get her interested and then we’ll see where it goes. “ the buzzer to the front door went off and Light nodded at him and sprinted to join L and Matsuda. L was sitting cross-legged on the floor with his laptop in front of him and watching the living room, the other computer at his side. He looked up as Light came in and nodded. Light and Matsuda stood on either side of him and watched.

Hayami went to the door, a smile of welcome on his face. “Yoshida and Shumei, welcome to my home, please come in.” he said opening the door wide so they could come in.

“So, it appears you have finally come to your senses,” Yoshida said with a sneer, “I’m glad, you will find out just how profitable my boy will be for you. Too bad your partner didn’t realize it.” Hayami closed the door behind them and ushered them into the room, offering them a seat.

“Yes, well, I apologize for that over sight. But truth be told I actually fought for your son, but he was completely against it. Rather than lose a friendship and/or business partner at the time I thought it was best to go along. However, now that he's gone, there's nothing in the way. ” he walked over to the bar and pulled a bottle from the small fridge. I suggest we toast our new partnership with champagne.” He said wrapping a small towel around the top of the bottle. “I think on such a special occasion even Shumei should have a glass.”

Yoshida frowned at first and then smiled. “Yes, I think that would be agreeable, a small glass for Shumei if you don’t mind.” She smiled at the boy who nodded with a small smile. “This is quite the living space,” she added looking around, “I’m sure everything in here is quite expensive.”

“Indeed,” Hayami answered, “And as I entertain quite often and one can never be sure of one’s friends, I have surveillance cameras in every room…just in case someone decides they wish to be light handed,” he concentrated on opening the bottle. “Everyone makes such a fuss about the popping of the cork, when all they’re doing is losing precious bubbles,” he said pushing the cork under the towel until there was a muffled popping sound and he held onto it for another moment before slowly removing the towel and the cork. He then poured the three glasses and passed them around.

“A toast to our new merger, may it be as profitable for all of us as I suspect it will be,” he toasted and they all sipped at it, Shumei making a face and putting the glass down after one sip.

“This is quite good Mr. Hayami,” Yoshida said after her sip, “I hope the offer you plan to make me is just as good.” He chuckled as he swallowed his champagne.

“I am sure you are a very shrewd businesswoman Yoshida,” Hayami said with a smile, “And I have thought about it quite a bit,” he finished his champagne and poured himself another, then refilled her glass, “Strange that I don't remember you being such a handsome woman. I don't remember, is there a lucky man in your life?"

The woman stared at him for a moment before answering. "There is not. Shumei's father died many years ago and since then he has been the only man in my life, isn't that right Shumei." The boy blushed and nodded, looking directly at Hayami. Hayami nodded and smiled as he poured more champagne and sat next to her.

"Well then, perhaps there is the possibility of more than simply a business arrangement?" he said seductively and Yoshida snorted.

"Absolutely not, I was under the impression that you were...THAT type!" she said and Hayami chuckled.

"While it is true that I believe in savoring all of life's little pleasures, I am helpless when faced with a beautiful woman."

L nearly groaned out loud as he listened to the conversation except he knew they couldn't make any noise; instead he looked at Light and dramatically rolled his eyes. Light pointedly ignored him and focused on the screen watching the boy who was becoming slightly agitated as he watched Hayami talk to his mother. He obviously was not comfortable with the conversation and began to fidget nervously as it continued.

Hayami got up to get another bottle of champagne and noticed Shumei moving to sit next to his mother once he had moved. Hayami smiled to himself, obviously the detective had been correct in the way he read their relationship. He decided now was the time for the next step. He pulled the bottle and then went back over to where they sat. He opened the new bottle and smiled at the woman as he poured.

"Why don’t you and I go into my office and draw up the paper work and discuss any final ideas or questions you might have,” he looked at the boy, “Shumei this will be boring to you, so why don’t you stay out here and amuse yourself with the television or my laptop, we shouldn’t be long." This time Shumei looked positively alarmed and shook his head at his mother.

"I should go too, in case I have any question," he suggested, but his mother shook her head.

"No dear, you know mommy always handles the paperwork and business," she swallowed down the contents of the glass and held it out to be refilled, "You stay here and do as Mr. Hayami suggested, I'm sure we won't be long." she smiled at him and fluffed his hair. Hayami held out his hand and she took it, standing up from the couch, picking up her purse as she followed Hayami to his office.

Shumei watched them go in alarm which only got worse when they closed the door behind them. He stood up and began to pace; it was obvious he was extremely upset with being left behind. He walked towards the door following them when the laptop on the table caught his eye. On the screen was his mother and Hayami; obviously one of the security cameras he had mentioned was on in the office. He stopped and watched, his upset still obvious and growing.

L smiled with satisfaction, he was taking the bait. He looked over at Light's laptop that he had also hooked the feed from the office to so they could see what was happening in there as well

Hayami walked to the desk and opened up the first drawer, pulling out what appeared to be contract papers. He then lay them on top and smiled at the woman, moving closer to her as he spoke. “Now even though I believe your son has quite a bit of talent, I do have other reasons for wanting to represent him…and you.” He said in almost a soft purr.

“Really? What would those reasons be?” Yoshida asked trying to see the papers on the desk. She reached into her purse and pulled out a folder piece of paper. "I have written out a few of the demands that I expect in this contract, including the clause that I have final say in all decisions." Hayami took the paper from her then reached out and pulled her to him.

“You are indeed a handsome woman,” he said looking her over, “And I was hoping perhaps during this business arrangement, perhaps we could get to know one another better.”

Shumei made a noise that started as a whine and worked it's way into a growl. His hands balled into fists as he watched Hayami grab his mother.

“That’s disgusting, I’ll have nothing to do with that,” she nearly spat, pushing him away, “I’m only dealing with you for my son’s benefit, and it will stop at business. Now I need to see the papers that you have drawn up...”

“In time dear lady, in time. How long as it been since you’ve been properly entertained by a man? Something tells me it’s probably been quite a while.” Hayami said moving closer to her again.

L and Light both watched the boy's anger and upset rise and realized he was going to blow soon. Light stood up and nodded at Matsuda who reached for his gun.

Shumei’s anger overtook him and he screamed as he watched Hayami put his arms around his mother, who again pushed him away. In a flash he had run to the door of the office, pushing it open with such force that both Hayami and his mother turned and stared in frightened surprise.

“You get away from her!” he seethed knocking Hayami away from her, “No one touches my mother, and especially not someone like you!” Hayami backed away and Yoshida turned to reason with him.

“Shumei!! You know there’s no one else in my life except you, you and I are a team, you know that,” she said moving towards him, "Mommy wasn't listening to what he was saying."

“He’s just like that other one isn’t he? The one you snuck out from the party to go see? I knew that’s why you sent me home early, you wanted to go see him! And now you want this one too!"

“You’re right, I wanted to ask him one last time to take you under his management, but that’s all Shumei, there was nothing else!," she looked at Hayami with disgust, "There's no way I'd be interested in this man!"

“I don’t believe you,” he said and turned back on Hayami, “You can't have her, she's my mother, no one else can have her!” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a switchblade, opening it quickly and pointing it at Hayami. "It's okay mother, I'll take care of this one too." He started to move and Hayami screamed just as Light and Masuda ran into the room, guns drawn.

“Stop Shumei, police!” Matsuda shouted startling the boy but he kept a tight grip on the knife.

“Don’t do it,” Light warned moving towards him, “Don’t make us hurt you, we don’t want to hurt you.”

“Mr. Hayami, you need to go into another room,” Matsuda told the frightened manager who quickly moved around them and went out of the door, running past L who stood at the door watching. Matsuda then moved forward and reached for the knife.

"Shumei, give me the knife, it's over now." the boy shook his head, tossing the knife from hand to hand as he looked as both Light and Matsuda.

"No...not until he's dead!" he yelled and started to run to where Hayami had gone and where L was now standing. The detective casually stuck his leg out as the boy tried to run, making him pitch forward, the knife flying out of his hand as he hit the ground. He then placed his foot over the knife so it couldn't be retrieved. He then placed a foot on the boy's back holding him down.

Matsuda put his gun away and pulled the boy off the ground, getting his handcuffs. The boy howled and fought, L helping hold him as Matsuda got them on.

"Thanks Ryuzaki," he said and L nodded at him, "Shumei I'm placing you under arrest for the attempted murder of Mr. Hayami and suspicion of the murder of his partner," he said as he locked them into place.

“No…you can’t do that,” Yoshida cried running to her son and wrapping her arms around him from behind, “This is his fault,” she accused pointing at Hayami, “He must have set this all up, to frame my son!”

“I understand,” Light told her patiently, “But we still have to take him in, I’m sorry. You need to come with us too, we have some questions for you as well." he gently pulled her away from her son. "Ryuzaki, please call for a unit to meet us downstairs. They'll need to come up and get the weapons." L nodded and pulled his phone from his pocket and then everything happened very quickly.

“Mother don’t let them take me away, you promised you’d take care of me, you promised!” Shumei cried, “He was going to take her away from me, he was going to take her away from me!” he struggled to get away from Matsuda. Light had Yoshida by her elbow and was gently moving her towards the door, as Hayami moved towards the bar to pour a much needed drink. As L made the call, Yoshida quickly pulled away from Light, quickly reaching into her purse and pulling out a gun as she ran back towards Hayami.

"This is all your fault!" she screamed at Hayami and began to fire. "Hayami get down!" L shouted dropping the phone and lunging for Hayami to knock him out of the way as the bullets flew. Light tackled her from behind and dropped her to the floor, the gun flying out of her hands and skittering across the floor. Matsuda had pushed the boy to the floor and covered him with his body as he reached for his gun.

Just as suddenly as it had happened it was over. Light pulled the woman up off the floor as he got up, handcuffing her hands behind her back. "Hayami...Ryuzaki..are you alright?" he called as he snapped the cuffs into place.

"I'm fine detective," Hayami answered getting up, "But I fear Ryuzaki has been hit..." Light pushed Yoshida back down to the floor and ran to where L lay. L was trying to sit up with Hayami's help, blood pouring down his left arm.

"Matsuda call for an ambulance," Light yelled trying to look at how bad the wound was.

"Light, I'm fine calm yourself," Ryuzaki told him with a pained smile, "It went through the bottom part of my arm, I'm sure it's fine."

"Didn't I tell you to stay out of the way?" Light told him, "Hayami get me a towel!" and the man ran for the bathroom, returning quickly and handing him the towel.

"I was trying to get out of the way," L answered with a grimace as Light wrapped the towel around the wound, "The bullet moved faster than I did."

"I have to thank you," Hayami said, "Obviously that was meant for me."

"Believe me, if you weren't Light's responsibility I would have let it hit you," L said as the sound of sirens came nearer. Matsuda sat both the boy and his mother against the wall next to each other and ran to where Light was, relieved when he saw L was okay.

"Can you stand?" Light asked as he helped L to his feet.

"It was my arm Light, not my leg," L said with a chuckle, "And yes I can stand." he looked into Light's worried face and smiled. "I'm fine Light, flesh wound only. Go be a detective, I can deal with the ambulance."

"I'm calling Wammy to meet you at the hospital," Light said grabbing his phone, "And I will be there as soon as I get these two sorted out."

"The least I can do is help him get into the ambulance," Hayami said as the uniformed police started arriving.

"Thank you, I appreciate it," Light told him with a smile as he turned to meet the officers, pointing out where the weapons were on the carpet as Matsuda handed the mother and son over to them. Within moments the ambulance arrived, quickly putting L onto the stretcher.

Light took L's hand as they began to wheel him out of the apartment. "I'll be there as soon as I can." he promised him, "I love you." and L nodded with a small smile, the pain beginning to get to him.

"Matsuda, I'm going to grab my and L's computer. You go ahead with them and get the interrogation started, I'll meet you there." Matsuda nodded and went out behind the other officers as Light went back into the other room and got their laptops. He wasn't so concerned about his, but L's was another matter. He got them both and ran to the car.
Light stopped in front of Hayami's building, he and L jumping out as soon the car was stopped.  Light grabbed his phone as they ran into the building and to the elevator.

"Mr. Hayami we're in the building and should be up in just a few minutes," he said into the phone.

"Excellent, I'm sure you'll be much more interesting than the two behemoths outside my door," Hayami answered with a chuckle.  

"Those are trained officers Mr. Hayami, they are there to protect you I'd appreciate it if you'd keep the name calling down."  Light told him before closing the call.

"What's the matter aren't the officers man enough for him?" L asked with a smirk and Light narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

"Don't you start," he warned and that only made L chuckle.  By that time the elevator opened and they walked out to Hayami's door where two uniformed officers were standing.  Light reached for his badge and ID.

"Detective Yagami NPA," he said holding up the badge and then gestured to L, "Ryuzaki Rue Consulting Detective," he added and the officers nodded, just as the door flew open and Hayami stuck out his head.

"Detective!!" he said happily when he saw Light, "Please hurry in the message is ready for you," he then noticed L behind him and at first his face fell then he smiled, "Oh and you brought your...." he stopped as he seemed to be lost for the proper description.

"Ryuzaki Rue, he's a Consulting Detective, he works with the NPA quite often and is very adept at dealing with computer enhanced messages," Light answered quickly ushering L in as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Well how nice, " Hayami answered eyeing Ryuzaki up and down, "I was going to say Watch Dog but Consulting Detective sounds better."

L stood still in the middle of the room as he stared at the opulence of Hayami's apartment.

"This is a most...amazing apartment," he said as he continued to look around, "It certainly represents your obvious tastes."

"Thank you," Hayami answered, "I always try to have the best money can buy.  It has proven to be quite perfect for entertaining, something I do quite a lot of."
" Oh, I'm sure you do," L agreed as he walked around the garish furnishings, "
You must have been relieved when penicillin became so easy to get," he remarked without looking at him, "I imagine you must keep it in large supply."  He turned and gazed at Hayami, a small smile on his face as he stared at him.

"Well at least I have the experiences to remember," Hayami answered looking back at him with distaste, "I'm sure that if this beautiful detective hadn't taken pity on you your cherry would still be well in place, as well as a little moldy

L's eyes narrowed dangerously and he began to move towards Hayami making Light move quickly to stand between them.

"You said you had the message?" he asked breaking off their staring contest.

"Yes," Hayami answered moving his eyes slowly from L to Light and smiling, "Yes I do, it's here."  he walked to a table and picked up his phone and played the message.   Light listened and then turned to L.

"Sounds like the kind of voice enhancements I've heard L use," he said and L nodded.

"Definitely sounds similar, but not quite as good.  I would never be able to uncode L's enhancements; it will be quite easy to clear this one up.  We'll know in a few moments exactly who this truly is."  L placed his laptop on the table and turned it on.  "If you would give me your phone..." he said holding his hand out to Hayami.

"I should say not," he answered pulling his phone away, "This is quite an expensive phone, how do I know you won't destroy it to get back at me for what could have happened last evening?"  

"Mr. Hayami..." Light began as the front door opened and Matsuda ran in. "I'll be right back and Mr. Hayami, give him the phone." he said as he walked to meet Matsuda.

"Sorry it took me so long, I wasn't expecting to have to work today and Suki and I..." he stopped long enough to realize what was happening.  L and Hayami were once again staring down each other and Light was rubbing his forehead.

"It's okay Matsuda, neither was I..." he said.

"Why's Ryuzaki here? Oh...wait I can guess...he knows about Hayami..." Matsuda said nodding his head.

"He's here to help with the case, I need his expertise on cleaning up a message," Light answered not really wanting to get into the other reason he was here. "The threat I told you about was left on his phone and  Ryuzaki, as you know, is quite experienced in computer distorted voices so I asked him to come and decode it."  Matsuda chuckled enjoying being in on exactly what Light meant.

"Great idea," he said and then looked in their direction when L began to talk rather loudly.

"You need to give me that ridiculously expensive phone so I can decode that message, that is the reason I am here." he said, his hand still held out to receive it.  Hayami chuckled.

"Don't play games Ryuzaki, we both know why you're really here.  You felt threatened, and so you should. Had you not walked in when you did last night who knows what may have occurred."

"Oh no..." Light groaned and moved quickly across the room as Matsuda blinked trying to understand what he just heard.

"Last night???" he began following Light across the room.

"I know exactly what would have occurred, exactly what did occur, absolutely nothing," L snapped back, "Now hand me that phone.  Believe me if it wasn't for the fact that it's Light's case I would simply let them get you."

Light snatched the phone from Hayami's hand and gave it to L. "I don't want any further mention of last evening, do you both understand?" he snapped, staring at them both.

L took the phone and attached it to his laptop and replayed the message.  His fingers danced on the keyboard as he pulled up a program and replayed the message.  The voice was clearer this time, but still distorted.  He typed again then replayed the message and this time the voice was almost completely clear.  Hayami and the two detectives looked at each other.

"It's that wretched boy," he nearly spat, "That disgusting, untalented, ridiculous child killed Makota?"  

"I'm not sure if he actually killed him or if he's working for or with someone else," Light answered.

"We need to arrest him," Matsuda said reaching for his phone, "I'll call for the warrant.".

"Wait!," L and Light said at the same time. L smiled and nodded, deferring to Light, it was his case after all.

"Not until we figure out everything," Light told him, "If we just bring him in as a suspect, his mother will most likely create a commotion and lawyer up, making the investigation even more difficult.  I'm quite sure she's in on it as well.  We've got to draw them out somehow."  Matsuda nodded and then thought for a moment.

"Why don't you call them over Mr. Hayami," he suggested, "Tell them that you've changed your mind, that it was really your partner that turned them down and you've seen the error of his ways.  We'll stay here, hidden of course, and let the detail outside go so we don't tip  him off.  When they get here, you take the mother into another room ostensibly to talk business and we'll keep an eye on the kid from where we'll be hiding."  Light nodded.

"Good idea," he said with a smile and looked at L, "I know you've got a million listening devices in your office and tiny cameras," he pulled the keys out of his pocket and tossed them to him, "Why don't you go get them and come right back, we'll set up the meeting after you come back."  L nodded and then narrowed his eyes when he saw the grin on Hayami's face.  He walked over to him until they were nose to nose.

"I'll be back within 20 minutes," he warned him, "So don't get any ideas."  Hayami laughed merrily.

"You'd be surprised what can be accomplished in 20 minutes," he answered and L chuckled.

"Somehow I didn't imagine you'd last that long," he said as he turned away, he said then turned to Light.  "I have an idea that will require your laptop so I'll be bringing it as well."  Light nodded grateful the two were being separated if only for a few minutes.

"Okay, you can explain it when you get back," he said, "Make it fast."  L smiled at him then turned to Matsuda as he moved towards the door.  "Matusda if he even gets too close to Light shoot him."  he said making the detective chuckle, "I'll make it look like you had no choice."

"Ryuzaki! Go!!" Light shouted pointing to the door as L laughed and walked out.  He turned to Hayami with a sigh.

"I apologize for his unprofessional behavior," he said and Hayami shook his head.

"That isn't necessary Detective, I understand his dilemma, his fear.  As a matter of fact I find it quite...laudatory as he obviously finds me a threat," he smiled seductively as he moved towards Light. "So what do I get for performing this little charade for you?"  he asked.

"You get to live another day," Matsuda answered quickly, "And hopefully without any further worries for the future, what else did you want?"

"Don't ask," Light muttered under his breath then looked at Hayami, "Detective Matsuda is correct. If this works the way we want, we'll catch them both and have enough evidence to put them both away for quite a while.  You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that not only were your suspicions correct about your friend's death, but that you helped capture the murderers.  I would think that would be more than enough for your time."   Hayami sighed and walked towards his bar.

"Yes, well when you put it that way,"  he said and began to make a drink, "Can I offer either one of you something?"

"Afraid not, we're working," Matsuda answered, "But thank you anyway."

"That's a shame," Hayami said as he poured for himself and sat down, "What are you hoping they'll do when I get them over here? Attempt to kill me?" he asked.

"Exactly," Light answered, "When Ryuzaki returns we'll send the uniforms away and set up the scenario.  Matsuda and I will get out of sight and be able to watch and hear everything that goes on from where we are.  Ryuzaki's devices are easily hidden and work perfectly."

"Right now we don't know which one did what, or if one did both without the other knowing, or if either one didn't know what the other was doing.  This is the best way to corner them into letting their guards down." Matsuda told him.   Hayami nodded with a smile.

"That would bring me great joy to know Makota's murderers don't get away with it," he said quietly, "He was many things but he didn't deserve what happened to him."

"No, I'm sure he didn't," Light said kindly and looked at his watch, "Ryuzaki should be here soon and we can get this started."  Hayami wrinkled his nose.

"Yes,  he should be back soon,” he said dryly and finished his drink. “And once we’ve managed to catch them…red handed shall we say…what happens then?”

“We arrest them, you come to headquarters and give your statement, they’re booked and held until their trial.  Shouldn’t be too much of a problem putting them away.” Matsuda answered with a smile.

“I see,” he said then looked at Light, “I will be eternally grateful to you for helping me find Makota's killers Detective," he said and Light nodded.

"Don't thank me yet, Matsuda and I still have to get the evidence before we can arrest them," he said and looked at his watch, "And he should have been back by..."  before he could finish the door was opened by one of the officers and L walked in carrying Light's laptop and a bag.  Light sighed in relief and walked to him.  "I was beginning to get worried, you don't drive often." he said taking his laptop from him.

"Perhaps not but it isn't difficult Light," he said, "Your faith in my driving is duly noted,"  he added lifting his nose into the air in annoyance.  "Now, before I set these up, I want to suggest we add something to this scenario we're trying to create."  
"Such as?" Light asked..  

"As we've discussed,  Hayami comes up with some excuse to take the mother into another room, to discuss business perhaps.  We will have set up one of these cameras in that room and linked it to Light's laptop," he explained, "Which we will leave right here on the desk so the son can see what's going on.  Hayami you will have to make some conversation about having security cameras set up in your apartment, but you're not even sure how to turn them on, so he won't be suspicious when he sees the feed on the computer.   What I wish to add is that Hayami will come on to the mother, make some kind of advances and suggest that her going through with it is part of the deal of signing her son.  If I'm right about what I feel their relationship is like, it will enrage the son enough to attack Hayami.  The only variable is what the mother will do when that happens, so we will have to be ready for anything. The three of us will be watching on my laptop in another room and be ready to move at a second's notice."

'You think the son is unstable enough to snap that quickly?" Light asked and L nodded.

"We'll prod him a bit before they actually separate," he answered and turned to Hayami, "This all depends on you and just how lecherous you can behave.  Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem for you, with your obvious talents."  Light sighed and shook his head.

"Somehow I don't believe that's a compliment coming from you," Hayami replied, his eyes narrowing.

"Sometimes it's hard to tell with Ryuzaki," Matsuda jumped in trying to diffuse the tension he could feel was growing, "But I'm sure that's how he meant it."

"Alright let's get these things installed quickly," Light said reaching into the bag, "We'll discuss the details while we do. " L smiled at him and nodded, he was enjoying working with him even more than he thought he was going to; and the smile he got back told him Light felt the same.  Matsuda grinned himself as he watched them, then glanced at Hayami who was obviously not enjoying that moment between them and that made him grin even wider.
Since I've made a journal.  So sorry but I've been a bit on the busy side, trying to keep my fanfictions moving, and just daily garbage!

There's been so much excitement regarding the Death Note Musical. Since I last posted several songs from the New York Demo of the musical were released and were excellent, making me wish even more I could just fly there tomorrow.  There has been excellent rehearsal footage uploaded on youtube ( )and recently footage of the final dress rehearsal that's just brilliant looking.  This video has the English versions of the songs added.

I also just came back from AnimeBoston which was as it always is absolutely wonderful.  It took me three days to recover so that should tell you how much fun it was!! Had the extra added fun of having one of my son's wonderful AMV's make it to the finals of the AMV Contest in the drama category.  It should have won, what do you think? 

I did make an awesome connection with a group that goes to Japan and buys merchandise and copies of the musicals that are made from animes (Like Black Butler, Bleach, Naruto) and sells them at conventions. They are on their way to Japan next week to see the Death Note Musical and I have already put in an order for everything they can bring me so I'll be sure to let you know what I get.

That's it for now, chat atcha later.  New chapters for both stories should be up soon!!


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