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These things hold strong places in my heart....and some of the lower spots too....

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Metamorphosis 29

Near sat down at his usual table in the dining room and began to eat his dinner. He was alone at the moment with the exception of his constant companion robot, but that never bothered him. Sometimes Matt and Mello would join him at meals, but they were visiting Beyond this evening and he assumed they wouldn’t be back until time for the meeting, now that they had resumed.

It had been several weeks since Lawliet had his scare with the infection, and he had been healing well. The meetings had begun again a week ago and he had been up and moving well, spending most of the meeting at his desk with Light hovering nearby. If he remembered correctly the stitches were being removed today and hopefully they would be able to put that entire situation behind them.

He looked up in surprise when he heard the sound of Light’s voice. Since he had been living with Lawliet they took all of their meals in their apartment together, so he was surprised to see him in the dining room. He watched as Light continued to talk to the server and took several of the dessert, strawberry cheesecake, and placed them on the tray. He chuckled, he knew exactly what he was doing. He called to him when he had finished collecting the desserts and Light walked over to his table and sat down.

“Yea, he loves anything with a strawberry on it,” he said, “We don’t have any of this upstairs and I wanted to surprise him with it when he got back from the doctor’s.” Near nodded with a smile.

“Getting the stitches out finally?” he asked as he ate and Light answered with a heavy sigh

“Finally,” he said. “I planned to go with him but he didn’t want me to, said I need a break from worrying about it him.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “It seems like this has been going on forever, I’m just glad it’ll be over now.”

“I can imagine,” Near agreed, “It does seem like this entire situation with Beyond has been going on forever. There isn’t that much time left before graduation, I’m glad we won’t have to dealing with that as well.”

“I’m just hoping Lawliet can put this behind him. I know he’s trying but he’s having a lot of difficulty with it.” Light worried.

“I’m not surprised, it’s bad enough to be the victim of a violent attack but when it’s your twin brother…” Near began.

“Yea, I know. Right now he’s throwing himself completely into his work, he’s more “L” these days than Lawliet.”

“It’s a good place to hide while his mind heals,” Near observed, “It’s good he’s got something to lose himself in right now, as long as he doesn’t get carried away. Maybe…” he stopped when he noticed someone else making their way to the table. “Don’t look now but you’re getting company.” He warned him. Light turned to see Misa making her way over to him. He took a deep breath and began to stand up.

“Thanks for the warning. I’ll see you later,” he said picking up the tray.

“Light please wait,” Misa called from behind him. “I haven’t seen you in weeks except in class and then you‘re always in a hurry to talk to me!” she complained.

‘”Sorry Misa, but I have to keep a close watch on Lawliet, I don’t have a lot of extra time right now. As a matter of fact I have to get back and bring him these.” He said moving away quickly.

“But Light we never talk anymore, I have so much to tell you…” she began as he shook his head.

“Maybe another time Misa, but I have to get back now. See you later, Near.” He called over his shoulder as he moved away.

“But…Light!!!” Misa called after him but he was moving quickly and was already out of earshot and heading for the door. She sank into the chair he had recently been in, fighting tears. Near watched her for a moment, slightly annoyed that she was sitting at his table, but letting that go for the moment.

“Misa, have you ever considered just being friends with Light?” he asked. Her head shot up and she stared at him in anger.

“Friends? That’s ridiculous we’ve been friends for years. But we’re supposed to get married…” she began and he shook his head.

“You’re not that stupid,” he told her, “It’s painfully obvious that’s not going to happen.”

“I’m sure everything will go back to normal once Lawliet is well again; he’s just concerned…” she began and Near laughed.

“Stop being a fool,” he said, “I couldn’t care less about this, except that I consider Light a friend and even I’m getting tired of watching you be ridiculous, I can’t imagine how it must be affecting him. If you continue to delude yourself into thinking he’s going to marry you, he’s going to keep avoiding you until you’re on that plane back to Japan. He doesn’t love you Misa, you have to deal with that now no matter how painful. What you should be thinking about is if you want him in your life at all. He is never going to be what you want him to be, but you have a history and I’m sure he would want to continue to have you in his life as long as you stop stalking him. Don’t you want to at least keep him in your life as a friend?” He stood up and gathered his things. “There are only a few weeks left before graduation; if you don’t want to ruin what little time you have left to be in his company, you’d better think about how you’re going to fix this before you never see him again. Also I would think that if you care that much for Light, you’d want him happy and he’s happy with Lawliet. Be honest with yourself for once.” He then turned from her and walked away.

Misa watched him walk away and then kicked his vacated chair. “What do you know about anything?” she spat at the empty chair. “Who are you to lecture me about my Light? I am being honest with myself! Happy with Lawliet? How could he be happy with Lawliet? We were always happy before he met Lawliet! We were always talking about our future together from the time we were kids before he met Lawliet. He always…” She stopped. “He always told me he didn’t love me.”

She covered her face with her hands and cried as every conversation she’d had with Light ran through her mind.

Every time he tried to tell her his true feelings, every time he honestly told her he didn’t love her, every time he told her they would never get married. The only time he stopped was when she had reported to his father what he’d been doing with Lawliet and only the fear of being kicked out kept him in line. She knew it then, she just didn’t want to admit it; she always told herself it would change if he just stayed away from Lawliet. But now she was beginning to tire of holding on to that hope. Hearing it from someone else only made it more painfully real to her; Light really didn’t love her and never would.

She admitted to herself that the main reasons she held on to that hope was because she had nothing else. She had grown up believing she and Light would marry, her parents groomed her for it, and she just didn’t know what else to do if that didn’t happen. She wiped her eyes with her fingers as she heard friends coming in and calling her name. She sat up straight and put a smile on her face, she’d think about this later.

Light managed to get the deserts upstairs and in the fridge without dropping them, and right before L and Wammy came in the door. He quickly closed the fridge door and turned to meet them in the living room.

“Everything okay?” he asked and L smiled and nodded as he came to him. He pulled up his shirt and turned around so he could see.

“Look, they’re all gone!” he said excitedly, “And it’s only a little tender, almost nothing!” Light reached out and gently touched the scar.

“I’m so glad this is over,” he said as he ran his fingertips gently over the raised skin, “Now we can just forget it ever happened.” L dropped his shirt and turned around to face him
“Already forgotten,” he said and leaned forward to kiss him before remembering Watari was right behind him until the older man cleared his throat.

“Before you get carried away, please remember about the cream you’re supposed to apply every day, twice a day, to help lessen the scars,” he reminded him. L sighed and nodded

“I won’t forget,” he said and Light smiled at him.

“No, he won’t forget, I’ll make sure,” he added

“Now I’ll get you some dinner, you need to just relax until it’s time for our meeting.” Wammy added as he walked towards the door, “I’ll be right back,” he said more as a warning than a statement. When the door closed behind him, Lawliet turned back to Light and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a deep kiss. Light was taken by surprise and he was still afraid to hug him back. Lawliet immediately felt his lack of response and pulled away, looking at him questioningly.

“Is something wrong? I thought after all this time…” Light shook his head.

“No there’s nothing wrong, I…I guess I’m afraid of hurting you.” He answered and Lawliet smiled.

“You can’t hurt me, Light. Unless you’re going to tell me you don’t want me anymore,” he looked down at his feet, “I could understand it if that’s the problem, I’ve caused you so much trouble and if you were only staying with me until I healed…” He didn’t finish as Light grabbed him and pulled him against him, kissing him hard. Lawliet’s eyes went wide for a moment and then closed as he returned the kiss, his hands moving up into Light’s hair. They moaned against each other, not realizing until that moment just how much they’d missed this contact. They pulled apart only when they heard Wammy come back through the door.

Wammy smiled to himself as he saw them jump and pull apart as he came into the room. “Don’t be all evening eating dinner, it’s almost time for the meeting,” he said as he pushed the trolley into the room. “I have some paperwork to catch up on from the day, and Roger wishes to complain to me about something or another so I’ll leave you to it.” He turned and went back out as they both embarrassedly mumbled their appreciation.

“We have to get better at hearing him coming,” Light said and Lawliet chuckled.

“Or learn how to lock the door,” he added and then smiled, “Then you do still care about me?” he asked.

“Idiot, I still love you,” Light answered and walked to the refrigerator, “Would someone who doesn’t love you grab all of these risking the wrath of the cafeteria personnel?” He pulled out the desserts he had placed in there earlier and Lawliet ran to him.

“How did you get so many? They usually argue with me when I only want two!” He gathered them and placed them on the table as Light shrugged.
“I told them they were for you and I guess this is how they showed their concern for your recuperation,” he answered with a shrug, “Strange as it may seem.”
Lawliet grabbed a fork from the silverware drawer and sat down in front of the several plates, grabbing one and taking a huge bite, closing his eyes in near bliss.
“You haven’t had your dinner yet,” Light reminded him going to the trolley and getting their dinner, “You should have your dinner before dessert.” Lawliet looked up at him and took an ever bigger bite in defiance.

“Stop being an ass and eat your dinner when you finish that one,” Light ordered putting Lawliet’s dinner in front of him as he moved the other desserts away.
“You shouldn’t speak to L that way,” Lawliet told him, “L is about to be known as the world’s greatest detective and he’s…”
“Going to get his ass kicked if he doesn’t eat his dinner,” Light finished and for a moment Lawliet just stared at him and then broke into laughter.
“I guess you do love me,” he said as he finished his cheesecake and smiled at him, “Otherwise you wouldn’t care what I ate.”
“Now that you realize that, Eat Your Dinner,” Light reiterated stressing each word as he picked up his own fork. Lawliet pushed the empty dessert plate away and reached for his dinner, the wide smile still on his face.

“I don’t know about you, but I think Beyond is doing really well,” Matt said as they made their way to Lawliet’s apartment, “He seemed almost his old self. Mello nodded with a smile.

“Almost, but there was still that…that something that wasn’t quite right,” he said, “Something I noticed because I’ve known him for so long. But I’m not going to say that he didn’t show a lot of progress.”

“How long do you think he has to stay there do you think?” Mello sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I heard it’s open ended, but at least a year, it all depends on his behavior and how he does with medication and therapy. But you’re right, he did look and sound good and he’s been getting his school work done too, thanks to A. He’s been going to therapy with BB, as well as his own to keep himself going,” he sighed, “Plus doing his own work; I don’t know how he’s getting it all done.”

“Actually it’s the best thing for him,” Matt said as they got to the door, “His big problem had always been a strong sense of inadequacy, that he was nothing except for BB. Now he has been able to prove himself as more capable than he ever thought he was and that’s the best thing that could happen for him.” Mello stopped and looked at him with a loving smile, then leaned to kiss him.

“You always find the best in every shitty situation,” he said, “That’s why I keep you around.” Matt laughed and reached for the door.

“Yea, that and the fact that I can suck the stripes off of a straw,” he said and ran into the apartment. Mello blinked and then laughed as he followed him in.

Near arrived last and made his way to where Light was sitting the moment he came in. He had begun to feel as if he had perhaps overstepped his boundaries by speaking to Misa as he did, and he wanted to warn Light and apologize if it had any repercussions he hadn’t planned on. Once he told Light what he was concerned about, he was surprised when the teen laughed and told him not to worry about it.

“If anything Near, you told her something she needed to hear from someone else besides me and I appreciate your bothering to do it. I’m not worried about hearing anything from her, I can handle whatever she can come up with,” he looked over at Lawliet who was at his desk, hunched over his laptop as Wammy poured coffee for him, “As long as she doesn’t try to hurt Lawliet again, I don’t care what she does.”

“I just wanted to forewarn you and apologize in case she does get out of hand again. As long as he stays out of the general populace she can’t get to him, so I’m sure he’ll be okay,” he said nodding at Lawliet, “Everything go okay with the stitches?” Light nodded with a smile.

“Yes, he’s back to his normal smart ass self now,” he said then looked up as Wammy called the meeting to order. “Time to get to work!” he said as Near nodded and followed him into the main room.

Several hours later, Wammy looked over at the obviously tired teens and smiled. “You’ve all done very, very well, I believe it’s time to call it a night.” They began to put away their notes with tired sighs. “I believe it’s time for you to begin working actual cases,” he added. “There are several that L has not begun to work on yet, and tomorrow I will distribute them for you to work on. I reiterate that these are real, ongoing cases that have been offered to L; and I expect your best work and we will be in contact with the police forces involved. Good night, gentlemen.” The tiredness turned into excitement as they looked forward to actually working on real cases now, the excited chatter lasting as they each went out of the door.

“I think you made them all happy with that announcement,” Light said as he helped Wammy clear the area, “This is what we’ve all been working towards.” Wammy nodded and smiled.

“And you are all ready for the real thing,” he said, “As well as the fact that there are more cases coming in than I think L can handle at the moment. I’m sure as time goes on he’ll be able to handle more, but I don’t wish to push it at the moment.” Light nodded his agreement.

“Just don’t tell him that,” he said, “He thinks he can do everything.” He laughed.

“I believe in time he will be able to,” Wammy said proudly and headed for the door himself, “Don’t let him stay up too late yet; he isn’t at 100% yet.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” Light answered as Wammy went out, “Good night, Watari.” He said with a grin and Wammy nodded and left. Light locked the door and turned back to Lawliet who was still bent over his laptop.

“Come on L, let’s call it a night,” he called as he walked over to him, “I know you must be tired.” Lawliet looked up from his computer and smiled.

“I didn’t think this meeting would ever end!” he said excitedly and closed the computer, standing up and going to Light, “I love you.” He said before attacking his mouth. Light quickly got over his surprise and returned the kiss and then pulled away.

“You go get into bed, I’ll turn off everything and be right there,” he said, kissed him again and turned to turn off the lights. Lawliet grinned and then ran to the bedroom, stripping off his clothes as he went. He checked under his pillow to see if what he‘d put there earlier was still there and grinned wider when he saw it was. He then lay back on his side and waited patiently for Light.

Light finished and headed for the bedroom and stopped as he walked into the room. There was Lawliet, lying on his side and staring at him, wearing nothing but his smile. He closed the bedroom door behind him and chuckled as he walked over to him, sitting on the bed and kicking off his shoes.

“While I’m flattered I’m not sure what you have in mind is a good idea,” he said and Lawliet sat up with a pout.

“What? Why not? It’s been months Light, I would think you’d want this as much as I do.”

“I never said I didn’t want it,” Light told him with a sad smile, “You have no idea how much I want it, but…you just got your stitches out today…I just don’t know…” Lawliet reached over and began to unbutton his shirt.

“I do, I know…I want…” he started and began to kiss him as he worked on removing Light’s shirt. Light reached up and stopped his hands, pulling away.

“Lawliet…I don’t want to hurt you…I’m afraid of hurting you,” he looked away for a moment, “so many people have already hurt you I don’t want to add to it…” Lawliet stopped and sat back, sadness and disappointment on his face.

“What did I tell you before? That I’m fine, you can’t hurt me…except if you didn’t want me anymore.” Light stared at him, trying not to let the turmoil in his mind take control. He relaxed and allowed Lawliet to take off his shirt.

“Alright, but we’ll take this slowly,” he said, closing his eyes as Lawliet leaned forward and began to kiss his chest. Lawliet nodded as he pushed Light back against the bed.

“Yes…slowly….” he echoed, his hands moving down to undo Light’s belt and his pants as he continued to kiss his chest, “But not that slowly.” He added as he practically yanked Light’s pants off and flung them across the room. Light laughed and then sat up and shook his head, pushing Lawliet down on the bed.

“No, you lie down and just let me do all the work this first time,” he said and stopped the coming protest by reaching down and taking him in his hand and stroking him slowly.

“Do you have a problem with this?” he asked as Lawliet’s eyes closed and his head pressed against the pillow. He shook his head as he moaned softly.

“No…no…God no!” he panted as he moved against Light’s hand. Light chuckled and moved up to kiss him, moaning himself as Lawliet’s arms came up and around his neck, pulling him against him as he returned the kiss with everything he had.

Light finally pulled away and kissed down his body, finally moving his hand and taking him into his mouth. Lawliet cried out and clutched the side of the bed with new sensation, then reached down, putting his hands in Light’s hair, his hips pushing him deeper into Light’s mouth.

Light placed his hands on Lawliet’s hips to keep him from moving, his mind still on the freshly removed stitches as he continued to work on him. He sucked gently at first, his tongue swirling around the tip and down again, before taking him as deep into his throat as he could, and sucking hard. He smiled as he felt Lawliet’s body begin to tremble beneath him, the sounds coming from him exciting him as well, and began to move faster as he also slowly inserted one finger into him. Lawliet cried out again, arching his back and pulled Light’s hair as he came suddenly, his body shaking as Light continued to hold him.

Light didn’t let go until he was sure he was finished, then crawled up his body and kissed him before pulling him up into his arms. Lawliet fell against him, his head falling on Light’s shoulder.

“You okay?” Light asked and Lawliet laughed as he nodded.

“I haven’t been this okay in weeks,” he said as he kissed Light’s shoulder, “I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you but it happened so fast…”

“I wasn’t expecting you to warn me,” Light told him as he rubbed his back, “As long as it wasn’t too much.” Lawliet sat up and frowned at him.

“Light you have to stop this, I’m fine. I’m healed, it’s all over, and of course it wasn’t too much. Stop treating me like I’m made of glass and you’re going to break me,” he stopped for a minute, looking down at the bed and trying to compose himself.

“Light, I need everything to go back to the way it was before Beyond attacked us. I’m trying so hard to forget it, put it behind me, but I can’t unless we get back what we were just beginning to have before it happened. You and our relationship is the only thing I have to hold on to and fight against it. ” He looked back at Light, tears standing in his eyes. “Please Light, I need this, we need this. I need you to love me.” He pulled away and reached under the pillow retrieving the bottle of lube he had placed there earlier and tried to smile. “Besides, it’s your turn now.” He placed the bottle in Light’s hands and then laid back on the bed with a grin. “You said you wanted me.”

Light was alarmed at the sight of the tears in Lawliet’s eyes, but couldn’t quite shake the turmoil in his mind, the fear of causing Lawliet any more pain. “Of course I want you Lawliet, of course I love you, I’m just…” Lawliet sat up and took the bottle from him, opening it and pouring it into his own hands. He then reached down and began to apply it to Light in slow strokes.

“Then prove it to me,” he grinned, “We only got the chance to do this once before everything happened. We’ve got to make up for all that lost time.” He dropped the lube and fell back against the bed again. “I love you Light, I want everything back the way it was before, please?” Light sighed and then nodded.

“So do I,” he said, “I love you too and I will prove it to you.” He picked up the lube and began to apply it to Lawliet’s opening, then inserted two fingers as he leaned forward and kissed him. Lawliet groaned against his mouth, trying not to sound as if he were in any pain, knowing Light would probably stop if he thought he was. After a few moments, Light slowly added a third moving them slowly to stretch him, then began to search for that one special spot. Suddenly L’s body tensed and he clutched at the sheets crying out,
“There it is,” Light said with a triumphant smile and continued to attack it as Lawliet moved even harder against his fingers, his moans of pleasure getting louder with each attack. Light leaned forward and kissed Lawliet’s neck, then up his jawline and finally his mouth. He removed his fingers and positioned himself behind him.

“If you’re ready…” he said and Lawliet nodded and smiled at him lovingly. Light then slowly began to press into him. Lawliet reached up and grabbed Light’s shoulders, his nails digging into them as he tried not to cry out, not wanting to alarm his lover. Light could feel him tense up, and he stopped for a moment, leaning forward to kiss him.

“You have to relax,” he reminded him, “But it’s okay if you want me to stop,” he told him and Lawliet shook his head.

“Don’t you dare, I’ll be fine,” he told him and in proof he moved his hips against him, pulling him in further. Light groaned in pleasure as he slid deeper into the warmth of Lawliet’s body, and he didn’t want to stop now either. Once he was completely engulfed he paused again to give Lawliet time to adjust. Within a few moments Lawliet reached up and kissed him, nodding that he was ready.

Light began to move slowly, pulling out and then slowly pushing back in. He covered Lawliet’s face in kisses, matching his moans with his own as he began to move faster. Lawliet wrapped his legs around Light’s back, moving with him as they found a perfect rhythm together.

They were both in such need of being together, reaffirming their relationship after everything that had happened. Light finally relaxed once he was sure Lawliet was not in any pain, and he began to lose himself in the intense pleasure, increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts, with Lawliet moving his hips to meet him. At this moment nothing that had happened existed, nothing mattered except the two of them and their sounds of loving each other.

He felt Lawliet begin to tremble again and he knew he was close; so he reached between them and began to stroke him to help him along. Lawliet’s cries of Light’s name echoed through the room as his body arched and he came, his fingers digging deeply into Light’s back.

As Lawliet’s muscles squeezed around him, Light thrusted into him one last time and came himself, falling forward onto Lawliet for a moment before rolling off of him to his side. He gathered Lawliet into his arms and held him tightly as he caught his breath.

“You’re okay?” he whispered and Lawliet nodded with a smile.

“I’m very okay,” he answered nuzzling against him, “I love you, Light.” Light kissed the top of his head and pulled the blankets up and around them.

“I love you too, Lawliet,” answered and kissed him again, “ You should sleep now,” he told him.

“Okay,” he agreed and then lifted his head, “Everything’s okay now?” he asked. Light pulled him up for another kiss and then pulled him back against his chest.

“Everything’s okay,” he whispered back and held him tightly, watching as Lawliet’s eyes finally closed, then finally allowing his own to do the same.
A made it to the hospital just as Beyond was being served dinner. Everything in his bag was searched thoroughly before he was allowed into the room.

“He needs that to do his school work,” he said when the orderly pulled the pens from the bag.

“Anything that can be used as a weapon has to be confiscated,” he was told.

“I’m going in there with him, he’s not going to use the pen against me. How else is he going to get his work done?” he demanded and the orderly thought for a moment.

“Alright, but just one and it has to be in full view at all times. Any aggressive behavior and I’m coming in to take it, and you’re leaving.” A bit his tongue to keep the answer he wanted to give from coming out and just nodded. He grabbed everything and walked through the doors when he was buzzed in. He smiled when he saw BB sitting at the small table in his room, eating.

“I hope the food here is decent,” he said as he walked in. BB looked up at him, and flashed him a grin. It was a little crooked, and by the look in his eyes A could see he had recently been given something.

“Hey,” he said and stood up, reaching over to hug him tightly against him. “I’m sorry if I sound stupid, they gave me something different today. They say they’re trying to find the right one for me, but in the mean time they just fuck me up.” A kissed him and ran and smiled.

“I understand, my doctor did the same to me until they found the one that worked the best, you’ll be okay soon,” he looked down at his dinner, on paper plates, with a plastic fork. They wouldn’t even give him a plastic knife. “Does it at least taste decent?” he asked as he they sat down together.

“I dunno, don’t really taste it, but I think so.” Beyond answered with a shrug. “They’ve probably drugged the food too.” He chuckled.

“No, they wouldn’t do that,” A assured him and then put the books down on the table. “Mr. Wammy asked me to bring your school work with me. This way you can keep up with us and get your diploma at the same time with the rest of us.” Beyond looked at the pile of books and notebooks and laughed.

“Like I’m worried about getting a diploma right now,” he said and leaned back in the chair, “I don’t really give a fuck.” A sighed and then smiled at him.

“I know you don’t right now, but that will change. You‘re not going to be in here forever B, we still have all of our plans in place. I want you to be ready to jump right back into them when you do get out. I know you want that too.” Beyond looked at him and then smiled.

“Yea…maybe,” he answered and swirled his fork through his food, “If you want me to, I’ll do it,” he said, “It’s the least I can do since you haven’t turned away from me.”
“B I will never turn away from you, even if you decide you don’t want to do the work, for whatever reason. I love you, and you stood by me when I was really bad.” He leaned forward and kissed him until Beyond started to giggle.

“We’re so fucked up,” he said, “We have to stay together no one else would want us!” A laughed with him.

“That’s alright, it makes us unique,” he said and then opened one of the notebooks, “I wrote down what you have to read and what the work is they want you to do for each subject,” he said, “But if you have any questions, let me know. I’m going to work on my own homework while you do your work.” Beyond nodded and then was quiet for a moment and fidgeted with his fork for a moment before saying anything.

“How is Lawliet?” he asked quietly. A looked at him in slight surprise.

“He’s okay,” he answered, “He’s still got a ways to go, but he’s okay.”

“I don’t really want him dead, you know that,” Beyond said, “But I don’t want anything to do with him either. This is all…because of him.” A didn’t think this was a good subject for Beyond to deal with yet.

“Well…I don’t think you should worry about that right now. Everything that happened has a lot of reasons that we can talk about later. Right now, finish your dinner so we can go over your school work. Okay?” Beyond looked up at him with a small smile and nodded.

Lawliet woke up with a start, feeling groggy and warm. He really had to go to the bathroom but every time he tried to sit up he got dizzy and pain radiated up from his wound. He looked over at Light who was still sleeping and the last thing he wanted to do was bother him but he didn’t think he’d be able to get out of bed on his own. He didn’t know what he‘d done, but he was definitely paying for it now. He reached over and began to gently shake Light.

“Light…wake up Light,” he said softly then a wave of pain forced him to stop. Light’s eyes opened the moment he heard Lawliet’s voice and began to sit up.

“I’m awake…What’s the matter?” he asked looking around before looking at Lawliet. The moment he did he sat up straight; Lawliet looked paler than usual, was sweating and was obviously in pain.

“I don’t know, I had to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t get up…my back hurts.” Light wrapped an arm around him and helped him sit up.

“Alright, let me get you to the bathroom and then I’ll call Wammy, you might have opened your wounds between Misa and Beyond.” He said swinging his legs around and planting both feet on the floor. He then stood up, bringing Lawliet with him. He helped him into the bathroom and then went for his phone, calling Wammy and telling him all of Lawliet’s symptoms. Wammy told him he’d be right there, and to get him back into bed. Just as he closed the call he heard a crash in the bathroom and ran in, finding Lawliet on his knees and trying to stand up.

“I was just washing my hands,” he tried to explain as Light wrapped his arms around him, “And my legs just gave out.”

“It’s okay,” Light told him as he practically carried him back to the bedroom, “Wammy’s on his way, you need to lay back down.” He put him on his stomach knowing Wammy would want to look at his back. He looked down at it himself and he could see swelling and long red streaks coming from under the dressing, something was definitely wrong.

“Don’t worry, you might need some extra medicine, but you‘re going to be okay,” Light said trying to reassure him as he ran a hand through Lawliet’s hair.

“I’m sorry I had to wake you,” Lawliet apologized, “But I just couldn’t get up…”

“It’s okay, I would have been angry if you’d tried to do this on your own and had hurt yourself even more,” Light assured him and then started when he heard the front door opening.

“It’s alright it’s just me,” he heard Wammy’s voice calling to them as he came in. He moved quickly into the bedroom and immediately walked to Lawliet’s side. He placed a hand on his forehead and frowned, then looked down at the bandage with a deep sigh.

“It is obviously infected Lawliet,” he said, “You need to be seen by your doctor as quickly as possible.”

“Can’t you do something for him,” Light asked, “He’s in pain…”

“I can give him a little something for the pain, he has pain medication here, and we need to work on that fever. I can tell he’s going to need to have that bandage removed, the wound cleaned, possibly the stitches changed as well. All of which needs to be done by his doctor, who probably can’t get here for a couple of hours at least. If you would be kind enough to get him some water,” he said to Light who nodded and moved quickly to get it.

“Wammy I don’t know what happened,” Lawliet said, “I just woke up and I could barely move.”

“I think too much has happened to you, too much strain,” Wammy told him, “I warned you when you came home that you were to do nothing except rest and this is what happens when you disobey. However, what happened when Beyond escaped you cannot be blamed for; but taking Light’s book to him which resulted in Misa attacking you certainly can, and falling asleep over your laptop and falling to the floor.” Light came back with the water as Wammy helped Lawliet turn and sit up.

“I’m sorry Wammy, I didn’t mean to…” he began and Wammy interrupted him.

“Now, swallow these down for the pain,” he said handing him two large pills from one of the bottles on his side table, “Once those take some effect we’ll see how that fever is. For now I’ll get you a cool cloth and I’ll try to cool your body down.” Once he had taken the pills, Wammy helped him back down to lying on his side. He then looked at Light. “I’ll be right back, keep him quiet.” He instructed and left the bedroom.

Light nodded and pulled a chair to the bed, sitting next to Lawliet and holding one hand.

“Don’t worry, this will be taken care of,” he assured him and the teen nodded.

“Wammy’s upset with me,” Lawliet whispered tearfully and Light sighed.

“He’s worried about you that’s all,” he answered trying to ignore the tightening he was beginning to feel inside his chest, “Just like I am.” He leaned down and kissed the top of his head. “But you‘re going to be okay so don’t worry. Once the doctor gets here and treats you, you’ll be fine.” L nodded, feeling the effects of the medication.

“This stuff always makes me sleepy,” he complained after a few minutes, “But it does make the pain stop.” Light smiled at him.

“Good, then go back to sleep. The doctor will probably be here by the time you wake up, and I’m going to be right here.” L nodded slowly as his eyes began to close.

“Don’t be upset with me too,” L managed before he fell asleep. Light watched him until he was sure he was deeply asleep and then pulled his hand from Lawliet’s so he could massage his own temples in an effort to calm himself.

All he wanted was Lawliet to stop hurting and to get well; he wanted this whole nightmare to be over so they could get on with their lives. He had wasted so much time playing games with Misa; if something happened to L before they had a chance to really be. He shook his head, he wouldn't even think about that. He finally had the freedom to be with the one he loved, and everything kept getting in the way. He could feel himself breathing harder, knowing he was beginning to get upset. He could hear his father’s voice telling him men control themselves, it’s the only way they can help the ones they love, that they’re responsible for. Always keep your head clear, don’t let emotions rule you. Everything that had happened, being attacked, losing his family, all of that he had swept under that rule from his father. But that was easy, he could handle that; but what kept happening to L; this just wasn’t fair. He couldn’t handle any more happening to him, to see the pain in his eyes, to see the fear. He shook his head to clear it; he had to stop this. He felt himself getting angry and he stopped it; he had to keep himself under control if he was going to help Lawliet.

“I’ve called his doctor, he should be here within the hour,” Watari was saying as he walked back into the room with a bowl of cool water and a washcloth. He stopped and gazed at Light. “Are you alright?” he asked and Light nodded releasing a long breath.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m just worried; I just want him to stop hurting, I want him to be well, I want everyone to stop hurting him.”

“Why don’t you go into the living room and Lie down on the couch until the doctor gets here?” Wammy suggested to him, “You need to relax yourself for a while, this has been just as difficult on you as it has been for Lawliet. So much has happened in your life…” Light shook his head stubbornly.

“I’m not leaving him, I promised him I’d be here,” he told him.

“But he’s asleep Light, he won’t know…”

“I’ll know!” Light snapped, “I’m not leaving him!” Wammy frowned at the barely concealed outburst, wondering just how close Light was to completely breaking down. He’d been concerned about it, with everything that had happened from the attack to his family disowning him, but he seemed to be handling it well. Now he wasn’t so sure.

“Alright son, calm down. You can help me try to cool him down then until the doctor arrives.” Light nodded and took the cloth from him, placing it in the cool water in the bowl Wammy was holding and wringing it nearly dry. He then began to gently pat Lawliet’s face and neck with the cloth, then repeated the process along his chest. Lawliet moaned Light’s name softly when the cool cloth touched his skin but didn’t wake fully.

“I’m here babe,” he whispered back as he continued to pat him with the cloth.

It seemed like forever before Wammy received the call that the doctor had arrived. Light had been diligently cooling Lawliet the entire time as Watari had been monitoring his fever.

“I’ll be right back with the doctor,” he told the teen and left the bedroom, still concerned.

“Doctor’s here,” Light whispered to the still sleeping Lawliet, “It’s going to be okay.” He leaned down and kissed his forehead, smiling slightly when he felt how much cooler it had become. He turned when he heard the sound of Wammy and the doctor returning to the apartment and coming towards the bedroom. He heard Wammy bringing him up-to-date and held Lawliet’s hand tightly as they came in.

The doctor put his bag on the bed and took a good look at Lawliet’s back. “Definitely a lot of infection here,” he said to them both and removed gloves from his bag. “I’m going to remove this bandage and clean the wound thoroughly, after that I’ll redress it and give him some antibiotics to fight the infection. Now if you would show me where I can wash and I’ll get started.” Wammy nodded and took him to the bathroom, returning quickly. The doctor pulled on his gloves, then reached down to begin. As the bandage began to be pulled off, Lawliet stirred, opening his eyes and starting badly.

“It’s okay, it’s just the doctor,” Light reassured him, “He’s going to clean it and put on clean bandages.” He told him and then frowned when the bandage was removed; the area looking red and raw, some type of drainage was oozing between the stitches.

“If this doesn’t clear with 24 hours he’ll have to go back to the hospital for iv antibiotics and constant care,” the doctor warned, “But I’ll do what I can right now,” he looked over at Watari; “You might want to hold him still, this isn’t going to be pleasant.” He opened several packets, then reached down and began to clean the wound. Lawliet cried out, pulling away from him and the stinging, burning pain he was causing. Wammy held him down, telling him it would be over soon, just to hang on.

Light held his hand tightly, cringing with every cry Lawliet made; feeling that tightness in his chest again as tears filled his eyes. Everyone was hurting Lawliet again, Misa, Beyond and now this doctor. Why was everyone hurting Lawliet; why couldn’t they just leave him alone; just leave him alone and let them be? He began to feel pure fury, reason beginning to leave him as he watched the doctor hurt him again and again; so much so that suddenly Lawliet just stopped moving, his eyes rolling to the top of his head and his hand going limp inside Light’s. That was the final push for Light.

“Leave him alone, stop hurting him,” he said, quietly at first and then he began to get louder, turning on the doctor, pure fury in his eyes. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” The doctor stopped in surprise and Wammy let go of Lawliet and turned to Light, putting a hand on his arm.

“Come on Light, let’s leave the doctor to finish what he’s doing; he doesn’t mean to hurt Lawliet…”

Light pulled away, holding tighter to Lawliet’s hand as Wammy tried to pull him away.

“No! I’m staying with him, I’m staying with him. Everyone’s trying to hurt him, no one will leave us alone…” he cried and Wammy pulled him harder, as Light began to fight him.

“Light stop it calm down!” Wammy told him, pulling him out of the room, nodding to the doctor to go back to his efforts. “You can’t help Lawliet like this, you have to calm down!!” he said shaking the teen to try to get his attention and stop him from fighting him and ranting. “Lawliet needs you, you have to stop this!!” he shook him again nearly shaking the breath out of him which finally got his attention. Light’s eyes grew wide and he stared up at Wammy before sinking down to his knees and collapsing into tears. Wammy slid down to the floor with him, wrapping his arms around him and holding him against his chest.

“I’m sorry Wammy, I’m so sorry,” Light cried against him, “I don’t know what happened, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright Light, it’s okay,” he soothed, “This has been a long time coming, I completely understand.”

“I love him Wammy, I just want to be with him. He’s all I have left and everyone keeps hurting him, it’s like everything wants to keep us from just being together, I just want him to be okay and not hurt anymore!”

“I know, it does seem that every possible obstacle has been placed in front of your relationship doesn’t it?” Wammy asked and then pulled him away from his chest. “But it hasn’t stopped you has it? It’s just a difficult time right now. After this he will start getting better, we will both make sure he doesn’t move from that bed until the doctor says it okay, alright? And then your lives can get started again, and no one, I repeat no one, will hurt him ever again. Do you believe me?” Light got control of himself and wiped his eyes before nodding.

“Alright, good,” Wammy said and helped him stand up, “Now you go into the bathroom and get yourself together. Lawliet’s passed out so he’s not going to feel any more pain right now. You stay out here until the doctor has finished and I’ll bring you back in at that time. I’m sure he’ll be awake again and will want you there. Alright?” Light nodded again and headed towards the bathroom to clean himself up.

Wammy watched him go and sighed deeply. He wished he had paid more attention to Light’s feelings before now; he should have known he was a time bomb of swallowed down emotions waiting for the excuse to blow. For a moment Wammy’s own feelings felt as if they were going to overwhelm him as well. So many things that could have been avoided had he only paid more attention, but his focus has been on the program and not how it could affect those in it. He heard Lawliet whimper softly and he moved quickly to go back to him; he’d have to think about this later.

Within thirty minutes it was done, and the doctor was leaving prescriptions and telling Wammy he’d be back later in the day to check on him, but to call him if the temperature came back or if his pain became unmanageable. Wammy thanked him and walked him out of the apartment and back down to the main doors.

Light was sitting at Lawliet’s bed side gently stroking his damp hair with one hand while holding tightly to Lawliet’s hand with the other. At least he was sleeping peacefully now, no sign of pain on his face and that made him happy. Now that everything had calmed down he began to feel his own exhaustion come over him and he found it difficult to keep his eyes open. He leaned forward and let his head lay on Lawliet’s chest and let his eyes close.

Watari came back in and found him asleep in the chair. He picked up the blanket at the foot of the bed and placed it around Light’s shoulders. He felt waking him would probably not be best, and certainly separating from Lawliet was definitely not going to happen. He reached down and squeezed his shoulder before gently touching Lawliet’s face, glad to feel the coolness of his skin. He then turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Chapter 2

“How did you get separated from your mom?” L asked the boy as they moved through the crowd, looking for someone who looked like they were frantically looking for someone.

“She told me to run, that the bad men were here,” he answered seriously.  L and Light looked at each other and stopped walking.  Light squatted down so that he was eye level with Akihiko.

“Your mom told you to run?” he asked, “Are you sure she said something about bad men?”

He nodded.  “Mama was afraid the bad men would get me so she told me to run.”

“It looks like we may have something a bit more serious than a lost child,” L said looking around and then looked at the boy.  “Can you remember where you were when your mom told you to run?” he asked.

“We were looking at toys in the window,” the youngster said with a smile, “I saw a robot I really liked and mama said that maybe we could get it after daddy came back.”  L smiled and ruffled his hair, the mention of a robot made him think of Near when he was young.  He then looked around and spotted the toy store on the next corner

“I see the store Light, let’s go over there, she’s probably looking for him there,” he said and Light nodded, holding tight to Akihiko’s hand as they walked.

“Do you know who these bad men could be?” he asked the child who shook his head.

“No, but they scared my daddy too…he’s gone so they can’t find him mama said,” he said and Light frowned looking at L.

“This really sounds bad,” he said as they reached the store.  L stopped and tilted his head as if he were listening for something then looked at Light.

“Did you hear that?” he asked and  Light stopped and concentrated on the sounds, and beyond the normal crowd sounds he began to hear what sounded like a struggle, and a muffled scream.  He nodded and looked towards the direction the sounds were coming from. It was on the other side of the toy store, a small side street, and they weren’t the only ones who had noticed the sounds.  People were beginning to turn and stare down the street.  L picked up the boy and they moved quickly towards the street, as the sounds got louder.  Light reached inside his coat and put his hand on his gun as they rounded the corner.

In front of them were several parked cars, and at the end of the street they saw two men dragging a woman towards one of the parked cars.  She was dragging her feet, fighting them as hard as she could and trying to scream around the hand that was clamped around her mouth.

“Get back!” Light yelled to the crowd gathering behind him and then turning back towards the men dragging the woman.

“Stop!” he yelled pulling out his gun, “NPA! Stop and put your hands up!”  They stopped for a moment startled, then one of them reached inside his coat and pulled his own gun and began shooting.  L wrapped his arms around the boy and hit the ground,  rolling them behind a car for cover and covering the child’s body with his own.  People began screaming and running away as Light moved behind the parked car for cover as well and returned the fire, hitting the shooter in the chest.

“Let her go!!” Light yelled moving from behind the car and moving towards them, gun still drawn.

“Mama!!!” Akihiko cried out from under L and tried to scramble away from him, but L held him tightly.   His mother tried pulling away from her captor again, screaming the boy’s name; and this time managing to kick backwards against his knee.  He howled in pain and pushed her away from him.  She stumbled but righted herself and ran towards her son.  Just as she got to where Light was standing, the man who had been holding her had regained himself , pulled his own gun and fired at her hitting her in the back.  The force propelled her in Light’s arms making him unable to fire to stop the shooter from getting into the car over his accomplices body and taking off.

Akihiko tore away from L to run to his mother as Light sank to the ground holding her in his arms.  L grabbed his phone and called for an ambulance as he ran to light’s side.  The boy ran to his mother crying for her and hugging her.  She opened her eyes long enough to smile at her son and reached up to touch his face.

“It’s alright Aki,” she whispered, “It’s alright.”

“You’re going to be fine,” Light was telling her, “There’s an ambulance on the way, just hold on.” He looked up at L who was kneeling next to him for confirmation but didn’t like what he saw.  L was looking at the amount of blood on the ground; and knew that bullet did serious damage.   He placed his hands on her back and applied pressure to stem the bleeding, continuing until the ambulance arrived and the attendants put her onto the stretcher.

“Light…this isn’t your fault,” he said helping him stand, “You did everything you could, it all happened so quickly.   I’ll go with the boy in the ambulance; I know you have to stay here and secure the area until the backup arrives and give your report.  I’ll call you and tell you where we are,” Light nodded but continued to stare down at his bloodied hands, and every cry Akihiko made for his mother shook him.  L touched his face to make him look at him.

“Light…none of this is your fault,” he repeated again and this time Light nodded with a deep breath.

“I know…”

“I’ll call you…” L said again and ran for the ambulance.  Light turned and watched the ambulance pull out and disappear into the traffic, and he could hear the sound of police sirens coming closer.  He holstered his gun and walked over to the body of the man he shot and began looking for ID.
L held the boy in his lap as the EMT’s stabilized his mother, talking to him to try to keep him as calm as possible.

“Why won’t she wake up?” Akihiko asked him and L sighed.

“She’s been hurt, she’s resting so she can heal,” he told him, “She’ll wake up when she’s better.” He then cursed himself for saying that; he didn’t really think she was going to wake up, and putting hope in the boy’s mind was probably a bad thing to do.  But one look at the tear streaked face of the boy in his lap made him realize any hope he could give him for as long as he could was the best thing he could do for him.  He wrapped his arms around the small, trembling body.

“Can you tell me your mom’s name?” he asked hoping he could get some information and also keep the boy’s mind working.  His facial expression changed as he began to think and rattle off what he had obviously been taught.

“My mama’s name is Hiromi and my daddy’s name is Katagi Fujimoto.  We live at 1R Apartment 103 in Maruyama Nakano-ku,” he said by rote and then looked at L. “Did I do it right?” he asked and L smiled at him and ruffled his hair.

“You did very well,” he said to him, “That’s very important information and you gave it very well. Your mother will be proud to hear how well you did.”  The boy smiled wide and then turned back to face his mother before turning back to L.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“My name is Ryuzaki,” L answered and the boy nodded then smiled.

“Don’t you know where you live?” he asked and L laughed.

“I’m afraid I haven’t been trained as well as you have,” he said and Akihito nodded again and then looked back at his mother.
“If she keeps sleeping she must be healing good,” he said, “And then maybe we can go home soon.”

Light jumped out of the police car in front of the hospital, thanking the officer for the ride and ran in, following L’s instructions as to where they were.  Because of the situation, two uniformed officers had also been sent to protect the boy and his mother and were stationed outside of the waiting room when he arrived.  He showed them his badge and went in, finding L and the boy sitting on the floor, playing with toys.

“Hey,” he said getting down on the floor with them, “How are you doing Akihito?” he asked and the boy smiled.

“I’m okay, the doctor said they’re going to help mama,” he said moving a small car across the rug.  

“That’s great,” Light answered, “Can I borrow my friend for a few minutes to talk?” he asked and the boy nodded.  They both stood up and walked a little ways from him so he couldn’t hear.

“Prognosis?” he asked and L sighed.

“Not great. Bullet hit her spine shattering vertebrae and sending bone fragments in all directions.  If she does survive there’s a possibility she won’t ever walk again.”  L sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Did you get her name? Anything?” he asked.

“Yes, Akihito was able to give me that information, which in turn I sent to Watari to hunt down.  Katagi Fujimoto, the missing father, was an investment banker for Sumitomo Mitsui Trust before he disappeared.  Apparently he made a few investments on his own, rather large amounts that didn’t do as well as expected; major losses, and the money coming from sources unnamed.”  

“Perhaps our shooters,” Light said.  “No idea who they are? The body didn’t have any identification, which doesn’t really surprise me.”

“No, not yet, but Watari is working on that until I can get to my computer,” L answered and then gazed at Light, recognizing the troubled look in his eyes.  “Light…are you alright?” he asked.

“I’m okay,” he said and looked back at the boy, “How is he doing?”  L smiled.

“He’s doing very well under the circumstances, he is a very smart, very brave little boy,” he answered.

“Is there more family, in case the worst happens?” Light asked watching the boy push two cars together in a mock crash.

“I haven’t found any on the father’s side, I haven’t found out what his mother’s maiden name is to look on her side, but I will.” L answered and watched as Light walked over to the little boy and got back down on the ground with him.

“Ryuzaki tells me you’ve been a very brave and smart boy,” he said making the little boy smile.

“Mama told me to be brave before she told me to run,” he said, “How much longer do you think she has to sleep before she gets better and we can go home?”

“I’m not sure, but until she does wake up, how would you like to come home with me and Ryuzaki?” Light asked.  L blinked and got down on the floor next to Light.

“Light…I’m not sure…” he started and Light smiled.

“I am.  Where else is he going to go? He needs to be somewhere safe, and there’s no place safer than our apartment and no one would look for him there.”


“He can stay in Near’s room, there’s still toys in there he left behind, he’ll feel right at home.  Come on Ryuzaki, you know it makes sense.”  L looked at the boy and then back at Light and then sighed.

“Yes, it does make sense to keep him with us. Otherwise Family Services will take him and who knows what will happen to him,” he smiled at Akihito.  “So, would that be alright with you?” he asked.  The boy thought for a moment and then smiled.

“Okay, but only until mama wakes up, then I want to go home,” he said.

“Of course, that’s the deal,” Light answered and reached over to move some of the boy’s hair from in front of his face. “We promise to take good care of you.”   L stood up and pulled out his phone.

“Watari needs to know this is happening so he won’t be surprised,” he said.  “It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with one so young, so I’ll ask for his guidance in this matter.”  As he walked away to make the call, a doctor walked into the waiting room asking for the family of Hiromi Fujimoto.

“We are here for her,” Light said standing up and going over to him, “The only family available is her young son here. I am Detective Yagami Light of the NPA.”  The doctor nodded and walked over to him.

“Surgery is over and she has survived the surgery, however,” he looked down at the young boy playing with the toys and moved Light away from him, “Her prognosis is not good.  The bullet tore through her upper vertebrae, sending pieces everywhere.  We removed as many shards as we could find but we can’t be sure we stopped all of the internal bleeding.  Even if she were to survive she would be paralyzed from the waist down.  I’m not sure how long she has, but I don’t think it will be more than a few days if that long. I am very sorry.”   Light thanked him then turned away from the doctor and looked at the little boy as L walked over to join him.

“I take it from the expression on your face that it isn’t good news,” L said to him and Light shook his head.
“I should have moved faster, gotten her out of the way…” he said and L shook his head.

“Light you did everything you could have.  This is very unfortunate but you couldn’t have done any more.  Right now we have to concentrate on keeping Aki safe; whoever wanted his mother will want him as leverage against the father.  I’m sure he disappeared in an attempt to save his family, and they have no idea where he is otherwise they wouldn’t have tried to take Aki’s mother.    Watari will be here soon; and I’ve instructed him to meet us at the rear entrance where they pick up bodies from the morgue.  I have a feeling this hospital is being watched and walking out of the front door would not be wise.”  Light nodded and walked back over to Aki.

“Hey, it’s getting late and your mom is still sleeping.  You must be hungry by now, would you like to come with us and get something to eat?”  Aki looked up at him and nodded.
“Will my Mama be sleeping for a long time?” he asked and Light looked away for a moment before answering.

“Probably for a while, maybe tomorrow we can come back and visit.  But right now, we need to go,” he said.  The boy nodded again and stood up, picking up the toys he was using and putting them back where he had found them.  He then reached up and took Light’s hand with a wide smile.
“Can we get ice cream?  I’d like to have ice cream,” he said and Light chuckled.
“You sound like someone else I know,” he said looking at L, “And yes, we can get ice cream.”  They began to walk towards the service elevators, L following and letting Watari know they were on their way.
Chapter 1

L’s eyes narrowed behind the protective goggles he wore as he watched the target move side to side in front of him.  He had instructed that they move it back ten feet, but someone operating the targets thought it would be hilarious if it were moving as well.  So far each one of his shots had been perfect in spite of their attempts to cause otherwise, and each shot had hit the target with deadly precision.  Most of them had been body shots, centered on the heart; but he had also done disabling shots to the knee and one to the groin which had elicited a groan and laughter from Light in the aisle next to him.

“Damn Ryuzaki, that isn’t disabling that’s just cruel!” he had yelled, trying to be heard through the protective gear they were wearing to shield their ears from the noise.  L had turned and looked at him seriously for a moment as he readied for the next shot.

“I can think of no better way to disable a male and leave a lasting impression,” he had yelled back, which only made Light laugh again.  The shot hadn’t gone unnoticed from others in the shooting range either, especially those in control of the targets.  It was after that shot that the target had begun to sway back and forth after L had instructed them to move it back another couple of feet via intercom.  They were at the range for the NPA, and he wasn’t completely surprised they were having a little fun with him; he had become rather notorious as Light’s boyfriend over the past several years that Light had been there.  He’d gotten used to the looks, the nudging, and the giggles when he arrived at headquarters to the point that he didn’t see them anymore, not that he actually ever really cared in the first place.  So when the target began to sway back and forth suddenly, he smiled, accepting the challenge.

He waited until Light had his turn, watching the handsome face set in concentration as he aimed and fired several rounds in rapid succession, hitting the mark each time.  When they moved the target closer to him so he could see what he did, L nodded his approval.

“Well done, for the distance of course,” he remarked as he reloaded his gun. Light frowned at the backhanded compliment.

“Excuse me? Is that a challenge?” he asked knowing full well what the answer would be, “How far away do you want the target? I can’t think of a situation where I’d be aiming at someone in the next city!”  L shrugged his shoulders as he prepared to fire.

“Don’t exaggerate Detective Yagami,” he said with a smirk, “I am not doubting you could hit the target if it were further away from you; perhaps just not as accurately as I could.” He turned back to his still slightly swaying target and smiled, emptying his gun before putting it down.   He pushed the button that would move his target to him to see the damage.  As it neared, Light saw there were no hits to the head, nor the chest which were L’s usual spots.  

“Oh too bad Ryuzaki,” he said with an almost evil chuckle, “I guess you found your limit.”

L said nothing until the target was closer and Light suddenly stopped laughing.  The target had all six shots in one place, in his groin, and the shots made a smiley face.  Light stared at it open mouthed and then turned on L.

“You bastard!” he said finally making L laugh as he put down the gun.

“I think that’s enough for today,” he said continuing to look at Light under his lashes as he looked down at his gun preparing it to leave, knowing Light would not let that stand.

“Not yet!” Light nearly growled and raised his gun, signaling for them to move his target back a few feet and then emptied his own gun.  L had to raise an eyebrow in surprise as he watched the target’s head completely blow off under the barrage of Light’s shots.

He crossed his arms as the headless target was moved closer, and looked over at the triumphant look on Light’s face.

“Well, well I stand corrected,” he said, “You can hit the target that far away, and employ a bit of overkill as well.  Bravo, Light.”  He smirked and walked away from him heading for the door.  Light stared after him wondering why he felt like he had received a back handed compliment and began putting his gun away.

“Wait a minute,” he called after him and sprinted to catch up, “Didn’t you think that was impressive?”  L smiled at him and nodded.

“Of course it was impressive,” he said as they walked out of the door together, “Just a bit unnecessary don’t you think? Are you planning to behead the next criminal you are up against?”

“Well…of course not…but you…you made a smiley face!!” Light defended and L grinned and pet Light’s face.

“I did, didn’t I?” he said then began walking again, “And you retaliated by blowing its head off.  You could have made a smiley face too, you know.  Come, I’m hungry, let’s get lunch.” He added as he walked.

“Then you would have accused me of copying you,” Light answered, “And said something smart ass about my not being able to come up with something different. I was screwed no matter what I did.”  L smiled at him again.

“It was only shooting practice, no need to get so testy,” he said, “I’ll make it up to you after lunch.” Light raised an eyebrow.

“How?” he asked.

“You decide,” L answered and then looked around. “There’s a nice café right on the corner,” he said and moved in that direction.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Light said with a smirk, “Anything?”

“Of course, as long as it doesn’t involve blowing my head off,” L told him as they walked into the café then stopped to look at him, “I’m game for anything.” He smiled seductively then went towards a booth, “Anything that will help your wounded pride.”

“My pride is not wounded,” Light defended as he sat down across from him, “I just know how you work.”  L chuckled as the waitress came to the table and he ordered two coffees as he perused the menu.

“And I know you, and just like me you would never let a challenge stand unanswered, “Even something as trivial as a shooting range challenge.”

“Ryuzaki, you were showing off to those idiots who were messing with your target,” Light told him as he fixed his coffee, “Not that I blame you.” He added.

“It isn’t showing off if you show what you’re capable of,” L corrected, “They assumed they had me at a disadvantage; I had to show them that was not the case.”  Light laughed before taking a sip.

“You certainly proved that,” he agreed.

“And you took it as a challenge to yourself as well,” he added sipping his own coffee.

“Because it was, don’t pretend like it wasn’t Ryuzaki.”  L smiled at him.

“Perhaps on a secondary level. But if we don’t challenge each other it becomes boring,” he grinned, “And we can’t have that.”

“Don’t worry, when we get home you won’t be bored,” Light promised him and it was L’s turn to chuckle.

“We shall see.  I’m giving you free reign, don’t waste it.” He leaned forward and licked Light’s nose quickly.

Light reached up and rubbed his nose.  “Don’t be disgusting in public,” he said, a small blush rising to his face, “And don’t worry, I won’t waste it.”  In retaliation he slipped one shoe off and ran his foot up L’s leg but didn’t stop there.  He zeroed in on his crotch and once reaching it wriggled his toes against it.  

L nearly spit his coffee, making a strangled noise.  He looked at Light, his wide eyes narrowing as he did.

“I see, you are still in a competitive mindset,” he said reaching down and slapping Light’s foot away.  “May I suggest a truce until after lunch? It could get ugly and we wouldn’t want that to happen in public.”   Light laughed and nodded.

“I agree.  I’ll save it for when we get home,” he said then decided what he wanted for lunch as the waitress reappeared to take their order.

“So, have you decided exactly how you’re going to extract payment from me for your wounded pride?” L asked as they got up from the table and headed for the door.

“I told you my pride isn’t wounded, you just can’t get away with being so cocky all the time,” L answered as he walked out, “My pride is completely in….ooof!” the wind was knocked out of Light as a small child ran into him at full speed, knocking him backwards to the ground.
“Mama!!  Mama!!” the child was crying as he fought to get away from Light.

“Hold on…” Light said after catching his breath, “What…Mama?” he asked in confusion and L chuckled as he bent down to be face to face with the boy.

“Are you lost?” he asked softly and the child nodded tearfully as Light straightened himself up.

“Where did you come from?” he asked brushing himself off, “Why were you running?”

The boy pointed to the crowd in the direction he had been running from, trying not to cry. “I lost…I lost my Mama!” he cried and both L and Light looked at the direction and then back at him.  Light smiled and pushed the child’s hair out of his eyes.

“Why don’t you tell me your name and we’ll walk back there with you and find your mother,” he said reaching down and taking the child’s hand. “I’m sure we can find her, she’s probably looking everywhere for you.”  

“Akihiko,” the boy answered, “I’m five years old.” He said proudly with a smile.  L looked into the bustling crowd on the street.

“He probably just got turned around after getting crushed in the crowd,” he said and smiled at how Light was handling the child, he wouldn’t have expected it after such a harsh meeting.

“Come on then,” Light said squeezing the boy’s hand, “Let’s go find her.”  He looked over at L.  “If we don’t find her soon we may have to take him to a nearby station. She’d probably go there eventually to try to find him.”  L nodded as they headed into the crowd, searching for someone who would be frantically scanning the crowd.
This has been a good time for Death Note Fans. First there was the musical in April, then the recent live action drama series that just finished which turned out to be a lot better than I suspected it would be.  And the actor portraying Light (Kubota Masataka) was so brilliant that the drama is all his.  Everyone else was excellent too, but Masataka was amazing.  Now there's a new movie in the works with a new storyline which I admit is interesting, being a sequel to the three Japanese movies, and I'm looking forward to that.  There's the broadcasting of the musical on Japanese tv  on October 17th 2015, at 8pm and November 7th 2015, at 6.30pm. I'm sure after those broadcasts we'll find them uploaded somewhere!! Then December 1st is the release of the blu-ray boxed set of the anime series which will also include the two Re-Light specials (which I wasn't overly thrilled with but they were still interesting).  How's everyone else feeling about all of the DN activity?
Since I've made a journal.  So sorry but I've been a bit on the busy side, trying to keep my fanfictions moving, and just daily garbage!

There's been so much excitement regarding the Death Note Musical. Since I last posted several songs from the New York Demo of the musical were released and were excellent, making me wish even more I could just fly there tomorrow.  There has been excellent rehearsal footage uploaded on youtube ( )and recently footage of the final dress rehearsal that's just brilliant looking.  This video has the English versions of the songs added.

I also just came back from AnimeBoston which was as it always is absolutely wonderful.  It took me three days to recover so that should tell you how much fun it was!! Had the extra added fun of having one of my son's wonderful AMV's make it to the finals of the AMV Contest in the drama category.  It should have won, what do you think? 

I did make an awesome connection with a group that goes to Japan and buys merchandise and copies of the musicals that are made from animes (Like Black Butler, Bleach, Naruto) and sells them at conventions. They are on their way to Japan next week to see the Death Note Musical and I have already put in an order for everything they can bring me so I'll be sure to let you know what I get.

That's it for now, chat atcha later.  New chapters for both stories should be up soon!!


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