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These things hold strong places in my heart....and some of the lower spots too....

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Wammy finally made it back to his quarters and turned on the monitors to Lawliet’s apartment.  He had just heard of the altercation between he and Misa and he decided to give himself a few minutes to get control of his anger before going to see the young man.  He couldn’t imagine what possessed him to venture down into the school area in his condition; but he was going to find out.  First he’d make sure he hadn’t caused himself damage, but right after that he was planning to have several stern words with him ad renew the threat about restraints. But for a few moments he would just see how Lawliet was doing until he calmed down.  As he watched, he became concerned when he saw the boy on the phone and looking extremely upset.  He turned and walked out of his room quickly.

Lawliet stopped breathing, everything within him feeling like jelly as BB’s voice went through him.

“Lawliet? Are you there?” he heard, accompanied by a slight giggle.

“I…what do you want?” he finally managed to get out.

“I’m just checking to see how you are, I heard you finally left the hospital.  I wanted to make sure you were healing well.”

“I’m fine Beyond,” Lawliet told him trying to keep his voice level and steady, “ Not that you really care anyway.  Is there anything else because I really don’t have anything to say to you.”

“I imagined not, but I have a few things to say to you. I’ve been told that part of my recovery depends on my getting things off of my chest, letting go of certain emotions. So to begin with, I would like to say that I am sorry for Light’s injuries, I didn’t mean to hurt him, so I’m glad he’s healed.”  Lawliet said nothing, waiting to see where he was going with this.

“I also did not mean to cause you such grievous injuries either, obviously I was not myself.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not upset with you Lawliet; I still feel all of this was because of your putting your nose into what didn’t concern you.  Our relationship, which was never very good anyway, is irreparably damaged in my opinion; I see no way this can be repaired, can you?”

“I suppose not, but you’ve always hated me anyway, so this really amounts to nothing new,” Lawliet answered.

“I never hated you until now Lawliet,” Beyond told him, “But I never really liked you either, I simply tolerated you.  But right now, I do hate you because you are the cause of all of this.  You couldn’t leave well enough alone, you couldn’t leave Alexander alone.” L frowned.

“I was trying to help…”

“By putting him in your little group? Helping him do what I didn’t want him to do? You were meddling Lawliet, wanting him to look on you with favor, trying to take the one thing I had away from me.”  Lawliet shook his head against the phone.

“No…no Beyond I never thought that!  I admit that maybe I thought it was something I could do for him that you couldn’t, but I would never try to take him from you. Why would I, when I have Light?”

“Why? Because you like being above me, having what I don’t have, being better than I am.  You have your little project; your little “L” will be the best detective in the world one-day project.  Wammy has always doted on you from day one, breaks rules for you, creates an entire world and persona for you and even creates lackeys to back you up in case you get the sniffles. I decide to opt out at being one of your lackeys and you find a way to pull Alexander back in, just to spite me.”

“That isn’t true Beyond…” Lawliet protested quietly, not hearing the sudden knocking on his front door.

“But it’s okay because he’s with me now, and you won’t ever be able to get your hooks into him again.  So you see dear brother, it all started with you and you have to take as much responsibility for what happened as I do.  Just as I’m paying for what I’ve done, one day you’ll have to pay for what you did.” Lawliet hung his head, Beyond’s words suddenly making sense to him, filling him with guilt.

“You’re right, “ he said almost in a whisper, tears sliding down his face, “I am responsible for pushing you too far; I didn’t mean to Beyond, I really didn’t…”

“Lawliet! What’s wrong?” he looked up startled to see Wammy standing at the foot of his bed, who then moved quickly to take the phone, “Who is this?” he demanded.

“Ahhh Wammy coming to his rescue yet again,” Beyond murmured into his ear.

“Beyond? What is the meaning of this? What have you said to him?” Wammy asked in alarm as Lawliet slid down into the bed, turning his back to him.

“I’m merely doing my doctors’ bidding, expressing my feelings so they don’t fester and grow inside and make me violent again.  You have no idea how much better I feel.  Good-night Wammy.” Wammy heard the unnerving giggle and the click as the call was ended then turned to Lawliet.  He had come in to give him a piece of his mind after hearing what transpired outside of Light’s classroom, but now that was all but forgotten.  He reached down and placed his hand on Lawliet’s shoulder.

“Son, I don’t know what he said but…”

“He said this whole thing was my fault, and he was right, this was all my fault.  I pushed him into losing his mind and hurting us.  I’m sorry…” Wammy sighed and shook his head.

“Nothing you did warranted his behavior Lawliet, Beyond has always been walking a thin line of control and that isn’t your fault.  You can’t blame yourself for what happened, he’s simply trying to prey on your mind, don’t let him do that.”  Lawliet wiped at his eyes then turned around to face him.

“My first thought was to help A, he was practically distraught when he was talking to me about feeling useful, and I just wanted to help him.  I did feel that I had something over Beyond in that I could do something to make A happy that he couldn’t, but I wasn’t trying to come between them, I wasn’t trying to make A like me more than Beyond.  I never meant to hurt Beyond in anyway!”

“You don’t have to tell me that Lawliet, I know all of that.  But Beyond isn’t going to accept all the responsibility for what he’s done, I don’t think he can mentally handle that burden so of course he’s going to put some on your shoulders.  It wasn’t your fault what A did; and it was that act that pushed Beyond over the edge, not anything that you did.”

Lawliet listened and nodded his head, running a hand through his hair. “I guess not,” he admitted and sighed, “but I’m sure he’s going to try and make me pay somehow.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Wammy said with a smile, “I’m sure it’s going to be quite a while before he leaves the hospital, and when he does this will all be behind him and probably forgotten.” Lawliet nodded again and took a deep breath.

“Thank you Wammy,” he said and began to lie down again, “I’m suddenly very tired.” He added.

“I can’t imagine why,” Wammy said crossing his arms, “It’s not as if you went downstairs to the classrooms and got attacked by an irate young woman.  I simply don’t understand.”   Lawliet cringed under the blankets, not wanting to look back at Wammy.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, “Light forgot his book, I thought he would need it.  I didn’t expect Misa…”

“I’m sure you didn’t. I trust you have learned your place is in this bed, or at most on the couch until you have healed sufficiently?”  Lawliet nodded again, still refusing to look at him.  Wammy sighed and gently touched his shoulder.

“Fine, then that is all I have to say about the matter.  Let me look at your bandages, I wish to make sure there’s no bleeding,” L nodded and Wammy pulled back the sheets to inspect his back.  When he was satisfied there had been no harm done he pulled the blankets back over Lawliet.  “I’ll postpone the meeting for this evening here; I’ll have the others meet with me in my apartment.  You get some rest and don’t worry about Beyond.  I will see you with dinner in a while.”  Lawliet nodded again, barely this time as he had begun to fall asleep.  Wammy left the room and went into the living room just as Light came flying through the door, relieved to see that Wammy was there.

“How is he, he didn’t open up any wounds did he?” he asked dropping everything he was carrying onto the couch.

“No, he appears to be fine, simply exhausted of course,” he answered, “He did receive a rather unsettling call from Beyond.”  Light stared at the older man in shock.

“Beyond? Why?” he asked heading for the bedroom.

“As a pretense of clearing his mind of volatile emotions, when in reality it was to share the blame of what happened with Lawliet, and to suggest that he also had to pay for his part in the fiasco.  It upset him, but I told him it was only Beyond trying to unsettle his mind, there was no truth in what he said and that seemed to calm him somewhat.  He is sleeping now.”

Light turned to see that Lawliet was indeed sleeping peacefully, sighed and closed the door to the room.

“I imagine you know what happened between he and Misa earlier?” he asked coming back into the living room.

“Yes, and there will have to be something done about that, but I’ll let Roger set whatever punishment she is to get; I may not be particularly fair about it.” He answered with a smile and Light smiled back.

“I understand, believe me,” he looked back at the bedroom door and turned back to Wammy.  “I never got a chance to thank you for allowing me to stay after my father turned on me, you didn’t have to do that.”  

“There is no need to thank me, Light. You are so very close to graduating, you have already been through so much, and Lawliet…well Lawliet would have never accepted anything else.  I know what you mean to him, he would have left with you,” he smiled again, “And I couldn’t have that could I?”  Light chuckled and shook his head.

“No, I guess not,” he answered, “You really think of Lawliet as your own son don’t you?” he asked and Wammy turned his gaze back on the closed door and nodded.

“I have from the moment he first arrived here at age 10,” he said with a smile, “All the children here are brilliant but there was something about Lawliet that made him so very different from the others, and his need for acceptance while on the outside he acted as if he couldn’t care less.  As I’m sure you know, that exterior hides a fragile interior and that he believes all he has is his intelligence.  I have tried to make him realize there is more to him than that, something I believe your relationship with him has helped a great deal,” he sighed and then turned back to Light, “I must go and make sure I have all the files ready for this evening.  You are all ready to start working your own cases and I have several new ones available to you, so I will see you later.”  Light nodded and walked him to the door. “Although I’m sure he’s learned his lesson, make sure he stays where he is for the rest of the evening.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll make sure,” Light promised before closing the door behind him.    He was about to go into the kitchen and make something when there was a knock on the door.  He turned back and opened it and found Near on the other side holding a small bag.

“I heard Lawliet was back and I just wanted to see how he was,” the young Albino told him, “Is he okay?”  Light nodded.

“He is,” he answered, “In spite of his being attacked by Misa earlier.”

“Oh then that did happen,” Near said, “I heard something about that as well but it didn’t seem to make much sense to me, even for Misa.”  Light laughed and shook his head.

“Yea, well unfortunately it is the type of thing she‘s capable of,” he gestured toward the bedroom door, “He’s sleeping right now otherwise I’m sure he’d be glad to see you. Maybe by tonight’s meeting he’ll be awake and you can visit then.”  Near nodded.

“Oh I almost forgot, here’s a kind of welcome home gift, jelly beans. I know he likes them a lot and he probably hasn’t had any for a while.” He said offering the bag.  Light took the bag with a smile and nodded.

“He’s going to love this, thanks Near,” he said, “See you later.”  Near smiled and nodded and turned to leave as Light closed the door.  He walked into the bedroom and placed the bag of jellybeans on the side table by the bed.  He set the alarm on his watch for two hours later, kicked off his shoes, climbed into the bed next to Lawliet wrapping a protective arm around him and snuggling against him.
Metamorphosis 23

Matt took another drag on his cigarette as he waited for A to finish his last class and meet him outside.  He had been staying pretty close to Alexander since he came home from the hospital, he didn’t want him to spend too much time alone.  Although he had been a lot stronger dealing with what happened than Matt had expected, the pressure of dealing with BB in his current state of mind was weighing heavily on him and he shouldered all the guilt for what had happened.

“Hey!” he looked up at the sound to see A coming through the doors and heading for him.  He dropped the cigarette and crushed it with his foot.

“It’s about time,” he said with a grin, “What the hell were you doing…kissing up to the teacher?”  A laughed and shook is head.

“No, I still had some make-up work to turn in,” he answered, “Where are we going?”

“Into town to this café Mello and I go to a lot.  I thought it would be easier to talk if we weren’t surrounded by people who are still being nosy.”  A nodded as they walked towards the gates.

“BB and I went into town a few times, but he bored easily. Doesn’t really get into quaint little towns,” he said with a smile, “But I always thought it was a nice place.”

“Then you’re gonna love this café,” Matt told him as they walked, “I take it you’ve been to see BB every day after classes?”  A nodded with a heavy sigh.

“He seems to be doing okay but…something’s still wrong,” he said, “He doesn’t treat me any differently, if anything he’s dependant on me more than he’s ever been before, but…” Matt nodded.

“I know.  I’ve only been a couple of times, and don’t take this wrong, but he kinda creeps me out.” A stopped and looked at Matt as if he were offended and going to argue but sighed then nodded.

“Yea, I know what you mean.  As if there’s something just under the surface waiting to explode.” They had reached the café and were sliding into an empty booth.  Matt waited until they had ordered coffee and a couple of slices  of cake before continuing.

“Here’s what I’m really concerned about,” he said stirring milk into his coffee, “The way he’s blaming the entire thing on Lawliet and the thinly veiled threats he’s making is disturbing.  He doesn’t even seem to care that he’s being monitored all the time, they hear what he’s saying and no matter how well he’s behaving, they know he’s not safe to let out yet.  He’s only making things worse for himself this way, and for you.”

“I know, I’ve heard him,” A said miserably, “But what am I supposed to do Matt?  I try to tell him that he’s wrong to blame it all on Lawliet, that it was me that went to him for help to do something worthwhile and he was only helping me, but he doesn’t want to hear it. It worries me that he wants to do something to really fuck up Lawliet still, or at least make him think that he wants to.   At this point, Lawliet will never have one day where he’s not worried about what his own brother is plotting against him,” he looked down at his hands, “And all of this because I was weak and stupid.”  Matt sighed and shook his head.

“No, if anything perhaps what you did was a catalyst, but you know as well as I do that Beyond was kind of walking a thin line before this happened. I have a feeling that if what you did hadn’t happened, it would have been something else.  It was gonna happen anyway A, I’m sure of that.”

He stopped when the waitress came back with what they had ordered, and let A drink some of his coffee and eat a little bit before he started again.

“The main reason I wanted to talk with you like this, was because Mello and I think you need to have a contingency plan.  You need to think about what you can do without BB right now.  Graduation is only a couple of months away, and you know as well as I do that he’s not going anywhere for a while.  You can’t sit around and twiddle your thumbs waiting for him to get out no matter how much you love him.”  A shook his head almost violently.

“No…I can’t leave him, Matt.  He needs me to be there every day, I want to be there every day, I’m all he has.  His dad is disgusted with him after what he did, more concerned that if word gets out that his soon attempted to murder his own brother it will be bad for his business and may lose him customers. And his mother, he doesn’t have any kind of relationship with her anyway.  She did come to visit him after seeing Lawliet but the only thing she did when she saw BB was ask him over and over again how he could do such a thing. He finally flipped and screamed at her to get out and it took hours to calm him down,” he ran a hand through his hair, “I’m all he has Matt and I’m not leaving him.”

“No one said anything about leaving him,” Matt reassured him, “I would never leave Mello if the situation was reversed.  But what I am saying is that you can’t just stay here and wait, you’ve got to continue with your plans.  Mello and I were thinking that maybe you could come with us. We’re staying around here, probably London because we love the big city, and it will keep us close to everything going on with “L”.  We could get a place together and work that way, and you’ll only be a half an hour away from the hospital.”

A listened in surprise; he hadn’t even thought about what he’d do after graduation, and was touched that Mello and Matt were concerned enough to invite him along.  “But what would I do, I can’t do anything with the project?”
“Not officially, no.  But there’s no reason why you couldn’t sort of work for us in a totally outside the box capacity.  I’m not even sure exactly what we’ll be doing immediately anyway until this gets off the ground officially.  We might just be working freelance until L needs us, and we’d need someone who’s good at paperwork and computers, we hate that shit, man.  Near’s going to be hanging around here working with Light and Lawliet so we need you.  What do you say?”

A rolled everything Matt had just said over and over in his mind.  Of course it made sense; he just hadn’t thought about what he would do if BB wasn’t out by the end of the year; he had simply hoped that he would be out, but that didn’t seem like a reasonable possibility.  He had nowhere else to go, and although he was sure Mr. Wammy would let him stay at the school, he was sure he didn’t want that, and what would he do while there even if he did?  He looked up at Matt and nodded with a smile.

“I think I’d like that very much, thank you,” he answered and then sighed playing with his fork, “I just hope BB understands.”  He looked back up at Matt,  “You know that as soon as he gets out, I’ll be going wherever he decides to go, right?”  Matt nodded.

“Of course, this is only until he’s out and able to continue with your original plans.”  Matt managed to keep the doubt out of his voice about whether that would happen any time soon, “And I’m sure he’ll be okay with it. He knows Mello and I are keeping up with you, he’ll be glad to know you’re not being left on your own and you know he trusts Mello.”

“Yea, but I’m not really sure exactly what he thinks right now,” A answered, “I think I’ll leave it alone until graduation, or if he asks.”  

“Yea, that might be best,” Matt agreed, “So…what do you think of this place?” he asked wanting to lighten the mood a bit.

“Actually, this is really nice,” A said looking around, “I bet BB would even like it,” he looked back at Matt, “I still love him, no matter what’s going on with him.”

“I get it, like I said, if it were Mello in there, I’d be just like you, so don’t worry about it. Now, if you don’t finish that cake I’m going to pull a Lawliet and snatch it off your plate.”  A laughed and held up his fork defensively.

“Try it and you‘ll lose a hand,” he warned and Matt laughed with him, relieved it had gone as well as it did.  He couldn’t wait to tell Mello when they got back.

Lawliet finished reading the synopsis of the cases that were waiting for his decision as to whether or not he wanted to work on them and put the folders on the bedside table; and noticed that Light had left his Criminal Psychology book there earlier.  He looked at the clock on his laptop and realized it almost time for that class.  Knowing Light needed that book for class, he slid out of bed and immediately pulled on some clothes.  Light had been late leaving for classes that morning because he was trying to make sure Lawliet was all set so the least he could do was meet Light at his class and give him his book.  He was still moving slower than he liked but at least he was dressed.  He grabbed Light’s book and headed out of the door, hoping this was one of the few times that Wammy wasn’t looking.

He made his way down to the academic floors and was only a few doors away from the Psychology room when he heard a high-pitched scream of his name from behind him.  He sighed heavily knowing exactly who it was and turned slowly to face her.  

“Well, well if it isn’t the jerk who took my fiancé away from me,” Misa accused as she walked towards him, “I don’t know how you did it, what spell you put on Light, but you managed to do it.”

“Misa, I didn’t do anything to Light, he has his own mind,” Lawliet told her, “Now if you excuse me I have to bring Light his book.” He turned slowly and began to move away, but Misa wasn’t done.

“Did he give you my ring that I gave back to him?” her friends around her laughed and that seemed to strengthen her resolve to keep taunting him, “If you’d just died he would have come back to me and realized he loved me, why didn’t you just die?”  He stopped again and turned back to her, unhappy that she was drawing a crowd.

“I’m sorry you were hurt Misa, I really am, but making a scene and wishing I were dead isn’t going to change anything. You’re ruining your chances of remain friends with Light.” He turned away again and saw Light at the other end of the hall heading towards his class, digging in his backpack probably for the book he didn’t have.  He tried to move a little quicker to get to him and give him his book before she started again but couldn’t move fast enough. She grabbed his arm, turning him to face her.

“Well since you’re probably going to be marrying him instead of me, let me give you an early wedding present!” she yelled before reaching out and slapping Lawliet as hard as she could.  Had he been well it wouldn’t have bothered him half as much but he was still weak and not completely steady on his feet.  The hit threw him off balance and he fell against the wall, crying out in pain and sliding down the wall to the floor.

Light heard Misa yelling and looked up in time to see her slap Lawliet and see him fly backwards against the wall.   “NO!” He yelled running down the hall to get to Lawliet, knocking students out of the way as he ran.

Misa was shocked at when Lawliet fell.  She had fully expected him just maybe stumble back a bit, not to slam into the wall and fall to the ground.  When she saw Light running towards him she panicked and tried to help Lawliet from the floor.

“Get your fucking hands off of him you‘ve done enough!” Light hissed pushing her away from Lawliet as he reached down to wrap his arm around him and help him up.

“I’m sorry Light, I didn’t mean to…” she immediately shut up when Light’s eyes rolled up to look at her, the amount of hate in them so strong that she backed up. He pulled Lawliet to his feet, checking to see if he was okay.

“Lawliet…are you hurt? Did you rupture any stitches?”  Lawliet shook his head, his face colored in embarrassment.

“No, only my pride has been hurt.  I can’t believe that little slap did that to me,” he looked around, “And I had to have an audience for my humiliation.”   Light looked around to see a crowd of students standing around and staring.

“Get going,” he nearly growled at them, “You’ve got better things to do,” he turned to Misa who was still standing amongst her friends, “And you better get out of my sight right now.” Misa moved nearly at a run towards her next class, as some of her friends snickered as they walked past them.

“Come on, let me get you back to bed,” Light said helping Lawliet walk, “What the hell were you doing down here anyway?”

“You forgot your book,” Lawliet said looking down at the floor, the book had fallen from his hands, wide open and on its pages. Light sighed and shook his head.

“You fool, you know you ‘re not supposed to be moving around like this. I can’t believe you got out of the room without Wammy seeing you and he’s going to be pissed about this.” Light answered reaching down for the book.

“He was probably in his office, usually is during academic hours,” Lawliet said trying not to grimace, “I’m sorry I thought you needed it and especially since you left it because you were fussing with me this morning.”  

“I appreciate it Lawliet but honestly, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, I have my notes.  Think how I’d feel if you’d been really hurt just because I forgot a book.”  Lawliet shrugged as they slowly made it up the stairs.

“Now I’ve just embarrassed you, I’m sorry,” he said.

“You didn’t embarrass me, that stupid bitch did,” Light nearly spat and Lawliet chuckled.

“Such language Mr. Yagami, I’ve never heard you say such things.”

“This is just the beginning, you have no idea what you’re going to hear if you do anything like this again.” Light warned him as they made it back into their apartment.  Lawliet chuckled again and allowed Light to put him back to bed without argument.  After checking his bandages to make sure he wasn’t bleeding Light leaned over and kissed him.

“Now can you behave yourself until I finish my classes or do I have to get Wammy?” he asked and Lawliet smiled at him.

“I promise I won’t move from here until you get back,” he said and Light nodded satisfied.  He kissed him again before going to the door.

“Don’t forget you promised!” Light called before he went out making Lawliet laugh.  He settled down in the bed feeling sore and exhausted.  He reached up to touch the spot on his face that Misa had slapped, still feeling the heat from it when he did.

“I owe you one Miss Amane,” he said and was slightly startled when his phone went off. He reached to his bedside table where it was lying and picked it up, expecting it to be Wammy about to yell at him.

“Hello?” he sad as contritely as he could, but he wasn’t prepared for what he heard in answer.

“Oh what’s wrong brother dear, not feeling well?”
L put his phone away and tried to relax as best he could not being in his own plane.  He had wanted to tell Light he was on his way home, but maybe it was better this way, to surprise him instead.  He nodded with a smile; yes this would be better, he couldn’t wait to see Light’s face when he walked in.  

He sighed and tried to stop fidgeting but he couldn’t help it, no matter how comfortable the first class accommodations were, he didn’t like being there and certainly not alone.  The first and only time he’d been in a commercial plane was when he was with Light on their way to Florida and Light had taken perfect care of him with his pockets filled with lollipops and other goodies that kept him occupied, not to mention Light himself being there.   He sighed again drawing his knees up against his chest, then chuckled and remembered how Light would push his knees back down telling him he couldn’t sit in the plane like.  He reached into his own pocket and pulled out the little bag of sweets Near had given him right before he jumped into the taxi.  He smiled as he reached in and pulled out a handful of jellybeans, popping them into his mouth.  All he wanted to do right now was to be with Light and to be sure he hadn’t pushed him too far.  

Light studied the video carefully and could certainly understand why Takashi disliked the mother so much.  She was constantly in the way of the shoot, fussing with the embarrassed young man, complaining about everything, shoving people out of her way, trying to run the entire show.  The young man, while attractive, was completely clueless and appeared as if he’d rather be anywhere else, but obviously had no choice as his mother pushed and prodded and demanded.  When the video was over Hayami removed the disk and handed it to Light.

“As you can see  Eiko Yoshido was a horrific shrew who was completely convinced that her son. Shumei, was the next best thing to God and we were all deranged incompetents who obviously didn’t know our jobs well enough in order to make him the next hot item,” Hayami said and shook his head with a laugh, “He wouldn’t be hot if his ass were  on fire.  Obviously he turned them down, and the mother was far from happy about it.”

“Why do you suspect them in being involved in Makota Ishinu’s death?  Were they violent? Did they threaten him?” Light asked as he got up from the desk he’d been sitting on and pulled out his note book.

“Oh she threatened that we would never work again, she ‘d get us back, that we’d be begging to represent him when he became famous…the litany of threats and vulgar, depraved spewing went on until we had security throw them both out. “ Light nodded and began writing the information.

“Did she contact you or Mr. Ishinu after this? Threatening phone calls, anything of that nature?” he asked.   Hayami nodded and indicated the file he had handed Light earlier.

“Every call I got is noted and the conversations transcribed,” he told him, “I don’t know about Makota, I don’t think he took it as seriously as I thought he should so he probably just hung up on her.  She visited his office a few times as well, luckily she didn’t know where I had moved to or I’m sure she would have fouled up my office as well.”

“Do you know when the last time was she visted Mr. Ishinu?” Light asked closing his notebook.  Hayami shrugged as he stood up from his desk.

“I don’t really know, he stopped mentioning her after a while and I did ask several times as I was planning a lawsuit if she continued with the phone calls.  However, suddenly she just stopped, calling.  I imagined she just ran out of steam or found some desperate agency to represent her hell spawn.”

Light chuckled as he headed towards the door.  ‘I see.  Thank you for all the information Mr. Hayami, I will get on this as soon as I get back to my desk.”  Hayami stood and moved from his desk following Light to the door.

“It was my pleasure.  Please let me know what happens when you interrogate her, and make sure you ‘re wearing your armor.”  He moved closer to Light, as if trying to whisper something to the detective, making Light pull back slightly.  “I am always available to you whenever you need anything from me.” Hayami added quietly with a smile.

“Thank you Mr. Hayami,” Light answered pulling the door open, “I’ll be sure to let my partner know that as well in case he has any questions.”  He then moved out of the door, closing it behind him quickly.  He released a deep breath and then shook his head; Hayami was more of a character than he suspected, definitely interesting, pulled no punches and obviously had figured out more about him than he wanted him to which was slightly disturbing but also intriguing.  He reached for his phone as he headed to the elevator, he’d call Matsuda and let him know what he’d learned and tell him he was on his way…and listen to him bitch about his seeing Hayami again without him.  He sighed and jumped into the next taxi that he could flag down.

Matsuda was waiting for him the moment he walked into the office, his arms crossed, a look of aggravation on his face.  Light sighed as he walked up to him.  

“Don’t start, I didn’t’ have time to call you and wait for you to show up, I just wanted to get the information from him and get out.” He held out the folder to his partner who looked down at it, sighed and took it from him.

“What was so important that he called you to pick up?” Matsuda asked flipping through the file.

“He had the information on that mother and son who he had suspicions about.  Had a video he wanted me to watch…”

“Yea, I bet he did,” Matsuda chuckled under his breath, then stopped when he realized Light was staring at him. “Sorry…I..”  Light cut him off by taking the folder back.

“Do you think you could contact the mother and have them both come here for questioning?” he asked tersely as he pulled out the appropriate papers and handed them back to Matsuda, ‘I want to write up my report on the information I got from Hayami.”

He moved away to his desk and sat down, reaching up to massage his forehead with his fingers for a few moments, closing his eyes.  If you were here L, I could call you and we could laugh over lunch about Hayami, but you’re not, are you ? No, you had to go on your little soul searching jaunt, in spite of what it meant to me… His eyes shot open as the thought escaped the side of him he was trying to suppress; the side that resented L’s being gone.  That side not only resented L for being gone, it was also angry with him, hating him for making a decision like this without bothering to discuss it; hating him for even thinking he had to leave him in the first place to make a decision about his future, about their future.  That side was also angry that he was in such need of being with L that he was feeling this way.   What happened to the forever self-sufficient Light Yagami who never needed or wanted anyone? He should be able to just put what L was dealing with aside and just continue on with his life without a second thought; he didn’t need this.  Obviously L could deal without him, he should do the same.

He closed his eyes again and shook his head. He didn’t hate L, he could never hate L; just what he was doing, and he hated the fact that being without L made him feel like this; he almost felt weak with the uncertainty of what was going to happen when it was finally over.   He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder bringing him back from his dark thoughts.

“Light…they’re coming in at 2:00,” Matsuda said quietly then put a hot cup of coffee down in front of him, “You look like you could use this.”  Light looked at the coffee and nodded, afraid to speak right away until he was sure his voice wouldn’t betray his state of mind.

“Thank you,” he finally managed and lifted the steaming drink to his lips.  After a couple of sips he looked up at his partner. “2:00 is good; it will be after lunch and give us time go over information and figure out what exactly it is I want to ask them.  Have we heard anything about the autopsy?”   Matsuda didn’t answer immediately as he tried to decide exactly what he should do, it was obvious Light wasn’t doing well at all.

“Would you like to go into the meeting room and talk away from everyone else?” he asked carefully.  Light sighed and shook his head.

“Talking isn’t going to do any good; it won’t make Ryuzaki come to his senses and come back home any sooner,” he sipped on the coffee again and then smiled up at Matsuda, “Besides, we have a case to solve, I don’t have time to sit around and talk about how ridiculous Ryuzaki is being or feel sorry for myself.  Now…what about the autopsy?”   Matsuda nodded and went back to his desk to get the folder, still wishing he could Light to open up again before he found someone else to talk to.

“It appears there was sooo much bad stuff in Ishinu’s system it was hard to separate it all,” he chuckled as he went through the papers. “Toxicology says there was evidence of marijuana, cocaine and a lot of alcohol.  He wouldn’t have been able to hold a razor steady against his wrists to cut them with all of this in his system, Light.”  Light took the paperwork from him and quickly read over it before looking up at Matsuda again.

“He was definitely murdered, then.  Someone cut his wrists for him to make it look like he’d gotten too drugged up and did it himself.  He was so out of it he couldn’t even defend himself from whoever did it,” he shook his head, “Which means it could have been anyone, it’s not as if they had to over power him to subdue him.”  

“Could have been the mother as well as the kid, no strength was needed,” Matsuda agreed, “I can’t wait to get them in here and hear what they have to say; although the mother wasn’t particularly heartbroken about his death.”  Light looked up at him.

“Really? What did she say?”

“That she heard the son of a bitch was dead and it was no loss to anyone.”  Light laughed and shook his head.

“No, I guess she wasn’t heartbroken,” he finished his coffee and stood up, “I’m getting more coffee and then we have to decide on our next plan of action.”  Matsuda agreed.

“Grab me one too?” he asked and then quietly, “Unless you want me to come with you and maybe take a break and talk…”

“I just need coffee Matsuda, I’ll be right back,” Light answered, flashing his trademark smile of complete confidence on his face.  Matsuda chuckled and nodded.

“Okay,” he said and watched Light walk away.  He sat down and immediately pulled out his phone, intent on calling L again and telling him he didn’t think Light was doing well at all.  Then he stopped and put the phone on his desk; maybe he’d better just keep an eye on Light, he could make things worse by calling L right now.   He also had to keep an eye on Hayami; he just didn’t trust him.

When Light came back with the coffees, they worked together until lunchtime, going over the crime scene pictures and all the information they had so far.  Light showed Matsuda the video and went over Hayami’s phone call transcriptions.  The mother looked so guilty it was laughable, but at the same time it seemed almost a bit too obvious.

Exactly at 2:00 P.M., the relative quiet of the squad room was shattered as a boisterous woman and a young man came through the doors.  Although petite and slim, her voice was just the opposite, as she loudly demanded she be taken to see Detective Yagami or Detective Matsuda immediately.  Light and Matsuda looked at each other and tried not to laugh as her voice echoed through the room.

“Oh, this is going to so much fun,” Light remarked standing up and heading to the barking woman.  He bowed slightly when he faced her.
“Good morning, I’m Detective Yagami,” he said, “Then you must be Yoshida Eiko?” The woman snorted before answering.

“Of course, and this my son Shumei,” she said gesturing towards the young man.  Light nodded and bowed to the young man who smiled slightly before bowing back.

“If you would come this way and have a seat we can get started,” Light gestured towards where Matsuda was standing and led them there.  Matsuda bowed as they came towards him, and pulled out a couple of chairs for them to sit on.

“Can I get you something, tea or coffee?” he offered.

“Tea for both of us, and cream, no sugar,”  Matsuda nodded and left to fulfill her wishes as Light opened his folder of information.  He removed a picture of Makota Ishinu and slid it towards her.

“Just to be clear, this is the man we found dead in his apartment; can you identity him?” he asked.  The woman snorted again.

“A fool named Makota Ishinu,” she said sliding the picture back to him, “And now he’s a dead fool,” she scrutinized Light carefully before speaking again, “Are you sure you’re old enough to handle this?  Perhaps I should see your lead detective…”

“Detective Matsuda is the lead detective,” Light answered, “And I assure you I have enough experience to handle this case,” he brought her attention back to the picture. “I understand you two didn’t see eye to eye business wise,” he began and was surprised when she broke into loud laughter.

“That’s a way to put it,” she said then looked at her son, “He couldn’t see the star potential in my son and wouldn’t sign him; but we don’t need him do we, Shumei?” she asked the uncomfortable looking young man.  He shook his head and looked down at the floor.

Light immediately felt badly for the young man; it was obvious he was completely under his mother’s thumb and probably not allowed to think or speak for himself.  He looked up as he saw Matsuda returning with the tray of teas.  He let him pass them to their guests before continuing.

“I take it you also know this man,” Light stated sliding a picture of Hayami towards her.  

“Hmph,” she said quickly pushing it back, “That one’s the other one’s partner who was just as much of a fool, if not more,” she leaned forward, lowering her voice.  “Did you know they were know…THAT type?  I mean, I don’t know for sure of course, but everyone told me they were…you know…THAT way.  So maybe in a way it’s a good thing they didn’t sign my boy, who knows, they might have made know…THAT way.”  Matsuda raised an eyebrow at Light who winked back at him.

“THAT way Mrs. Eiko? I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.  Is it pertinent to the case? Is it something I should know?”  The woman hmphed again sitting back in her chair and crossed her arms.

“Never mind, if you don’t understand there’s no point in going on about it,” she said, “Now why are we here? I was told we had to answer questions about that idiot’s death.  I only came because I wanted to make sure you realized we had nothing to do with it, even though we were thrilled to hear about it.”  Light smiled sweetly and sat back in his own chair.

“It’s quite obvious from what I’ve read about your relationship with both Mr. Ishinu and Hayami that you felt they didn’t give your son the attention his…talent deserved, and that you harassed them both with phone calls and irate messages.”

“I was trying to make them understand what a mistake they ‘d made,” she told him, “Didn’t I try to tell them Shumei?” she asked the boy who merely nodded.

“Shumei,” Light said softly to the obviously uncomfortable young man, “Did you have any conversations with Mr. Ishinu that your mother wasn’t in on?” he asked.  The boy for a moment flicked his eyes at Light and the detective found a quick flash of something odd in them, was that fear? The eyes very quickly shifted to his mother who looked indignant.

“There was no way in this world I would leave my son alone with either one of them,” she stated emphatically, “Being that I heard they were…you know…THAT way,” she emphasized again.  Matsuda covered his mouth with his hand trying not to laugh as Light tried to look completely sympathetic and horrified at the same time.

“Where were you on the night Mr. Ishinu was killed?” Matsuda asked her, “And if you could give us the names of others who may have seen you so we can check your alibi?”

“How dare you?!” she hissed, “Did I not make it clear that we had nothing to do with his death and yet you dare suggest that I killed him?”  Shumei tentatively put a hand on his mother’s shoulder, “It’s his job Mother, it isn’t personal.” He said quietly and she shrugged away from his hand.

“It’s disgusting that’s what it is,” she bellowed, “A talent less pervert like that finally gets what he deserves and they accuse an honest, normal, hard-working like myself of it? And a woman on top of all this, a mother who only worries about her son and wants the world to know what a wonder he is!” she sniffed as if she were about to cry and Matsuda handed her a box of tissues while Light fought to keep his face straight.

“We’re not accusing you of anything,” Light said gently, “We just have to be able to show we’ve done our job and know where everyone and anyone who is connected to the victim was on the night of his death,” he leaned closer to her, his eyes sincere and his voice soft, “Anyone can tell that you are simply a mother trying to take care of your son the best way possible and unfortunately you got caught up in this mess.  Believe me, this is the fastest way to erase your name from our list so you can get back to doing just that, so now, if you would be kind enough to answer Detective Matsuda’s question.”  The woman looked up into Light’s eyes, his charm completely winning her over as Matsuda tried not to roll his eyes.

“Of course Detective Yagami, I can tell you understand how difficult it can be for someone like me, I appreciate your understanding,” she answered then turned to Matsuda, “To answer your question, my son and I were at a gathering of potential managers and talent; a cocktail party to introduce yourself to several at once.  I can tell you exactly whom I talked to because I introduced my son to several managers and I’m sure they will remember us. It began at 8:00 and lasted until midnight, at which time I went home and to bed.”

“Oh I’m sure they will,” Matsuda answered, “Both of you were there the entire time?” he asked.

“Yes, well I was,” she corrected, “It was getting past my son’s bedtime so I sent him home in a car so he could rest,” she turned and ran her fingers through his hair, “He needs his rest.”

The boy shifted away from her fingers looking even more uncomfortable.  Light gazed at him for a moment; a slight good-looking young man with long dark hair.  He felt sorry for him, but wondered if there was a side of him they weren’t seeing.

“Shumei, that night, you went directly home from the party, no stops anywhere?”  Before the boy could answer his mother turned on Light.

“Of course he didn’t, didn’t I just tell you I sent him home? He would never disobey like that when he knows I only have his best interest at heart,” she turned to the boy, “Would you Shumei?” The boy sighed and then shook his head.

“No, of course not Mother,” he said in nearly a whisper, “I went directly home and to bed, Detective.”

The two detectives exchanged looks and then Matsuda sat back in his chair before speaking again.

“Alright, if you would write down the names of the others you remember being there at the party, I think we will have enough information for right now. If we need anything else, one of us will give you a call, thank you.” He said sliding paper and a pen towards the woman who snatched them both and began writing.  When she was done, Matsuda stood up, Light doing the same.

“If you think of anything that might help in our investigation, please don’t hesitate to call,” Light told her handing her one of his cards.  She took the card as she stood up and looked at Light.

“I doubt there’s anything else, but if I think of something I’ll call,” she said then looked at her son, “Let’s go Shumei, we’ve wasted enough time here.”   The two detectives bowed and the boy nodded and followed her out of the room.  

They waited until she was out of the room and both Light and Matsuda looked at each other and broke into laughter.

“Light, I always knew you were a smooth talker but you could have talked her out of her clothes!” Matsuda said and then suddenly blushed; “If…if you were inclined to I mean…” he added which only made Light laugh harder.

“Ah but I’m THAT type so that’s not an option,” he said and stretched, “Alright let’s get this on paper so we can turn it into the Deputy Director and then it should be time to go home.”

“I don’t know about you, but I still think they had something do with the victim’s death, somehow,” Matsuda said firing up the computer, “And that boy, I think he probably has enough anger at his mother pent up to unleash a lot of hurt on anyone.”  Light nodded his agreement.

“Yea, I have the same feeling but I’m not sure which one is more likely,” he sighed, “We’ll have to go over everything again, check out the alibi’s and go from there.  I should have taken DNA samples, damn it.” He suddenly thought.

“We’ll get it later, let’s just get this paperwork done,” Matsuda soothed, “And then you can come over for dinner.” Light shook his head.

“No, I need to go home, I have to do some thinking and I have to do it alone.  I’m expecting to hear from Ryuzaki as well, but thank you anyway.”  Matsuda sighed in defeat.  “Okay, how about tomorrow night?” he suggested and Light chuckled.

“Okay, maybe come let’s get this done!” he insisted and Matsuda agreed.

When the report was ready and printed out, Light signed it then slid it over to Matsuda to do the same.

“I’ll take it over, you go ahead and go home, I’m sure Suki is waiting with the car,” he said standing up.

“Yea, you ‘re probably right,” Matsuda answer as he finished signing, “I think she said something about shopping after work, lucky me.”  Light laughed and picked up the form.

“Maybe it will be for something naughty you both can enjoy later,” he said with a wink and then laughed again as Matsuda’s face colored near crimson.

“Light!  You…” Light continued to laugh as he sprinted out of the office and headed to his father’s office.  

“Is he in?” he asked the secretary as he walked in.

“Yes Detective, I’ll buzz him…”

“No, don’t bother.  There’s got to be some perks to being related, I get to just walk in,” he grinned and went to the door, knocking quickly and then going in.

“Hey, alright if I deliver this to you?” he asked as his father looked up.

“What is it?” Soichiro asked as he walked in.  Light explained what had happened on the case before handing his father the papers.

“So here’s the report on everything we’ve discovered and the questioning of the mother and son.”  Soichiro nodded and quickly skimmed the report.

“I’ll read this in depth later, good work so far Detective but don’t get lazy,” he said then smiled.  “So when are you and Ryuzaki coming to visit, your mother is asking.”   Light sighed and shrugged.

“I…don’t know when, Ryuzaki’s out of town right now and I’m not sure when he’ll be back,” he answered.

“Ah, it must be a tough case then to make him go on site,” Soichiro said, “Well, you know if you get tired of being alone you can stop by.” He offered and Light nodded.

“Yea, thanks, Dad,” he looked at his watch, “I’m a little tired, I think I’m going to go home and turn in early.” He said and Soichiro smiled then went back to his paperwork.

“Alright Detective, have a good night,” he said and Light turned and left the office.  

As he got into the elevator his phone rang; he picked it up without looking and answered it after one ring.

“It’s about time you called back,” he began and then was confused when he heard laughter.

“Dear me Detective have I called at an inopportune time?” Hayami’s asked.

“No…I thought you were someone else, excuse me,” Light answered, “What can I do for you Mr. Hayami?”

“Well, first I would like it very much if you would address me by my name, Takashi, and secondly I was wondering if you had been able to reach Yoshida Eiko and if so, how did it go?”  Light chuckled into the phone.

“Yes, we have talked to her and I really can’t go into detail about it, it’s an ongoing case,” he answered.

“Well, what about the autopsy? Was my hunch correct?”

“Actually your hunch was right on the money,” Light answered, “Your ex-partner was murdered.”   There was silence on the line for a few moments before Hayami spoke again.

“Would you allow me to thank you for taking me seriously about this? Perhaps I could take you to dinner?” he offered.

“That’s not necessary Mr. Hayami,” Light said, “It was my job to listen…”

“Perhaps, but I believe the detective who had the case before you was simply giving me lip service and was quite happy to be able to pass me off to you.  You actually listened and I am most grateful.  Besides, I’m parked outside of your building, you wouldn’t want me to have wasted my time would you?”  Light chuckled as he walked out of the elevator and out of the doors, seeing Hayami’s car on the corner. Why shouldn’t he go out to dinner with him, it would definitely be stimulating conversation and it was better than being alone.

“Fine, dinner it is,” he answered and closed the call walking towards the car.

L pulled his phone when it rang, and smiled when he saw it was Watari’s number.  Probably checking on his estimated time of arrival; they were running a little later than expected.

“We had a little difficulty with turbulence,” he told him, “I will be landing in about two hours.”

“Excellent, I’ll be waiting,” his father figure told him, “I’m quite glad you’ve decided to come back.  May I ask what exactly happened to make you change your mind?
“My successors surpassed me, “ he answered, “Explained to me the errors of my ways.”  He heard Watari chuckle in the phone.

“Oh my that must have been a sight to see and hear, I am so very sorry I missed you being put in your place by your successors.  I’m surprised you allowed them to do such a thing.”

“Yes…well… it was quite clear I didn’t have any choice than to listen,” L told him, “And it turns out it was the right thing to do.  Watari…do you think I’ve done irreparable damage?”

“As far as whether or not you‘ve done serious damage to your relationship, that’s something you ‘re going to have to find out for yourself.  He has kept very much to himself, he has said nothing to me about the situation, even when he‘s here working, he doesn’t mention it at all.”

“I see,” L said quietly, his thumb rubbing his bottom lip, “Remember, if you see him please don’t tell him I’m coming home, I wish to surprise him.”

“I understand, and I will be waiting at the airport.”

“Thank you,” L answered and closed the call.  His thumb continued to worry on his bottom lip; what if he was too late?  What if this really damaged their relationship? He’d have no one to blame but himself and he would do whatever he had to in order to repair it…if he could.

Light didn’t appreciate how badly he had been feeling until laughing with Takashi made him feel so much better.  The agent was telling him stories of some of his best clients over dinner as only he could, and Light could barely eat from laughing so often.  He wasn’t sure if it were the stories themselves or whether the wine with dinner had helped them along.  Either way, he was enjoying himself for the first time in days.

“I can understand why you stay in this business,” he said finally, “There’s never a dull moment is there?”  

“I could say the same about your business,” Takashi said, “It doesn’t appear your chosen profession is very boring either.”  Light shrugged.

“It depends,” he answered, “There are weeks where all that happens is paperwork and chasing leads on old cases that pan out to nothing.  Then when something does happen…sometimes it’s just so heinous you wish you just had paperwork again.  But I enjoy the work involved, the sifting through clues to try to make sense out of them.  That’s what I find exciting, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

“I rather suspected that,” Takashi mused, “That’s one of the reasons I felt your threat of pulling out of the case earlier was simply posturing.  I imagine the ugliness of murder is what you like least.”  Light shook his head.

“I’ve come to grips with the idea of death and murder; it’s unfortunately a part of the brutality of this world.  What I dislike is when they get away with it,” Light’s eyes began to narrow as he spoke, intriguing Takashi with their intensity.  “When we work so very hard to bring them in, and a technicality lets them go free; when you know they ‘re the one, and you can see them laughing at you as they walk out.  That’s what I hate; that shouldn’t be possible, the ones that make this world rotten should be punished, they shouldn’t be able to simply walk away, there should be a way to prevent that from happening…”

“Well, well, well…there’s that dangerous side of you peeking out again,” Takashi said with a smile, “It is quite an exciting side of you.”   Light blinked at Takashi’s words and reigned himself in.

“I’m sorry that’s just…it’s a sore point with me, Ryuzaki usually…” he stopped again.

“Ah, Ryuzaki again,” Takashi said, “You’ve mentioned that name quite often tonight; he means everything to you doesn’t he?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize,” Light began.

“It doesn’t matter, it gives me an insight into what your relationship with this Ryuzaki is, and knowledge is always good.”

“Thank you for dinner and conversation, I’ve enjoyed it,” Light said changing the subject, “But I should be getting home, I still have a lot of work to do tomorrow on your case.”  Takashi nodded and gestured for the waiter.

“Fine, I’ll take you home,” he said and Light nodded, still slightly embarrassed by his remarks, and slightly down again after realizing he had mentioned L so often.  

When they arrived at his building he thanked Takashi again for the evening and opened the car door.

“How rude of you to not invite me in for a night cap,” Takashi said with a grin, “I’m certain it was just an oversight, however.”  

“I don’t know…” Light began.   Takashi continued to smile as he leaned towards Light.

“I promise I don’t bite…unless you want me to.  It would be the hospitable thing to do.”  Light chuckled and then sighed with a smile.

“Alright, you park and come on up to the penthouse floor.  I’ll meet you there, but only one drink, I do need to get to bed.”

“The penthouse, that is definitely promising,” Takashi said and put the car into gear, “I’ll be there in just a few minutes.”   He took off towards the garage as Light headed into the building.

He had barely made it into his apartment, dropping the keys into the holder by the door when the buzzer from the elevator went off.  He expected to hear Watari buzz him to ask him if he were expecting anyone and when that didn’t happen he went to the intercom.

“Watari? Are you there?” he asked and waited for an answer.  “He must be out on an errand,” he said to himself then went to the panel that held the screen so he could make sure it was Takashi in the elevator.  Once he saw it was him, he released the lock on the elevator door, which allowed it to open and let him through.  He went to the apartment door and opened it to welcome the agent in.

“My that was exciting,” he said walking in, “I felt as if I were in a spy movie.  Why so much security?”

“Both Ryuzaki and I work in law enforcement, he is a private detective and sometimes we make enemies. Just a little bit of extra caution on our part.”

“I see,” Takashi said as he looked around the apartment, “This is very nice, tastefully done.  Certainly not to my standards, but very nice,” he turned to Light, “Obviously a lot richer than what a detective in the NPA would make.  I imagine this Ryuzaki has a good deal of money from his private detective business.”  Light only smiled in reply.

“What can I get you for your night cap?” he asked instead going to the bar.

“A brandy would be a nice cap to this evening,” he answered, “Please have one with me.”  Light nodded and poured two, handing one to Takashi.

“I wish you luck in finding out who killed Makota,” he said in the way of a toast, “And a hope that we can continue to be friends.”   Light sipped the alcohol and nodded.

“Thank you, but I’m fairly sure I’m on the right track with that,” he said gesturing to Takashi to sit down as he did, “And I see no reason why we cannot continue to be friends, I enjoy your company.”

“Thank you,” Takashi said moving a bit closer to Light, “And now I wonder exactly what the boundaries of friendship are for you?”   Light looked at him confused but for only a moment.

“Mr.  Hayami…”

“Takashi…please,” he was reminded.

“Takashi, when I say friend that is exactly what I mean.  Ryuzaki..”

“Isn’t here for whatever reason,” the agent answered placing his drink on the table, “And I would never dream of interfering in your relationship with him.  However,” he leaned closer to Light’s face, raising a hand to gently touch it, “You can’t tell me that you are not missing that special warmth that comes from human contact, that special feeling that only comes with the sharing of one’s bodies.  I don’t wish to take you away from Ryuzaki, I’m not the type for long relationships or commitment, but I do enjoy warmth, and human contact, don’t you?”  His fingers graced lightly across Light's face, barely touching him but enough for Light to feel the heat from them.

The worst thing about that touch was that he was right; Light was missing that touch, that warmth.  The side of him that was angry with L pushed him to enjoy the touch, that it was all L’s fault in the first place.  His eyes closed for a moment and then suddenly snapped open, moving away from the touch and shook his head.

“Yes, I do enjoy it, but with only one person,” he said standing up, “I appreciate your friendship Takashi, but that’s where it has to stay, I won’t cheat on Ryuzaki.”   The agent sighed and sipped at his brandy again, then stood up as well.

“Well, if you ‘re sure,” he said moving closer to Light, “But I wouldn’t worry about the idea of cheating on Ryuzaki,” he said, “Consider this merely an extended friendship, nothing more.  Two adults enjoying the pleasures available to them, until your Ryuzaki returns.  What could possibly be wrong with that?” he leaned forward again, aiming for Light’s mouth with his.

L and Watari stepped out of the elevator, L barely able to conceal his excitement at being home again.  This was where he belonged; this was where he felt complete.  Wammy’s no longer held that allure for him; it belonged to the boys now. He turned to Watari and smiled at him.

“Thank you for keeping this a secret from Light.  You get some rest, I’m sure we’ll be fine for the rest of the evening.”  Watari nodded giving him a knowing smile.

“Oh I’m sure you will be, good night L,” he said and went into his own apartment.  L watched him go then went to his own door, pushing it open quietly in case Light was sleeping.  He stepped in then stopped dead at what was before him.

“I can’t think of one thing that should stop us from enjoying each other,” Takashi was saying as he zeroed in on Light’s mouth, Light pulling away, placing his hand on the man’s chest to keep him away.

“I can think of many,” L said dropping his bag and moving towards them.  Light jumped the moment he heard L’s voice, moving quickly away from Takashi and moving towards L.

“Oh my god you ‘re back! Why didn’t you call me?” he asked as he walked quickly to L.

“And miss this touching display? I knew you liked to bring your work home with you but I believe you have outdone yourself this time.” L hissed, moving away from him.

“No…no it’s not what you think…” Light began and L cut him off moving quickly towards Takashi

“I know who you are, Takashi Hayami and I know all about you,” he told him, “And I will tell you that despite your reputation, this is one conquest you will not have and if you continue to try you will lose the very instrument you intended to use.”

Takashi tried to laugh off L’s threat but found he couldn’t as he stared into the most intense set of eyes he had ever seen.  If he could see danger in Light’s eyes, what he saw in L’s almost frightened him.

“Well, you can’t blame a man for trying,” he said finally being able to plaster a smile on his face, “And I congratulate you for holding on to his heart as you’ve managed to do, I doubt I would have gotten anywhere at all even if you hadn’t walked in.  Good night.” He moved quickly past L and out of the door.  L then turned to face Light.

“Is he right? Or would he have gotten somewhere if I hadn’t walked in?” L demanded and Light stared back at him in shock.

“How can you ask me that?” Light demanded, “You know I wouldn’t have, I love you!” L turned away from him.

“It didn’t seem as if you were fighting him too hard, not that I blame you,” he said quietly.

Light grabbed him and turned him around to face him, his emotions running from anger, to relief to hurt.

“Don’t you dare walk in here after leaving me alone for so long, for no real reason, and accuse me of wanting to sleep with someone else!”  L reached up and caressed Light’s face, his eyes filling with tears.

“If you did want to, I drove you to it, and I’m so sorry.  But I won’t let you go, I can’t let you go.  I will fight for you, Light.”  Light closed his eyes at L’s touch, his own tears building up as he leaned into it and shook his head.

“There’s nothing to fight for L, I’m here.  I told you I’d be here when you got back and I am.  Nothing’s changed, I still love you more than anything in this world, and you are my life, L.” He opened his eyes and pulled L to him, roughly holding the detective’s face in his hands.

“I love you,” he told him and kissed him as hard as he could, crying into the kiss as their lips met for the first time in so long.  L’s arms went around his neck; his hands going into Light’s hair as he kissed him back just as fiercely.   When Light pulled away, he kissed L’s face and then his mouth again before leaning his forehead against L’s.

“I’m so sorry, this was a lousy homecoming for you. Why didn’t you call me and tell me you were coming home?” Light asked him and L sighed.

“I wanted to surprise you, I wanted to see your face when I walked in when you weren’t expecting it,” he chuckled, “I guess I got what I asked for.”  Light shook his head before kissing him again, his hands now running up and down his back.

“Come on, let’s go to bed. You must be exhausted from the flight and everything you walked into to.” he said when he released him, and L nodded.

“I am exhausted,” L admitted then ran his hands down Light’s chest before taking his hand and heading towards the bedroom.  “Are you sure I haven’t lost you at all, that your feelings haven’t changed?  Why was he even here?” Light ran a hand through his hair and looked away.

“To be honest L, I was desperate for company, and conversation and he is…a lot like you.  We made some progress on the case and he offered to take me to dinner and I…I guess I gave in and accepted the invitation.   He brought me home afterwards, asked for a night cap and then…”

“Never mind I know what happened next,” L answered a little of the anger rising again, “And I am sorry I forced you to be in this position.  I suggest you let Matsuda deal with him from now on when you ‘re working on this case.  I would hate to have to make him disappear.”  Light chuckled as he closed the bedroom door.

“I’m sure there won’t be any problems with him,” he said then gazed at L again, reaching up to caress his face, “I will admit being angry with you, that you had left, but my love for you hasn’t changed, it couldn’t.”  they both got undressed and crawled into the bed, L climbing into Light’s arms, resting his head on Light’s chest.

“I’m sorry for leaving you Light, it was wrong. I love you,” he whispered kissing his chest. Light ran his fingers up and down L’s back and kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too,” he answered, “And I’m just glad you ‘re home. No more talking, get some rest.” He said and felt L nod against him.  

As he felt L’s body relax against him, his mind went over everything he’d felt before L had come home; the resentment, the anger, the upset at feeling so weak without him.  All of that just didn’t matter anymore now that L was in his arms again. He had come close to slipping with Takashi, but he didn’t and that’s what was important.  He closed his eyes and tightened his grip around L.  There were definite wounds that had to be dealt with, but he’d worry about that later; right now he was just happy that L was home.
Just in case anyone's still interested in seeing info on that musical in Japan, there is an official FaceBook page for it.…

It is in Japanese but there's a translation option there for most of it.  It has pictures of both actors that are doing Light and L and I have to tell you they look brilliant.

Also, apparently in Japan they released a new version of the color...that they 're keeping to themselves.  It's only available on Amazon in Japan and can only be purchased with a Japanese credit card.  I don't know why they're being so mean about sharing it with the West, but they are.  I've seen what it looks like, it 's absolutely beautiful and it's so unfair.  But if any of you have any friends in Japan, perhaps you can persuade them to get it for you!

Good luck!


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Obsessed 22

An hour after hanging up from Light, L opened his eyes and sat up.  He sat for a few moments, his head spinning with trying to decide what to do.  He got up finally, pulled on his clothes and went into the bathroom, washing his face and trying to become more alert than he actually felt.  He found he couldn’t look at himself for very long in the mirror and quickly dried off and turned to leave. As he stepped out of the bathroom he looked up to see the trio coming around the corner, obviously coming to see him.  He stuck his hands in his pockets and met them in the hall.

“Is there a problem sufficient enough that would warrant all three of you coming to my room?” he asked slightly annoyed.

“Yes, there is and we all need to talk to you L, it’s urgent that we talk to you now.” Mello answered, his face completely serious.  L looked from one to the other and they all stared back at him, not a smile among them.

“Alright, but might I suggest we go to one of your rooms as four of us in that small room would become very uncomfortable quickly.”  Mello nodded in agreement.

“Sure, let’s go up to our place, that makes sense,” he said and turned to go in that direction.  L followed with the others, wondering what could possibly be so important to all of them that he was being ambushed like this.

“So what is this about?” he asked the moment they were inside, “You know I have things to take care of I can’t waste time…”

“That’s the reason we need to talk to you,” Near interrupted, “We’re afraid that you are wasting time here and are in danger of losing everything important to you.”  L frowned completely confused and then understanding he attacked.

“I’m wasting time?  You’re accusing me of wasting time here? You dare to try to counsel me on what I’m doing?” dark eyes flashed angrily, “You have no right…”

“L just listen for a few minutes,” Mello said, “I think you need to look at this from a different perspective, you can’t see what’s happening because you’re so deep into it. We all know what happened with that waitress and the trauma that must have caused you…” L visibly flinched at the mention of Maki, his eyes dropping to the floor.

“That has nothing to do with why I’m here,” he answered between clenched teeth.

“It has everything to do with why you’re here,” Mello answered. “You’ve been telling yourself that somehow you’ve lost what ever it is that makes you L, that somehow it’s tied to your relationship to Light when in reality that’s not really what the problem is.”  L’s eyes came back up to bore directly into Mello’s, the anger and shame he was feeling boiling dangerously close to spilling over.

“The problem is you’re involving yourself in matters that don’t concern you, Mihael,” he seethed, “And I’m not listening to any more of this.” and turned to leave. The blonde started at hearing his real name and looked at the other two who were just as shocked.  Mello swallowed and moved forward to stop him, shouting to get his attention.

“Don’t run from us L!” L stopped and turned around, shocked that Mello had raised his voice to him.  Mello sighed and lowered his voice, “Don’t run from us, you’re better than that.”  

“I am not running from anything, I just don’t intend to listen to the three of you try to tell me what you think my problem is.  You have no idea, none at all…” L seethed.

“You’ve always told us that you trust us, trust our judgment and that we should always come to you with anything.  If you meant that, and you do trust us to take over for you eventually, then just listen with an open mind; we might know a little more than you think. We’re not kids anymore L and we all are involved in relationships, so that isn’t virgin territory either,” he chuckled, “In more ways that one.”  He waited to see what L would do before he continued.  His mentor stood and gazed at him and the other two silently for a few moments.  He then looked away and sighed heavily.  In reality his mind was in such turmoil that he actually almost welcomed hearing what they would have to say.

“Alright,” he said stuffing his hands in his pockets, “I’m listening.”

“Thank you” Mello breathed and then took a deep breath, “You and Light have been together for almost 10 years, and in all that time you have continued your work as L without a problem. Don’t you think it’s odd that you’re having difficulty with it now?
Be honest with yourself, L.  Don’t be angry with me, or with us, we’re just trying to help you before you push Light too far.”  L bristled at the accusation.

“I’m not pushing Light, I’m trying to save what we have! I do have a problem, I can’t concentrate, I can’t do my work as I used to, I am letting emotions get in the way of the facts, that’s what happened with….with that situation.  If I were my normal self it wouldn’t have happened, I would have seen…”

“L it had nothing to do with your abilities and everything to do with your feelings for Light!”  Mello sighed again and moved closer to him. “Look, it was only because you were so concerned about Misa possibly hurting Light that you simply couldn’t even imagine that you were in danger…”

“The signs were all there, the clues were all there I just didn’t see them, I couldn’t see them…I….” L stopped, feeling he was losing control of himself again.  Once he was sure he continue without faltering he began again, “And that is the problem. No matter who or what the situation, I have always been able to separate my feelings from the facts and I couldn’t…I can’t…next time…it could cost Light’s life…I can’t let that happen.”  Matt shook his head.

“You keep thinking the worst case scenario,” Matt added, “There’s no guarantee that in case something happens to Light that you have to deal with, that you’re going to make a fatal mistake because the situation would be completely different.  This had to do with Misa Amane, you have always had a blind spot when it comes to her and her relationship with Light and that ‘s what caused you to not see some of the signs that would have kept you from being abducted by that wack job.  We think what you have to do is reconcile with what happened to you, and realize no one thinks the worst of you because of it. If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you ran from Light because you couldn’t face him because of what that wack job did, not because you think there’s something wrong with your ability to be L.  Never in your history has anything like this happened to you before L, you’ve never had to deal with this kind of personal trauma before, this deep humiliation that we know you feel. have to deal with this.”

L listened and fought with himself; he didn’t want to admit that was the problem, that would mean he would have to admit that he was broken, that she…that Maki had caused him so much emotional damage that he couldn’t function normally.  He didn’t want to give her that power over him, he couldn’t. It had to be something else.  He shook his head, running a hand through his hair.

“I didn’t…I didn’t run from Light… I didn’t I…he…was angry with me and he had every right to be, I was a fool…I needed to get away and reconcile what I did…what’s wrong with me…I have to fix it…” he rattled on, trying to convince himself as well as them, but it wasn’t working.

“L that’s such bullshit,” Mello told him, “We all know it’s bullshit and so do you.”  He moved closer and put a hand on L’s arm.  “Look, think about this logically.  This was simply one case, a case that was too close for you to be able to look at it objectively because of who it involved.  It would have been difficult enough if it had just involved Light but it also involved Misa.  You couldn’t be completely objective and that is understandable.  It has nothing to do with you not being able to do your job properly.   It’s not a failing on you being L, it’s just because you love Light so much.”  L shook his head.

“There was a time when I could have separated the case from Light, when I could make the decisions based on the facts and not what I felt…”  All three of them looked at each other and burst into laughter.

“Sure you could, that’s why Kira is lying in prison instead of living in a luxury high rise apartment in Tokyo,” Mello said shaking his head, “And we don’t blame you for that, it has turned out to be the best decision you ever made, but don’t stand there and lie to yourself that you were ever able to look at Light objectively from a case.”  L opened his mouth to argue but knew they were right, his face coloring when Mello mentioned Kira and looking away again.

“That doesn’t mean that you‘ve lost your touch, you can still be the cold hearted, evil bastard you’ve always been when it comes to other cases I’m sure,” Mello added with a grin, “You just can’t do it with Light,” he said and hastily continued when he saw a quick flash from L, thinking he may have gone one step too far, “And if you think about it, the only problem you have is that you ran from having to look at Light every day after what happened, you’re wounded, you felt humiliated and embarrassed, but Light doesn’t care L, you know that.  All he cares about is that you’re okay, and right now that you’re so far away from him he can’t help you through this.  Go home L, you need to be home with him and not hiding in a girl’s dorm lying to yourself as to why you’re there.  We love you, we love Light, so stop being so goddamned stubborn and just go home and let Light help you.  If you don’t do this soon L, you ‘re going to push Light so far away from you it will be hard to get him back.   I mean, does he really even understand why you’ve left him, I mean really?”

As Mello talked, Matt and Near flanked him, making it quite obvious that they agreed.  L’s eyes moved from one face to the other, each set of eyes staring back unwavering.  When had they become so grown and sure of themselves that they could corner him like this,  make him sit back and listen?  He had a quick moment of wanting to fight back, if only to prove he was still in control of everything, he was still L and they were still just his successors waiting for their turn.  He sighed, that was a lie and he knew it, they were so much more than that now and what matters worse, he realized they were right.

That last question from Mello, if Light even understand why he had left, was bothering him immensely. He told himself that he had, but even Light had told him he didn’t understand, that he wasn’t fighting it only because he wanted L to be happy and if this was what it took, he’d accept it.  He finally realized that this wasn’t the way to handle this; he had to get back home to Light.

“I am making a terrible mistake,” he said almost in a whisper, “I am more of a fool than I already thought I was,”  he made a move to go to the door and Mello’s hand on his arm tightened, stopping him. “I have to go, I have to make immediate arrangements to get back to Japan.” He explained.  Mello smiled and shook his head.

“Not necessary.  In hopes that you would agree with us, Matt already assumed you’d want to do that,”  he told him, “You have a direct flight leaving in two hours.”  L looked confused.

“But my plane…” he began.

“Can sit right here,” Near added, “No one’s going to touch it until you come back for it. You don’t need to make that long flight right now, you need to be pampered, hot towels for your hands, wine to drink, the best food you can get on an airline, and you need to relax and you can’t do that piloting a jet.”

L sighed and nodded, looking down at his bare feet again.  “I have been properly schooled,” he said after a few moments, then looked up at Mello with a small smile. “How did you get the job of putting me in my place?” he asked..

“Just lucky I guess,” Mello answered with a chuckle, “Also if you had decided not to listen and let loose with the feet, I could take it more than those little wussies over there.” He added thumbing in the direction of Matt and Near.  L laughed and nodded.

“If I hadn’t listened I would have been a bigger fool than I already am,” he said, then ran a hand through his hair again, “I think I’ll go down and start packing now,” Mello nodded and released his arm.  L stopped before opening the door then turned back around to face them, “Thank you, all of you.  I’ve been struggling since I arrived trying to decide what to do, if I was doing the right thing, what my next move was to be and thanks to you my mind is finally at peace, I know what I have to do. Thank you.”  All three young men smiled and then without warning they were on him in one huge group hug.  For a moment he remembered how it used to be, when they were so much smaller and they hugged his knees, or he had to kneel in order to embrace them.  Something else that would never be the same again. He pulled away and smiled at them before turning and leaving the apartment.

Light awoke with a start to the sound of  Watari’s buzzer and his voice.  “Light? Is everything alright?” his voice asked over the intercom.  Light rubbed his eyes and leaned across the bed to hit the button.

“Yea, I’m fine, just waking up, is something wrong?” he asked stifling a yawn.

“It appears your phone is off line and Matsuda has been worried he couldn’t reach you this morning.  He called me to check on you, he’s still on the line.  I thought perhaps it would be prudent that I reach you this way before barging in on you.”

“My phone offline?” Light asked and suddenly remembered why his phone would have not been working.  He turned and saw it still lying on the pillow and could hear the off-line beeping noise.  He cleared his throat.   “I guess I forgot to actually hang up from my last call,” he explained, “Sorry.  Tell Matsuda I’m fine and I’ll see him at the office.”

“I’ll do that and be in with your breakfast shortly,” Watari answered and released the intercom.  Light chuckled to himself and stretched; he had to admit last night was a wonderful way to fall asleep if he had to do it without L actually being here.  He got up, took his shower and got dressed, trying very hard to not think about L.  Instead of getting easier it was getting more difficult being without him.  He hadn’t realized just how much he had grown accustomed to L’s presence over the past ten years, and his not being here was like losing a limb or an eye.  It was too quiet; he even missed the sound of his bare feet padding across the rug.   He sighed deeply, opening the door of the bedroom and walked out to the aroma of coffee and breakfast.  He didn’t know how Watari did it, but he always made sure he had a traditional Japanese breakfast, the kind he grew up with, complete with fish, seaweed, Miso soup and rolled omelets.  Usually he’d sit across from L who usually only had some kind of fruit cup and plenty of coffee, and enjoy the full breakfast.  But the past few days it just looked like too much to deal with.  He picked at it, didn’t want to waste Watari’s effort, but he simply didn’t have an appetite for all of this food.  He found himself gazing at L’s empty chair as if he stared at it long enough he would just materialize there and rubbed at his eyes, telling himself how ridiculous he was being.  He reached for his coffee and got one sip in before his phone began to ring.

“Yagami,” he answered before taking another sip.

“I hope I’m not calling too early,” he sighed when he recognized the voice.

“No Mr. Hayami, I was about to leave for the office. Has something come up?”

“Yes, actually.  I found the file on that mother and son I had told you about earlier.  Would you like to stop by my office on your way to work and I can hand it over to you.  I think these two should definitely be on your list.”  Light looked at his watch and nodded, reaching inside his suit jacket for his notepad and pen.

“Alright, give me your office address and I’ll jump into a taxi and meet you there,” he said and Hayami did so.

“Have you had breakfast? I have some things here, but if there is something special you’d like..”

“No thank you Mr. Hayami, I’ve already had my breakfast,” Light answered putting his notebook back into his pocket.

“Well, alright.  But there is plenty of coffee and juice as well, I have only the best.  Looking forward to seeing you soon, Detective.”

“Yes, I’ll be there shortly,” Light answered and closed the call.  He finished his coffee, clearing up his dishes and putting them in the dishwasher before leaving the apartment.  He did it more to make sure Watari didn’t know he didn’t eat his breakfast than just cleaning up; which made him chuckle; still afraid of annoying the old man.  He grabbed his keys from the bowl in front of the door and went out.

After getting a taxi he debated calling Mastsuda to let him know and he realized if he did he’d probably have to hear more of his theories so he decided to wait until he was on his way out and back to the station.  He did call his father to let him know why he would probably be late; he had no desire to be chewed out again by the Deputy Director if he could help it.

Light was not surprised to find that Hayami’s office building was located in the Akasaka section of Tokyo.  The area was home to many corporate headquarters and exclusive hotels,  all top notch, all wealthy.  The Imperial Palace was even close by; a perfect place to take business visitors one wanted to impress.  He jumped out of the taxi and made his way into the building, jumping into the first open elevator and up to the 21st floor.    
He found the correct office and opened the double doors, and marveled at the luxury within.  The reception area was huge, almost as large as his entire office at the NPA and that housed some 20 detectives; all that was in here was a large exotic desk that the secretary sat in that was in front of huge closed oak doors, and beautifully furnished with lounges, tables, cushy chairs and what appeared to be a bar at the other end.  He shook his head in amusement and walked towards the desk.

“Detective Yagami to see Mr. Hayami, I believe he’s expecting me,” he said to her.  She smiled at him sweetly and buzzed the intercom, but the door behind her flew open before it was answered and Hayami walked out, a huge smile on his face.

“Detective Yagami, I was waiting for you,” he looked down at his secretary, “Unless it’s God I don’t want to be interrupted,” he said ushering a smirking Light into his office.  As expected there was a huge desk, a leather chair behind it, obviously expensive office furniture, a huge LED TV screen against one wall, a bar, leather chairs positioned at a round table for meetings, and a table that reminded him of L’s snack table in his office complete with coffee urn and many tasty looking treats.

“Please help yourself Detective,” Hayami was saying as he closed the door behind him and Light looked around the room, “At least have coffee or tea to relax as we talk.”

“Thank you,” Light said going for the coffee, “I’m not going to be here for very long, I need to get to the office.” He reminded him.

“Yes, yes of course, always the detective,” Hayami said going to his desk, “I have the folder here and I also have some video you might be interested in.” Light turned with his coffee and walked towards Hayami’s desk.

“Video? Of what?” he asked.

“Of that child and his vicious mother,” Hayami nearly spat, “We always do trial films of people we are thinking of hiring, trial modeling shoots, to see how they work.  We don’t expect much from a first timer, but sometimes you can get a glimpse of natural talent that we can work on, and sometimes you get a pile of shit and you can see it before you waste money on it.”

“I see,”  Light said taking the offered folder, “And you believe these two had a motive to kill your partner?” he asked.

“Ex-partner,” Hayami corrected him, “And I believe they were capable of it, that shrew was especially, but you’ll see that for yourself.” He reached for the remote just as Light’s phone went off.  

“Excuse me,” he said putting the coffee down and answered the phone without looking, assuming it would be either Matsuda or his father, “Yagami,” he answered.

“So serious so early in the morning?” L’s soft voice caressed his ear and he sighed without realizing it.

“Hey,” he said, his voice dropping from the serious detective to a much softer, quieter tone that didn’t go unnoticed by Hayami.  “Have you even been to bed yet?” he asked realizing it was probably three a.m. where he was.

“I have actually, but I had things I had to do and I wanted to call you and let you know…”  Light suddenly remembered where he was and looked over at Hayami who was gazing at him thoughtfully, his fingers laced together in front of him, a knowing smile on his face.

“Ryuzaki, I’m in the middle of something case related right now, I really can’t talk at the moment, I can call you back in a few minutes when this is done.”

“Alright, I understand.  I wanted to give you some good news but it can wait a little longer. I love you, Light.”  Light looked up at Hayami who was still gazing, the smile on his face now looking decidedly smug.

“Yes, me too,” he answered and then closed the call putting the phone away with a smile,  “I apologize, it was personal,” he explained.

“No need to explain anything,” Hayami answered feeling very sure that he knew everything he needed to know about Light Yagami now.  “You are a most intriguing man Detective Yagami,” he said leaning back against his chair, “You have a walk that is full of confidence, knowing what you’re doing, professional, no nonsense and with a sense of…shall I say…menace underneath.  You can be very dangerous can’t you Detective Yagami?” he asked.

“I’m sure I don’t understand…” Light began and Hayami chuckled.

“I’m sure you do, Detective.  And that phone call, your demeanor completely changed, you became softer, your voice following suit also became softer, that sense of menace all but disappearing.  The name…Ryuzaki was it? Obviously a man, a man you care very much about, am I correct? It seems you and I have several things in common.”   Light’s eyes narrowed dangerously and he leaned on the desk, getting very close to Hayami’s face.

“Neither myself nor my personal life are any of your business, nor are they up for your scrutiny, I believe I have said this to you once before, Mr. Hayami and I don’t intend to ever say it again.  I can very easily turn this case over to another detective.”  Hayami shook his head and sat back in his chair.

“You won’t do that because this case has piqued your interest, you want to see this through, so I’m not concerned about that.  I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds Detective, I meant no harm it’s just something I’m good at; feeling out people, what makes them tick.  It’s how I run a successful business, how I know what people will most likely be a good investment,” he smiled, “I was right about you being dangerous, I believe if pushed enough you could be quite violent,” He stood up from his desk and walked away from Light, his hands still clasped together,  “Now, I’m going to assume that there is a very lucky man out there that has your heart, and going by how you reacted when you received his call, for some reason he’s not with you right now.  You don’t have to tell me if I’m right, I’ll just go on that assumption and now that my curiosity is sated, I will never bring up the subject again.  Now, would you like to see the video?”

Light couldn’t help but be fascinated, Hayami didn’t even look concerned when Light had gotten in his face and almost threatened to leave the case; if anything he looked almost excited as if he had just made a masterful move in a chess game and was watching the reaction from his opponent.   He simply stated his case and kept moving forward, without being the slightest bit sorry.  The only other person he had ever met in his life that could do something like that without any remorse was L.  He chuckled and stood up from the desk, then sat on the side of it facing the screen.

“As long as we’re in agreement that my private life is off the table, I’d be glad to watch your video and continue with the case.”

Hayami nodded with a smile, picked up the remote and turned on the video.  As it began to play, Light watched it for a moment then shifted his focus to Hayami to watch his reaction to what was on the screen, then shook his head and chuckled again.  Hayami was just as ballsy as L was, and just as unrepentant and he couldn’t help enjoying that.
Just in case anyone's still interested in seeing info on that musical in Japan, there is an official FaceBook page for it.…

It is in Japanese but there's a translation option there for most of it.  It has pictures of both actors that are doing Light and L and I have to tell you they look brilliant.

Also, apparently in Japan they released a new version of the color...that they 're keeping to themselves.  It's only available on Amazon in Japan and can only be purchased with a Japanese credit card.  I don't know why they're being so mean about sharing it with the West, but they are.  I've seen what it looks like, it 's absolutely beautiful and it's so unfair.  But if any of you have any friends in Japan, perhaps you can persuade them to get it for you!

Good luck!


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BOY LOLLIPOP! (... I had too. XD To tempting)
Mon Mar 4, 2013, 3:10 PM
*casually comments in shoutbox* :heart::la:
Mon Feb 4, 2013, 6:03 AM
You are so awesome!
Tue Dec 18, 2012, 3:02 PM
thanks so much for the fav!!! haha [link]
Thu Nov 8, 2012, 9:13 AM
Tue Apr 3, 2012, 12:49 AM
Disney!!!! :w00t:
Sun Dec 9, 2007, 7:47 PM




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