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These things hold strong places in my heart....and some of the lower spots too....

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Aki had cried himself to sleep in Light’s arms, and Light had also drifted off as he held the boy tightly. L gently moved Light so that he was lying down instead of sitting up, Aki coming with him as he was held fast in his arms. He got up and retrieved a blanket and covered them both before going into his office.

There were two things he had to do; get Aki’s father to somewhere safe before Aki lost him as well, and warn his Aunt that they could possibly be in danger as well. He sighed and drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them; they’d also have to be told about the mother’s death but they would have to get to safety before that. He reached for his intercom.

“Watari, I need to bring the boy’s father to a safe house as soon as possible. I discovered where he was hiding and I find it difficult that the killers haven’t discovered him yet, so there’s something else going on with this. I’m sending you the address so you can have him picked up immediately and it wouldn’t bother me if he has to be taken by force.”

“I’ll let you know when he’s arrived,” Watari answered him, “How’s Aki?”

“Both he and Light are sleeping now, complete emotional exhaustion for both of them I imagine,” he sighed again, “I also need the boy’s aunt alerted to the possibility that she could be in danger and offer to help her in any way possible to keep her safe, let me know when she’s been told.”

“Of course, send me her address and I’ll have someone visit immediately. You don’t think this should be done by the police?”

“It’s possible they’re watching the police, they know someone has the boy, they know by now I’m sure his mother is dead. I don’t want to lead them to his remaining family."

“Understood, L. I’ll let you know when both have been done.” L forwarded the information to Watari’s computer and jumped from his chair and walked back out into the living room and gazed at the pair on the couch. He knelt by Light’s head and gently ran his fingers through his hair not wanting to wake him but needing to touch him. He couldn’t get that moment of seeing Kira when Light looked at him out of his mind, and it terrified him. Light had successfully quieted that side of him for quite a while and he had hoped it was permanent, but now he wasn’t so sure. He stood up and walked back into his office and closed the door quietly. He walked to the bookcase and had it slide open to reveal the safe. He leaned into the retina scan so the safe would open, reached in and picked up the hated notebook.

All he had to do was destroy it and Kira would be gone forever; completely wiped from Light’s memory and everything else that had to do with his finding the notebook. But would that include him and what their relationship was? That nagging fear was the only thing that kept him from setting it on fire right at that moment, there was no way to go back if he did. He could have Light give it up and then if anything went wrong he could give it back to him but what if he wouldn’t want it back? Ryuk would probably appear again and what if he renewed that bargain of being the one to kill Light? He closed his eyes and shook his head violently. No, too many unknown variables, he couldn’t take the chance that any of those things could happen. He threw the book back into the safe and closed it, hiding it again behind the bookcase. It was bad enough that he put the notebook in Light’s hands for a few moments, as he slept, at least once a month to keep his memories intact, it was enough of a risk of getting the Shinigami back involved then, he wouldn’t take the chance of making it worse. He would have to hope that Light would be strong enough to keep Kira at bay, but if he couldn’t…he knew what he’d have to do.
The sound of his door opening and Watari’s voice startled him out of his thoughts. He looked up to see his mentor bringing in a tray with pastries and coffee.

“I was sure you hadn’t eaten since breakfast,” he explained, “And I knew better than to ask you.” L slipped his hands into his pockets and walked back to his chair, climbing into it and bringing his knees to his chest.

“I’m afraid all of this upset is going to bring Kira back,” he said quietly. Watari stopped pouring the coffee for a moment as L’s words came to him.

“Why do you think that?” he asked and L explained what Light had said to him, and then the quick flash of Kira he saw in his eyes earlier. Watari sighed as he brought him his coffee.

“I believe Light is strong enough to keep his head,” he said, “Although his attachment to Aki has surprised me.” L nodded.

“It has surprised me as well, but I imagine the boy has managed to touch a spot within Light that he wasn’t even aware of. His desire for justice for others is very strong, which is why he works at the NPA, why Kira got such a stronghold on him.”

“You talk of Kira as if he were a separate entity,” Watari reminded him.

“Of course I do, he is separate from Light…”

“L you know….” Watari began.

“Yes of course I know!” L shouted and then immediately calmed as he ran a hand through his hair. “If I don’t separate Kira from Light in my mind I’ll go back to being afraid of him subconsciously, I have to see them as apart from each other, I have to.”

“I understand,” Watari said gently, “Then I would suggest you destroy that notebook; wipe out any trace of Kira from his mind.”

L ignored the statement and sipped from his coffee. “Please let me know when the father has arrived.” He said staring at his screen. Watari sighed and walked to the door.

“Of course,” he answered, “L…we have seen proof that giving up that notebook does not destroy emotions. Light will love you even without the notebook.” L said nothing and Watari took his leave.

Light opened his eyes and immediately looked for Aki who was still sleeping on his chest. He didn’t remember falling asleep, but apparently he had. He rubbed his eyes and sat up trying not to disturb the boy. He was able to sit up, and slide him down on the couch without him waking up. He pulled the blanket back up over him and stood up looking around for L. He knew where he’d find him and walked to the office where he found him slipping on his sneakers.

“Where are you going?” he asked rubbing his eyes.

“His father is in one of our safe houses,” he answered, “I’m going to get some answers from him.”

“I’m going with you,” Light answered and L shook his head.

“You should stay here with Aki,” he said, “He’ll still be upset when he wakes, he’ll want you.” Light sighed and shook his head.

“You stay, I’m the detective on the case, I need information from him, I need to talk to him.” L could see there was no talking him out of it so he nodded.

“Alright, but take your laptop with you and I’ll hook up to it. I have a few questions I’d like to ask myself, and I’d like to hear what he has to say. Watari is waiting in front of the building.” Light nodded.

“Fine, I’ll do that,” Light said and turned to leave when L grabbed his arm.

“Light…you need to stay focused. You’re close to this because of Aki, don’t lose yourself.” Light managed a small smile that didn’t go anywhere near his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” he said and looked over at Aki, “Just don’t let him be alone when he wakes up.” L nodded.

“I have some experience in this kind of loss although I have not thought about it in quite some time; I’ll take care of him. Be careful, they may be watching.”

“I doubt it, they have no idea who has Aki, but I’ll be careful,” he leaned over and kissed him before picking up the laptop, “I’ll call you when I’m ready and you can come on line.”

L nodded and watched him leave to meet Watari. He turned towards the couch when he heard a whimper coming from that direction. Aki was thrashing under the blanket and he went to him.

“It’s alright Aki, you’re safe, you’re okay,” he said reaching for him and rubbing his back. The boy’s eyes opened, filled with terror and upset and he sat up quickly.

“Mama….” He called out and L sighed reaching around to hold him.

“I’m sorry Aki,” he said quietly as he pulled him into his lap. The boy leaned against him as huge tears began to fall down his face. He looked around the room and then looked up at L.

“Where’s Light?” he asked, “Where is he?” he asked sliding off of L’s lap and running towards the bedroom.

“He’s not here right now,” L told him, “He had something to do but he’ll be back soon,” he stood up and walked to the kitchen, going through the cabinets and putting together a plate full of sweets that he thought Aki might like. That was always his go to when he was upset, and it always made him feel better. He looked over at where Aki had gone, and he was standing in front of the door as if hoping if he stood there long enough Light would walk through the door. He brought the sweets over to the table and set them down.

“Aki? Come have a snack, staring at the door isn’t going to make Light get here any faster,” he said. Aki sighed and looked at him.

“Light will come home; you promise?” L walked over to him and squatted down so he was eye to eye with him.

“I promise you, Light will come home,” he told him and Aki nodded and wrapped his arms around L’s neck. L put his arms around him and picked him up as he stood up. He brought him into the main room and sat him on the couch. “Here, have something to snack on and I’ll put on a movie for you. I know you’re still upset, but maybe it will take your mind off of it at least for a while.” The boy nodded and reached for a cookie from the plate, as L started a cartoon. “I’m going into my office for a few minutes,” he said, “If you need anything just call me.” The boy nodded slowly, his face turned toward the screen.

L walked into his office and made sure his computer was up and ready to hear from Light, who should be arriving at the safe house any moment now. He just hoped Light would keep himself together once faced with the boy’s father…the one who started it all.

Watari pulled into the small driveway of the small cottage in front of them. Light didn’t know exactly where they were, but he knew they were out in the country somewhere; they had passed farms along the way so he knew they were pretty far from Tokyo. There had been very little traffic, and the only car that had come as far as they had passed them by as they pulled into the driveway towards the garage. As they approached it, Watari beeped the horn and the garage door opened so they could drive in. As soon as they were inside it slid shut behind them, and it was obvious from that side of the door it all metal. The moment the car was parked Light jumped out of the car with the lap top, waiting for Watari to show him where to go.

“How long has L had this?” he asked as they walked toward the door at the end of the garage.

“Several years,” Watari added, “It’s an excellent place for his associates to bring work from, bring suspects, etc.,” he said opening the door and ushering him in. “No one has any idea that it’s anything more than a private home; we have a couple who live here year round so it doesn’t’ seem suspicious.”

They walked into a tastefully furnished home, it looked very well lived in and comfortable. Light found it difficult to believe it was simply a front for a safe house. Once inside, Watari led him down a hallway, past a staircase, and to a closed door. He opened a hidden panel on the wall next to it, entered in a few numbers and presented his right eye for scanning. The door slid open and he and Light walked in; the door closing behind.

Sitting at a table in the middle of the room was a man, sitting awkwardly and nervously rubbing his hands together as two other men sat at opposite ends of the room watching him. Light’s eyes narrowed as he approached him.

“Katagi Fujimoto?” he asked as he neared him. The man’s head shot up and he stood up immediately.

“Yes, I am Katagi Fujimoto.” He answered nervously. Light placed the laptop down on the table and turned it on, connecting with L.

“I’m here L, and so is he.” L’s swirling letting appeared on the screen, his masked voice coming through clearly.

“Good afternoon Mr. Fujimoto, I am L,” he said, “And this is Detective Light Yagami, he is in control of your case, and we have some questions for you.”

“First, please tell me…my son and my wife…are they safe?” Fujimoto asked anxiously sitting down again.

“Your son is quite safe,” L told him, “Your wife…”

“Is dead Mr. Fujimoto, she was killed trying to protect your son from being taken by the animals you tried to swindle.” Light told him bluntly, leaning onto the table and getting as close as he could to the man’s face. “She died this morning in the hospital, because of you, Mr. Fujimoto, your greed and your stupidity.” Light watched as the man in front of him began to crumble; his hands coming to his face as he moaned his wife’s name.

“She’s dead?” the man cried, “What am I going to do now?”

Whatever compassion Light would have felt normally burned as he remembered Aki’s cries and he reached forward and grabbed the man’s shirt. Watari moved to him, seeing a look he recognized all too well.

“Light…” he said gently as he touched his arm. Light looked at him for a moment then released the man’s shirt.

“What you’re going to do right now is give me everything you know about these people, every name, every bit of information that will help me find your wife’s murderers…”

“I can’t…I can’t…my son…” Light pushed him away in disgust and moved from the table.

“Mr. Fujimoto, while I sympathize with your loss,” L’s voice droned from the computer, “I can assure you that your son is safe from them. You have a decision to make, you will give us the information voluntarily, or we will leave you tied up in the middle of the street and await their pleasure. Your choice.”

The man shook his head. “I thought if I disappeared, they’d be safe, I…I didn’t want them to be hurt…” he cried.

“Then you’re more stupid than you look,” Light told him, “You didn’t imagine they would come after your family for leverage against you?”

“I didn’t think…” he started.

“No, you did not think at all Mr. Fujimoto, or you would never have become involved with them in the first place, and definitely not try to use their money. Now I grow impatient with you, the information, Mr. Fujimoto…now.” L demanded, barely controlling his own anger, then quickly closed the laptop as Aki walked into his office.

“Aki I asked you to call me if you needed anything,” he said a bit harsher than he meant to and regretted it when the boy seemed to shrink away from him.

“I’m sorry, but Ryuzaki…can I have a drink?” he asked and L nodded.

“No, I’m sorry,” L answered, “and of course…in the refrigerator…anything you’d like,” he answered quickly trying to hide his anger at the boy’s father.

“Okay,” Aki said with a nod and turned and walked back out of the office. L took a deep breath and opened the lap top again. He could see the man was writing something in what he recognized as Light’s notebook he used for work.

“That’s all I know,” he said sliding the notebook to Light, “When can I see Aki?” Light stared at him, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

“You don’t deserve to see him,” he spat.

“Although I agree with you, it might be good for the boy to see him, so that he knows he still has him at least,” L suggested, “But before that happens Mr. Fujimoto, you need to give Light all the information.” The man stared at the computer.

“I gave him all the names I know…there’s nothing else…”

“Yes, there is. Where I found you was easily accessible to these people if they really wanted you. I want to know why they didn’t apprehend you there.”

The man’s head shot up and he shook it again. “I…I don’t know…maybe they didn’t look as hard as you did…” he suggested and Light turned to the computer.

“What are you suggesting L?” he asked and he heard the detective sigh.

“That he has some kind of bargain with them, something that kept them from dragging him out of that hotel I found him in. He either promised them something or has some kind of leverage over them. I’m inclined to believe he has promised them something, offered them something of equal value. If he had something over them they could have just as easily killed him to shut him up. Light…give me the names he has given you.” Light pulled out the notebook and read the names to L.

“What could he have that he could possibly offer them for his life?” he asked, “They usually like to kill his type and leave his body somewhere to make a statement to anyone else who might want to try to screw them over.”

L was quiet as he searched the names he was given; searching through his many lists to see if they were there. What he found nearly made him sick and he struggled to keep himself in control. He knew once he told Light, he wasn’t sure exactly what he would do to the man.

“I know what you promised them,” he said through clenched teeth, “Light’s right, you don’t deserve to see your son ever again.” Light stared at the computer in confusion and then turned to Fujimoto.

“What is it L? what did he offer them?” The man suddenly went white once he realized that he’d been found out. He tried to stand up and run for the door, forgetting Watari and the other guards were still there.

“I didn’t mean it, I wasn’t really going to do it!” he cried struggling, “I told my wife to get Aki out of town, to hide…even leave the country! It wouldn’t have happened!” Light stared at him and then back to the computer.

“L…what…” he demanded.

“One of their side lines is human trafficking Light,” L answered, “Children in particular.” Light turned to face the man still struggling with his captors.

“You were going to give them Aki?” he whispered, his stomach turning at the thought. He would have been turned into someone’s slave in one of the countries like Thailand and Venezuela that still profit from that. The idea of Aki being sold into that nearly blinded him with rage, Kira raging in the back of his mind. “Your own son? To save your own skin?” Suddenly he grabbed the man from those who were holding him and threw him across the room. “How could you even think about doing that?” he seethed running to where the man fell, “That could you?”

“I wasn’t going to do it,” he sobbed, “I love my son, but I needed time to think of what to do, they were going to kill me right there. I told her to take him and leave…it wouldn’t have happened…” he kept repeating as he pulled himself up from the floor. Light reached for his gun then grabbed Fujimoto by his throat, slamming him up against the wall, then placing the gun against his head.

“Light! NO!” Watari shouted moving quickly to him and pulling him away from Fujimoto, as the security guards grabbed the terrified man and shoved him back into the chair.

“He needs to die…” Light seethed as Watari made him lower his gun.

“I understand Light, but you can’t do this…you’re a police officer…” he reminded him.

“I can imagine what you wish to do, ” L’s voice came from the computer, “And although it is understandable, you’ll get into trouble Light, he’s not worth it.” Light nodded, breathing heavily and trying to calm down as L’s voice reached him. He put his gun away and turned back to Fujimoto.

“You do need to die,” he told the cowering man, “I can’t do that, but I will make sure you never see that boy again.”

L’s computer beeped letting him know someone was trying to reach him. He was planning to ignore it, but saw it was Light’s father.

“This is L,” he answered.

“L…they know Light took the boy,” Yagami said. “I just heard from the hospital, apparently someone there gave them the information from the hospital and they’ve been looking for him outside your building. Is he there?” L fought the panic that was building up inside and answered.

“He’s with the boy’s father, I located him…they’re at a safe house…but if he was followed…I’ll give you the address…you need to get to him immediately!” He gave Yagami the information and disconnected.

“Light.” He began and saw that he was on the phone, “Light, you need to get out of there immediately!” he yelled into the computer.

“Matsuda I’m really busy right now.” He was saying into the phone, “I’ll call you when…”

“Light they know you have the boy and they know where you are, you better get out of there right away! We’re coming to get you but you have to find somewhere safe to hide until we get there!” Matsuda interrupted him. Light turned to Watari.

“Apparently we’ve been found out,” he said, “If I had my way I’d just leave him here but we can’t do that. Take him and get him to headquarters.” He said reaching for his gun again. Watari gave Fujimoto to the security guards and instructed they take him.

“They’ll get him there; you need to come with me.” Light shook his head.

“No, they’ll be looking for your car, you need to leave now and get somewhere safe, I’ll keep them busy here until the police arrive.” Watari hesitated for a moment but then nodded…he had to get to L.

“All the windows in the house have bulletproof glass but I don’t know how long they’ll hold up under a barrage of bullets. There are surveillance cameras everywhere,” he went to the laptop, “You can watch their approach from here.” He said connecting the lap top to their feed before going to the door. “Please be careful, Light. I’ll get back to L and Aki.” Light nodded and then looked down at the laptop when he heard his name.

“Light, what are you doing, why aren’t you leaving?” he heard L ask him.

“Don’t worry, you know this place is well protected. I need to keep them busy until Watari and his guards can get away. They’ll be looking for Watari’s car and once they realize it’s gone; I have to slow them down. I’m watching the feed from the cameras, they haven’t arrived here yet. Matsuda’s on his way….”

“No…no you need to get out before they arrive!!” L practically yelled, “You can’t hold them off alone, you have no idea how many are coming!”

“And I can’t put Watari in any more danger than he already is,” Light said, “It’ll be fine, Matsuda should be here soon, I won’t be alone.” He watched out of a window as Watari’s car went in one direction while the guards went in another. “Alright, they’re out of here. I’ve got to get ready L; I’ll talk to you later.” He disconnected from L and stayed on the surveillance feed. He picked up the laptop and ran out of the room to move to the front of the house.

“Light!!! Light!!!” L yelled at the computer and then swore when the connection was broken.

“Is Light okay??” Aki asked running into the room, “Is he coming soon?” L tried to smile.

“Yes, he’s going to be here soon, but I have to go and help him,” he said standing up and going to the boy, “Aki…you’re safe here, and Watari will be here in a few minutes to stay with you, but it’s important I get to Light quickly and help him get home. You’ll be okay by yourself for about fifteen minutes won’t you?”

Aki nodded. “Sure, Mama used to let me be alone when she had to run to the store for something. I’ll be fine, Ryuzaki.” L nodded and patted the boy on his head.

“Yes you will be, and I’ll be back with Light,” he said, “Now you go back and finish watching your movie while I get ready.” Aki nodded and went back into the living room. L opened his drawer and pulled out his gun and extra ammunition. He then ran out of the apartment to the elevator, opening the secret panel and pushing the code that would send the elevator to the roof and the helicopter pad. He could get to Light’s location in about five minutes this way, he hoped it was fast enough.

Light could see several cars coming towards the house. One continued along the straight path while two broke off and came across the property to get behind the house faster. He recognized the one in front as the one that had passed them earlier and cursed himself for not paying better attention. He made sure his gun was ready and stood by the window.

L was able to take off quickly and turned in the direction of the safe house. He grabbed his phone with one hand and connected to Watari.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Delivering the package to the police department and on my way to you,” Watari answered.

“Get there as quickly as possible, I left Aki alone I’m going to Light.”

“Are you in the helicopter?” Watari asked recognizing the sound behind L’s voice.

“Yes, but just get to Aki. I know he’s safe but I don’t want him alone for any longer than necessary. Just be careful because they’re watching the building I understand and they know your car.”

“Understood. Be careful, L.” L disconnected the call then called Matsuda.

“This is L, how quickly before you arrive? Light is alone and can’t keep them off for long. I’m on my way and should be there in about five minutes.”

“You’re on your way? How are you getting there so quickly? It’s going to take us at least another 10-15…”

“By helicopter. If I can manage it I’m going to fly Light out of there and leave the rest for you to clean up."

“Helicopter? L…”

“Just get there,” L said and disconnected. He could see the farms that surrounded the safe house, and the cars around the house itself. He looked for a place to land.

“Detective Light Yagami?” A voice called to Light from outside. “We know you’re in there with Fujimoto and we know you have the kid. We don’t care about Fujimoto, but the kid is worth more money than his father owes. We want him…and either you give him to us or we take him from you.” Light stayed quiet as he tried to see out of the window to see just how many he was dealing with. He could see four in front and imagined there were probably about eight more coming in from the back. At least they hadn’t seen Watari and the security guards leaving, they thought Fujimoto was still with him. He suddenly wished he hadn’t left the secret room; it was probably more difficult to get to than the house itself. He decided to move upstairs where he could at least look down on what they were doing.

Once he was upstairs he could look out and see the house being surrounded on all sides. He slid to the floor under the window and tried to think of a plan that might keep him alive long enough for the police to get there. When his phone vibrated he almost ignored it but decided to answer in case it was Matsuda letting him know they were close.


“No Light it’s me…where are you in the house?”


“Just tell me where you are so I know where to land!”

“Land? What the hell…” then he heard the sound of a loud motor behind L’s voice. “Are you in the helicopter?”

“Light answer the question…”

“I’m upstairs…”

“I need you to go to the front door, there are fewer men at the front than in the back. Hopefully I’ll distract them enough for you to get out of the door and run to the copter. Do you understand?”

“I’ll be there…” he said and put the phone back in his pocket as he ran for the stairs.

He could hear the copter’s approach and when he got to the main floor he ran to the window and saw the men scattering in all directions to get out of the way. L landed as close to the door as he could, knowing they would probably start shooting.

Light opened the door slowly as he heard them begin firing at the helicopter and knew he had to move quickly before they managed to shoot L. What he didn’t expect was for them to start aiming at the motor. He watched in horror as the engine and gas tank began to spark and catch fire. He saw L look behind him and realized what was happening and begin to unstrap himself. Light threw the door open and began firing at them to try to give L cover long enough for him to get out of the helicopter. L dove out of the door of the helicopter, and rolled on the ground as he reached for his own gun. Light had shot three of them as their attention had been on the helicopter, and the ones from the back of the building had begun to come around to see what was happening. L began firing from where he was on the ground, hitting two more just as the helicopter caught fire and exploded, the force knocking everyone back and to the ground.

Light threw the door wide open and ran to where L was lying and trying to get up. He grabbed him and drug him back to the house as the others tried to get back up, several of them with their clothing on fire. Once inside Light slammed the door shut then realized burning debris on L’s shirt had caught the shirt on fire. He reached down and quickly pulled it off, throwing it to the ground and stomping out the flames.

L pulled himself up, trying to catch his breath. “I didn’t expect they’d blow up my helicopter,” he said then chuckled, “Not much of a rescue is it?
Vendetta 3

They didn’t get out of the car until they were in the underground garage, jumping into the elevator immediately and up to their private floor.

“This is where you live?” Aki asked looking around the huge apartment when he was ushered in.

“Yes, this is our home,” L answered, “Do you like it?” he asked. The five year old nodded and began to walk around.

“It’s really big,” he said, “My house isn’t this big!” Light laughed and led him over to main room and sat him on the couch, turning on the television.

“Let’s find something you would like to watch,” he said flipping stations until he found some cartoons, “Now you watch while Ryuzaki and I get you something to eat. The boy nodded and Light ruffled his hair before leaving him to the cartoons. L and Watari were still standing by the door as he walked over.

“You all need to eat something, I fear this is going to be a busy night,” Watari said, “L…I’ll transfer everything I have acquired about the case to your computer,” he said and L nodded.

“Thank you,” he answered as Watari turned to leave, “I’ll start tracking everything, if there is family out there we should warn them as well.” Light grabbed his arm as he moved towards his office, making him turn to him in question.

“L…I…killed,” Light told him quietly, “It’s been on my mind since it happened…that I had killed. In all this time I’ve been on the force I’ve fired my gun but I haven’t killed.” L nodded and turned back to him.

“Yes, you did but you had no choice,” L told him, “It was in the line of duty and in defense of all of us. I would have done the same had I not had the child in my arms.” Light nodded and looked up at him sadly.

“But I haven’t killed since…” he began and L stopped him.

“This is completely different, you must realize this.” He reached up and caressed Light’s face. “Although I don’t wish to see you in distress, I am gratified that you feel so deeply about taking a life. But you should brace yourself, this may not be the last time in this case.” Light nodded and squeezed L’s hand.

“I love you,” Light said with a sigh and leaned forward to kiss him, for a moment forgetting about the boy in the next room, but was quickly reminded when they heard a gagging noise.

“Eww you do the same thing mama and papa do!” he complained, “Mama said it was because they loved each other,” he peered at them questioningly, “Does that mean you love each other too?” he asked. Light and L looked at each other and then nodded.

“Yes, we do, is that okay?” Light asked and the boy shrugged.

“I just won’t look when you do the yucky stuff,” he answered, “Like I do with mama and papa. See, I do this!” He put both hands up over his eyes making gagging noises. Light laughed and shook his head.

“Well keep hiding your eyes we’re about to do it again,” he said and then leaned into L to do just that. He rested his forehead against L’s and sighed.

“I need to shower and get out of these bloody clothes,” he said, “I’ll be right back.” L nodded and watched him head towards their bedroom.

L went into his office and grabbed his laptop. He came back and sat next to the boy on the couch, who was staring up at the TV with large eyes.

“This is a really big TV,” he said, “Is everything in your house big?” L smiled.

“Not everything, just the important things,” he said and turned to his computer.

“Ryuzaki, can I have a drink?” Aki asked just as he began to type.

“Of course,” he answered and went to the fridge, getting him a bottle of water. He placed it on the table in front of the couch. “Here you are, try not to spill.” He said and began to type, looking for the file Watari said he would send.

“I’m hungry,” he heard from beside him, “Can I have ice cream now?” L stopped again.

“Watari is making us all dinner, it should be ready soon,” he answered and before he could raise his fingers…

“But I’m hungry now.” L closed his eyes for a moment and then turned to the boy.

“Just be patient, I’m sure it will be done soon,” he told him.

“Mama always gives me a snack while she’s making dinner,” Aki said with a pout. He stared at the TV and then slowly turned to look at L. “When do you think Mama’s going to wake up? Maybe tomorrow and we can go home?” L sighed and smiled at him.

“That’s possible,” he answered and was surprised when the boy suddenly fell against him, his tiny arms going around him as far as they could go, burying his face against L as he burst into tears. L reached down and gently pulled him up into his lap, holding him tightly against his chest as the boy cried against him. He began to gently caress Aki’s back, making small circles with his hand. He remembered doing this with Mello after one of his fierce upsets as a child, and this was the only thing that calmed him.

Light walked out of the bedroom and stopped when he saw the scene before him. It was something he never imagined he’d see, and yet it looked so natural. He smiled and then walked over, sitting down next to them, reaching out and caressing the boy’s hair.

“It’s okay Aki,” he said reaching for him once he had calmed down, “Why don’t you let me take you, Ryuzaki has some work to do right now.” The boy nodded and pulled his arms from around L’s neck and reached for Light. L helped him into Light’s lap almost reluctantly, something that wasn’t lost on Light and he smiled at him.

“You never cease to surprise me,” he said as held the boy, “There’s always a new side to you that I haven’t seen.” L rolled his eyes as he reached for his laptop.

“I fail to understand why you’re surprised, I lived in an orphanage surrounded by children his age,” he remarked, “And haven’t I always told you there is more to me than you know?” Light chuckled and then looked down as Aki pulled away.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” the boy said rubbing his eyes and wiping his runny nose with his hand. Light grimaced and immediately grabbed his hand and held it away from him.

“Alright, come with me,” he said standing up with him still in his arms, and headed down the hall to the second bathroom by the boy’s rooms. He opened the door and put him down. “Do you need help?” he asked and the boy turned on him, true indignation on his face.

“I can do it myself!” he announced and shut the door behind him.

“That’s good,” Light called through the door, “And don’t forget to wash your face and hands and blow your nose!” The door opened and Aki’s head peaked out.

“Okay!” he answered and shut it again. Light laughed and walked back over to L.

“How are you feeling after your shower?” L asked him and Light shrugged.

“I’m okay I guess,” he said and reached for him, “Just don’t go too far away.” L smiled and kissed him.

“I have no intentions of going anywhere,” he said then turned back to his computer, “I would like to ask Aki if he has any grandparents or aunts and uncles but I don’t want to upset him again right now.”

“You haven’t found anything?” Light asked looking at the screen.

“Not yet, but I’ve just started digging. I’m sure I’ll find something,” he stopped and looked towards the bathroom door. “Do you think he’s been in there too long?” Light stood up and went to the bathroom and knocked.

“Aki? Are you okay?” he asked and opened the door when he didn’t get an answer. He found the boy standing on his toes trying to reach the sink.

“Your sink is too high,” he complained, “I can’t wash my hands.” Light chuckled and walked over to him, picked him up over the sink and turned on the water.

“Here you go,” he said and watched as the boy diligently washed his hands and face. When he was done he put him down and handed him a large, fluffy towel against which the boy buried his face into giggling. When he was done he dropped the towel and ran back into the living room, jumping on the couch next to L. Light frowned at the dropped towel, immediately picking it up and hanging it back on the rack before going out.

“Aki, you can’t just drop the towel on the floor,” he said following him into the living room, “Remember to hang it back up next time.” L shook his head and leaned over to the boy.

“Yes, by all means don’t leave things lying on the floor,” he said rolling his eyes and making the boy laugh.

“You be quiet, you still haven’t learned how to pick up behind yourself,” Light accused and before L could answer Watari came in with dinner and began to place it on the table. Light took Aki’s hand and led him to the table to sit down.

“Now I thought you’d like something filling but not too heavy,” Watari told the boy, “So, here is some Miso soup which is Light’s favorite,” he said placing a steaming bowl in front of the boy, “And then here is some grilled mackerel, brown rice and cucumber salad.” Aki stared at all the food, then put his small hands together and closed his eyes.

“Thank you for the food,” he said quickly then looked at Light and L, who looked at each other and then reluctantly put their hands together and repeated the thanks. He then smiled and began to eat happily.

“Well, it seems someone is going to teach you manners,” Watari said with a grin as he poured Aki a cup of milk.

“Thank you Watari,” L said reaching for his own meal and ignoring his remark, “How is the soup, Aki?” The boy barely stopped long enough to nod that it was good before putting more in his mouth.

“He wasn’t exaggerating when he said was hungry,” L told Light.

“Obviously not,” Light chuckled and picked up his spoon for the soup, dipped it in then put it back. He then pushed the bowl away from him with a frown.

“What’s the matter?” L asked leaning close to him so Aki couldn’t hear him. Light shook his head and then smiled at him.

“Nothing really, I simply don’t have an appetite right now. You keep eating, I’m alright.” L’s head cocked to one side as he gazed at Light

“That’s not like you,” he said and stopped when Light’s return expression very clearly said “Leave it alone”. He nodded at him then added, “But we’ll discuss it later.” Light looked away and then turned to the boy as he heard him call his name.

“Light…If I eat all my food can I have ice cream then?”

“Of course you can, and then a bath and bedtime,” he answered and Aki smiled, nodding his head happily.

After dinner and ice cream, Light led the boy back into the bathroom while L cleared up the table and went back to work finding any relations Aki might have. He jumped up when he found someone, getting up and moving quickly to the bathroom.

“Light I found…” he stopped when he saw Light making bubbles with the soap and blowing them at Aki and making him laugh. The child’s laugh was so much better to hear than the crying he had done before. He began to walk towards them when he stopped and sniffed the air.

“Do I smell strawberries?” he asked. “Have you been using my wash?”

“Sorry,” Light said sheepishly and then shrugged, “When he saw it he wanted to smell like strawberries, it’s one of his favorites.”

“I see,” L answered, “At least he has good taste. When you have finished, I have found something.” He told him before walking out.

A few moments later, Light walked past him towards the bedroom, then a few moments later walked past him back to the bedroom moving a little faster.

“Is something amiss, Light?” he asked in confusion.

“Had to grab him something to wear!” he explained disappearing again into the bathroom. L put a thumb to his mouth in thought, but then went back to the job at hand; finding all the information possible on this newfound family member, especially how to contact them.

“Ryuzaki how do I look?” he heard and lifted his face to see respond to the request and then stopped before he could.

“Light gave me one of your shirts and it’s way long so he said I can sleep in it!” Aki explained happily.

L’s eyes gazed at the diminutive child completely covered in one of his white shirts, then scrolled up to rest on Light’s face .

“Well…I don’t really have any shirts suitable…I mean soft enough for a little boy’s skin…you know, and I didn’t think you’d mind.” Light explained, L’s face remaining impassive as he gazed at Light and then looked to the boy.

“I think you look fine,” he told him, “And now Light and I have several things to discuss, it would probably be a good time for you to go to bed,” he added and then smiled, “You’ve had a long day, you’ll need your rest.” The boy nodded and then suddenly ran to L, hugging him tightly.

“Night, night,” he said and then went back to Light who smiled at L and then stopped when L did nothing but gaze at him. He cleared his throat and then steered the boy into what had been Near’s bedroom. He turned the light on and watched Aki’s eyes widen as he gazed around the room.

“There’s toys in here!” he exclaimed running towards the shelves, “Can I play?” he asked and Light nodded.

“Pick a couple and take them to bed with you,” he said and watched as Aki picked out what he wanted. He pulled the covers back and helped him get into the bed and settle into it.

“Thank you,” the boy said as he slid in, “I can’t wait to tell Mama about this when she wakes up,” he said laying down on the pillow, his small body nearly disappearing in the large bed. Light sighed and tried to smile at the boy’s words.

“You’ve been a very brave young man,” he told the boy, “Your mother will be very proud of you.” He stood up as the boy smiled proudly. “Do you want me to leave the light’s on?” he asked as he walked to the door.

“Okay,” Aki answered playing with the toys. Light nodded and watched him for a few moments. “Good night Aki,” he said, “We’re right outside if you need anything.” The boy nodded, his attention completely on the toys. Light then quietly walked out and closed the door behind him.

L was waiting for him right outside of the door and held out a glass of wine to him.

“I think we both could do with one of these right now,” he said with a smile, “And you’ll be glad to know that I’m going to let it slide that you took one of my shirts without asking.” Light took the glass and leaned forward to kiss him.

“Thank you,” he answered and took a sip as they walked back to the living room. “It really was the softest item for him and he looks almost as cute in it as you do.”

“Don’t push it, Detective,” L told him walking back to the couch and Light laughed.

“Alright, I’m done. So you said you found something?” he asked as they sat down.

“Yes, an aunt,” L said picking up his laptop. “It took a bit of digging, apparently she has stayed away from the family for quite a while, broken all ties.”

“I wonder why,” Light said taking another sip, “a big family fight?”

“I have no idea yet, but she hasn’t been in contact with Aki and his family since he was two. I’ve found emails between Aki’s mother and her sister, and I’m beginning to think it has something to do with her husband and his…extra business activities. I’ll assign one of my contacts to follow her trail from her last known address and get back to me immediately.” He turned away from the computer and studied Light.

“You didn’t eat dinner, I hope you realize that I wasn’t going to let that go.” He told him.

“I hoped you would,” Light admitted as his fingers played with his glass, “I simply don’t have an appetite right now, but I’m fine.” L finished his wine and stood up.

“While I reach and instruct my contact, you should get ready for bed. I know what’s eating away at you, and it’s best if you put your mind at ease by getting some rest.” Light nodded and finished his wine.

“I’ll check on Aki first,” he said and stood up and began to walk towards the bedroom. L moved behind him, wrapping his arms around him and kissing the back of his neck.
“You had no choice Light,” he told him, “Had you not killed him, he surely would have killed both of us andd taken the boy. “

“I know,” Light answered pulling away and turning to face him. “I know what you think my problem is, but my problem isn’t that I feel guilty or badly about killing him. That isn’t really why I’m having so much difficulty with this.” He looked down at his hands, flexing his fingers and L could tell he was fighting internally as to whether he should say what was really bothering him, or if he even knew how.

“Light, you know you can tell me anything, it’s alright and we can deal with it together.” He told him, hoping it would ease him into telling him what was really wrong. Light looked up from his hands, but didn’t look directly at L.

“He was exactly the type I used to kill before, the type that deserved it,” he turned and looked at L, a familiar gleam in his eyes that unsettled L. “My problem is that I felt that rush I used to feel when I wrote the names. That high, that rush of power and it felt…good.”

“That isn’t completely surprising,” L answered, hiding the concern he was feeling. He reached up and caressed Light’s face before running his fingers through his hair. “Whatever the reason you are feeling the way you are, I believe rest is needed to combat it. Check on the boy and then go to bed, I’ll be there shortly.” He leaned forward and kissed him softly, then pulled away and headed towards his office.

Light watched him go then quietly opened the door to the bedroom. Aki had fallen asleep, the toys clutched tightly in his hands, and had managed to kick off all of his blankets. Light walked over and pulled them back over him, tucking him in. He reached down, moved hair from his face and sighed.

“I’ll make sure they all pay for what they’ve done,” he whispered, then turned and left the room, stopping one last time to look at him before closing the door.

L pulled his knees up against his chest, his thumb to his lips as he went over what Light had said to him. The Kira part of him had been all but dead for such a long time that he thought it would never come back. It never occurred to him that the possibility of his killing someone in the line of duty would bring those feelings back and now that it had, how deep would they go? He’d have to keep a close watch on him and have a plan in mind if he saw Light slide back further. But for now he had to get his contact moving on finding that aunt and getting back to Light.

When he finally had everything set up he unfolded from the chair and stood up stretching. He walked from his office to the bedroom and stopped at the door. It seemed Light was sleeping peacefully and for that he was grateful. He undressed and slid into bed next to him, getting into his favorite position with his head on Light’s chest. He closed his eyes and hoped that listening to Light’s breathing would help him sleep like it usually did, but the worry in his mind wouldn’t let it happen. He lay in the dark, his arm tightly around Light, formulating a plan of action in case he needed one.
Vendetta 4

L didn’t even realize he’d fallen asleep until the scream startled him awake.  His eyes flew open and he sat up, staring into the darkness of the room trying to understand what had just woke him up.  He reached for the lamp as a second scream happened and Light was up as well and heading for the door in one motion.

“Aki!” he shouted and was out of the room, L following right behind him.  He knew it was impossible that anyone could have gotten into the apartment, but at the same time he couldn’t imagine what else was wrong.

Light threw the door open to Aki’s room and turned on the light to find Aki sitting up and screaming in the bed, his small face a mask of pure terror.  He ran to him and gathered the screaming, trembling child in his arms as L scoured the room to make sure no one was there.

“You’re alright Aki, you’re safe, it’s okay,” Light said softly as he held him tightly.

“Mama!! Mama! He hurt Mama!” Aki cried clinging to Light, “Mama!” Light pulled him away from his chest to look at his face.

“I know Aki, but she’s being taken care of, she’s in the hospital.” He soothed him as he held him, “It’s okay.”  The boy nodded slowly and buried his face in Light’s chest again.  L could see how badly the boy was trembling and crying in Light’s arms and made a decision.

“I think it would be best if we brought him back to bed with us,” he suggested, “He shouldn’t be left alone again.”  Light nodded.

“Good idea,” he said rubbing the boy’s back as he began to calm down, “Aki, we’re going to bring you to our room, okay?”  The boy nodded against his neck, as he tried to stop crying.  “Alright, let’s go into the bathroom and wash your face first.” Light told him and moved to do that, “It will make you feel better.”  L watched Light as he walked past him holding Aki against his chest, the look on his face troubling. He expected to see concern, even upset but what he saw was pure fury.

“Light,” he said gently touching Light’s shoulder to make him stop for a moment, “You need to calm down yourself to be able to help the boy properly.” He could tell Light was about to snap at him but caught himself and took a deep breath.

“I’m fine,” he answered, “Could you get him something to drink to help him calm down?” L nodded.

“Of course, hot chocolate always calmed me when I was his age,” he answered and Light gave him a small smile and headed into the bathroom with Aki.  L went to the kitchen and prepared the hot chocolate, warming the milk in the microwave and adding chocolate syrup to his personal specifications.  He sipped at it to make sure it wasn’t too hot, then carried the mug into the bedroom where Light was sitting with Aki next to him in the bed.
“Ah you look better,” L said as he sat down on the other side of him, “Here, take this and drink carefully, it is warm.”  Aki looked at him, then looked in the mug.

“Is it chocolate?” he asked and L nodded.

“It’s hot chocolate, it should make you feel better and help you sleep.”  Light looked at the mug when Aki took it and looked at L.

“Not with all that chocolate it won’t help him sleep, honestly L.” he said and L grinned.

“The warmth will soothe him, the chocolate only ensures he drinks it all,” he watched as Aki took the first sip, chocolate all around his upper lip when he pulled away from the mug.

“It’s really good,” he said quickly putting it back up to his lips.  L looked smugly at Light and then slid out of bed.

“As a matter of fact, I think I’ll have one myself,” he said and headed for the kitchen.  Light shook his head and wrapped one arm around Aki as he drank.

“Feeling better?” he asked and the boy nodded, not wanting to take his mouth from the mug, “When you finish you’ll sleep in here with us okay?”  Aki nodded again and worked on finishing his chocolate.

By the time L came back with his own, Aki had finished his and Light was wiping his mouth and hands.  When he was cleaned up to Light’s satisfaction, he slid under the blankets, his small body dwarfed in the large bed under all the blankets.  Light stroked his hair and smiled at him.

“Now you can go back to sleep, you’re safe here with us, okay?”

“Okay,” he answered and yawned, “Good night,” he looked at L, “Thank you for the chocolate.”  L nodded and smiled at him.

“Wait till you see what we’re having for breakfast,” he teased and Light rolled his eyes.

“Good night, Aki,” he said pulling the blankets up to his neck and tucking him in tightly.

He then got up and slid in next to L so that he had Aki on one side and L on the other.  He watched as L finished his own chocolate then leaned over and licked the chocolate from his lips before kissing him softly.

“Well, I’m glad to see you’ve calmed down now,” L whispered after kissing him back.  Light sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry but when I think about what he’s going through and what he’s probably going to have to go through…” L reached up and caressed his face as Light watched Aki fall asleep.

“I know, but you can’t lose yourself in this.  You have to control your anger or you’re not going to be able to the boy any good.”  Light frowned.

“Why do you keep calling him “the boy”? He has a name.” L sighed and eyed the now sleeping child.

“I am aware he has a name…”

“You’re keeping him at arm’s length by not using his name,” Light accused him, “If you continue to call him “the boy” you stay impartial, he’s simply another case.”

“Perhaps that’s partially true Light, but I’m trying to maintain a professional distance so that I can do what’s best in his case without letting emotion sway the facts.  It isn’t that I don’t care about what happens to the…to Aki, but I know this situation is going to get worse before we are able to settle it.”  Light stared at him for a moment and then reached up to turn out the light and lay back in the bed.

“I saw how distant you were when you were holding him and rubbing his back,” he remarked, “And it was your idea to bring him in here.” L sighed before placing his empty cup on the night table and lying down next to him.

“I never said I don’t feel for him,” he explained, “But I feel I have to keep some distance,” he rolled over and placed his head on Light’s chest.  “We have no idea where this case is going to go, we need to keep our heads level on all sides.”

“I know where this case is going to go, I’m going to find those responsible and kill them,” Light said and L sat up and stared at him in the darkened room.

“We’re going to find them and bring them to justice Light,” he told him, “You are not Kira, and killing is not the only option.”  He continued to stare at him until Light finally nodded and sighed, reaching up and pulling L down for a kiss.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” he said when he released him, “I’m reacting to my anger and the rush I felt earlier.  That’s not really the way I think any more.”  L smiled and lay back down on Light’s chest, his fingers running circles along it.

“No, it isn’t and I will be right here to remind you of that fact,” he said nuzzling against his neck.  “I love you, Light.”  Light put both of his arms around him and kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too,” he said, “And I’m sorry, I don’t mean to lose myself, it’s just that it’s so wrong…” L kissed his chest.

“I understand, it is wrong.  We will find them Light, and we will bring them down…the right way.”  Light nodded and closed his eyes, he was suddenly extremely exhausted and all he wanted to do was sleep.

L stayed awake, listening to Light’s breathing until he could tell he’d finally fallen asleep.   He slid out of bed carefully and made his way to the bedroom door.  As he walked around the bed he stopped and looked down at the sleeping child.  He had turned to his side and was facing Light, his tiny hands clutched into fists.  He reached down and gently relaxed the boy’s hands, his fingers gently massaging the muscles until the fists relaxed into opening.   None of what was happening was Aki’s fault, and yet L felt a tinge of resentment for the chaos his situation had brought into his life and the effect it was having on Light.  He sighed as he remembered being Aki’s age and having his life as he knew it destroyed.  The difference being he had been alone when it happened, no family, no friendly stranger would appear for him until after he’d suffered for three years.  He ran his fingers softly through the boy’s hair before turning and leaving the room, quietly opening and closing the door behind him.  He walked into his office and sat down at his desk.  He would find the boy’s father.

“Light!! Light!! Wake up Light I have to go to the bathroom!!!”  Light groaned as he felt his eyes being pried open against his wishes.

“What…what’s the matter?” he managed as he rubbed his eyes.

“I have to go!!” Aki repeated, “I can’t open the door!”  Light’s eyes finally opened and he was peering into Aki’s wide eyes as they stared into his.

“Okay, okay I’m up,” he said sitting up and stretching.  Aki climbed off of the bed and ran for the door, standing on his toes and barely reaching the doorknob.  Light chuckled and shook his head.  

“There’s a bathroom in here,” he said taking the boys hand and pulling him around, “It’s right over there.” Aki stared open mouthed at where Light was leading him.

“You have TWO bathrooms?” he said and Light nodded as he opened the door.

“Yes we do,” he said, “Go ahead, I’ll wait for you since you can do it yourself,” he told him remembering what he had been told the night before.  Aki nodded and ran in, Light closing the door behind him.  As Light waited he realized L wasn’t in bed.   He went to the bedroom door and was pleasantly surprised by the aroma of coffee and breakfast.  L was standing over the stove, a spatula in one hand as he flipped a pancake.  Light walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

“Now this is a rare sight,” he said peering into the griddle, “You cooking.”  L turned and smiled at him.

“I called Watari and told him that I had made a promise about breakfast and he didn’t have to bother this morning,” he said, “Nothing’s better than chocolate chip pancakes.”

“Good morning Ryuzaki!!” Aki greeted running across the room and running into L. “That smells really good!” he added hugging L’s leg.  L looked down and smiled at him.

“Well, I made a promise to you.” He said and Aki nodded against him.

“Come on you, let’s make sure your cleaned up for breakfast,” Light said picking him up.

“Cover your eyes,” he said before leaning forward and kissing L softly.

“Ewww, yucky!” Aki laughed and covered his eyes with his hands.

“I warned you,” Light said, “Watch out I’m doing it again!” he said leaning forward and L pulled back.

“Light I’m trying to cook, I’ll burn my pancakes!”  Aki laughed behind his hands.

“You’re funny!” he said and L agreed.

“Now go wash up so I can finish this properly!” he scolded and Light pouted.

“Fine, but you owe me one.” He said and carried Aki into the bathroom.

By the time they’d finished, L had food on the table and was pouring coffee for Light, having already poured milk for Aki.

“I have to say I’m quite impressed,” Light said setting Aki in the chair before sitting down himself, “I can count the number of times you’ve cooked by yourself on my left hand.”  L nodded as he sat down himself.

“Simply because I don’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t. Why should I when either Watari or you do it, except for the times we cook dinner together,” he answered and sipped his coffee.

“Aki what would you like on your pancakes?  We have powdered sugar, butter, syrup and whipped cream.”

“Everything!!” the boy answered and Light laughed then shook his head.

“He sounds like you,” he said to L and shook his head, “How about we just try a little powdered sugar and a little whipped cream? Too much of this stuff and you’ll be running around the room in circles.”  L snorted at him.

“Do I run around the room in circles?” he asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous you’re not five years old,” Light told him as he fixed Aki’s pancakes, “Don’t get him started on your bad habits.”   Aki clasped his hands together and bowed towards the table.

“Thank you for the food!” he said then peered over at Light and L until they did the same.  When they did he laughed happily and began to eat.    Light reached across the table and took L’s hand.

“Thank you for this,” he said, “I know what your feelings are and I appreciate you going out of your way to do this for him.”  L sighed and squeezed his hand.

“I’m not heartless Light, I’m just trying to be careful,” he said, “And when you have a moment I’d like to talk to you about what I discovered while I was working earlier.  I’ve found another missing member.”

Light stared in surprise as L nodded and mouthed “father”.

“I see,” he said glancing at Aki, “Yes, we’ll discuss this later.”   He reached for his coffee and it didn’t escape L that he hadn’t put anything on his plate to eat.  
“Light…you need to eat something,” he said but before Light could answer the intercom buzzed.  Light started to move and L shook his head.

“Eat something, I’ll get it,” he said and got up quickly to answer the buzz.

“Detective Matsuda is in the elevator on his way up,” Watari’s voice informed him.  Light and L looked at each other.  This couldn’t be good news to make Matsuda come by this time of the morning.
“Thank you Watari, I’ll let him in,” he looked at Aki who was busily stuffing his face.

“And if you could come in to sit with Aki while Light and I speak with Matsuda.”

“I will be there shortly,” Watari answered and L moved to the door as just as there was a knock.

“Matsuda, good morning,” he said as he opened the door, “What a surprise to see you this early.  There are chocolate chip pancakes and coffee if you’d like.”

“Thanks Ryuzaki, but I’m here because the hospital called for Light this morning,” he said and looked sadly towards the boy, “The news isn’t good.”  L knew immediately what had happened by the look on Matsuda’s face and he sighed heavily.  Not that he wasn’t expecting it, but expecting it and dealing with it was a totally different thing.  He walked over to the table where Light was playing with Aki, feeding him a large bite of pancake and making him laugh.

“Light, Matsuda’s here and he needs to talk to you,” he said gently.  “Use my office, and I’ll join you in a few minutes.”  Light gave the fork to Aki and looked at L, not liking what he saw.

“Alright,” he said and stood up, “Be right back Aki, I have to talk to a friend.” He said and the boy nodded, stuffing more pancake into his mouth.

“What’s happening Matsuda,” he asked as they moved into L’s office.   He closed the door behind them and he turned to face him, “I’m assuming this isn’t good news.”  Matsuda shook his head.

“The hospital called for you a few minutes after I got in,” he said slowly, “I took the call since I knew you weren’t coming in.”

“His mother taking a turn for the worse?” Light ventured, “That’s not unusual with that kind of injury, but she’ll probably…”

“She’s dead Light,” Matsuda interrupted softly, “She died very early this morning; I’m so sorry.” The door opened and L walked in closing it quickly behind him.  He looked from Matsuda to Light and he knew what he had feared was true.

Light stared at him blankly as he let the information wash over him.  The shooting played out in his mind again, watching as she was shot in the back and propelled into his arms by the force of the bullet; the blood, his shooting the other attacker.  He heard the sound of Aki laughing in the other room and his anger erupted, some of the items on L’s desk getting the worst of it as they flew across the room.  

“Light…” L started to move towards him and Light shook his head, falling into the chair.

“Did she ever wake up?” he asked and Matsuda shook his head.

“No, she simply slipped away.” He answered and Light nodded.

“Thank you for coming to tell me Matsuda, and not just calling.” L said as he moved behind Light.

“I couldn’t do that, I knew how you were feeling about this case, I’m really sorry Light.”  Light nodded again but didn’t move from the chair.  Matsuda looked at L and watched as L reached down and placed his hands on Light’s shoulders.  He took that as his cue to leave and turned and left the office, closing the door behind him.

“I know you had hoped for the best Light, but after knowing her injuries, it would have been a miracle for her to have made it.  I am sorry.” He said.

“A miracle,” Light said softly, “To need a miracle for an innocent victim to be able to live and raise her son.  How fucked up is it that a miracle is needed for something like that?” his voice had become progressively louder as he spoke.  He pushed L’s hands away from him and he jumped up from the chair and turned to face him.  L was alarmed at the fury he saw in Light’s face, the pure hate in his eyes.

“Her husband steals and Aki pays for it by having to watch his mother shot down and he didn’t deserve one miracle?”   L sighed and moved closer to him, reaching out to touch him.

“Light you’re over reacting to this situation.  You and I have both seen situations far more heinous than this.  You have waded in blood and body parts to get clues on a case, we have seen the results of murder sprees with no explanation, and we’ve seen entire families murdered!  Neither one of us is new to this type of tragedy.”  He was finally close enough to caress Light’s arm.  “This situation is very tragic I agree, I feel for the boy, but the problem here is you have quickly become emotionally involved from the beginning.  You immediately felt responsible for the boy, you had to kill to save him and the fact that you felt exhilaration at killing the criminal has added to your involvement.  Light you have to pull away before you completely lose yourself!”

Light moved away from him and walked to the window that looked out at downtown Tokyo.  He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair.

“I can’t help how I feel L,” he said quietly, “And I don’t understand why I feel so deeply for Aki’s situation, but I do.  I see his face and it represents everyone I’ve tried to help, everyone that’s suffered at the hands of criminals that never seem to stop coming.” He stopped for a moment then took a deep breath before he began again.  “There was one time when they had all but stopped, when they were afraid to do anything.”  L knew immediately what he was thinking and moved quickly to him.

“Stop thinking that way Light, Kira was born because you were a bored, immature teenager and you found a way to ease that boredom that just happened to work with your dissatisfaction with the world!” he told him sternly as he grabbed Light and turned him around to face him, wincing inside at the look in his eyes.

“You cannot go back to that way of handling things and you couldn’t anyway because you no longer have a notebook.  I understand your anger, I understand your frustration, but you need to get back to yourself.  The boy…Aki needs you to be yourself to help him get through this, please stop and think.”

“You have my notebook L,” Light reminded him and tried to move away.

“And I will never give it to you,” L told him. He reached out and held Light’s arms to keep him from moving.  “I love you Light, and no one understands you more than I do.  You don’t really want to go back to what you were; you just feel frustrated and lost by what’s happened and you don’t know how to deal with this so you ‘re reaching back to when you felt invincible, when you knew exactly what to do next, when you thought you had all the answers,” he let go of one arm and caressed Light’s face, gratified when Light closed his eyes and leaned against his hand. After a moment Light shook his head.

“You don’t understand,” he said taking L’s hand from his face, “It isn’t just that I feel—angry, it’s the way I felt when I killed him.  It felt right, it felt good, it felt as if I’d never stopped killing and it was exhilarating.   Everything that’s happening is making me feel as if I’m being pulled back into Kira for a reason, and it feels right.”

“No, Light it isn’t right, it isn’t the answer.  You have no idea who these people are and you will not get your hands on that notebook again so it’s futile to think this way.  You’ve dealt with worse and Kira has never entered your mind; and what I don’t understand is why it’s there now.  But whatever the reason, right now Aki needs to know the truth, no matter how painful it is; and he needs to know that we are here to help him. A killer notebook is not going to help him right now, he needs someone who cares about him.” Light nodded then looked up at him.

“You’re right, we have to tell him,” he turned and went to the door of the office, “You said you found his father, I want to know where he is, and I need to talk to him.”  L nodded as he moved to follow him.

“Of course, but Light…” Light stopped and looked at him, “Aki needs you, not Kira.”  Light gave him a quick nod and walked out, L right behind him.

Aki looked up as they walked out, holding up his empty plate proudly.  

“Look I ate it all,” he said with a wide grin, “And Mr. Wammy said I could have more if it was okay with you.”    Light smiled at him and reached for his hand.

“Maybe a little later, but right now we have to talk.” He said.  Aki reached up and took his hand.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked as he walked with Light to the living room and sat next to him on the couch.  

“Of course not,” Light answered and L sat next to Aki on his other side.  Watari got up from the table and walked past them.

“Let me know if I can be of any assistance,” he said quietly as he walked out, L nodding his thanks.

“Does this mean I can’t go see Mama today?” Aki asked trying to decide why Light looked so serious, “She didn’t wake up yet? When do you think she will?”    Light took a deep breath and squeezed the little boy’s hand.

“Your mama isn’t…going to wake up Aki,” he said slowly, “She was hurt very badly and she couldn’t heal.”  The boy blinked in confusion, looking from Light to L.

“She couldn’t heal?” he asked quietly, “She can’t wake up?”

“I’m so sorry Aki, but your mom is gone, she died this morning.  She won’t be coming home.”    L‘s mind suddenly flashed to himself getting the same news at approximately the same age.  Even though at five one doesn’t really grasp the idea of death, one understands the meaning of gone, and never coming home.  The sound of Aki’s wail brought him back, it was a sound like no other that went straight to his heart.

The wail turned into angry crying as he begged Light to take him to his mother, his tiny fists beating against Light, blaming him for keeping him away from his mother.  LightS kept saying he was sorry over and over as he reached out and gathered the boy into his arms and rocked him.  L reached out and held them both as tears slid down Light’s face, one hand rubbing the boy’s back, the other arm around Light’s shoulders.

“I’m so sorry Aki,” he said then looked up at Light and for a moment it was Kira looking back at him, it was only for a moment, but it was enough to scare him.

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Metamorphosis 29

Near sat down at his usual table in the dining room and began to eat his dinner. He was alone at the moment with the exception of his constant companion robot, but that never bothered him. Sometimes Matt and Mello would join him at meals, but they were visiting Beyond this evening and he assumed they wouldn’t be back until time for the meeting, now that they had resumed.

It had been several weeks since Lawliet had his scare with the infection, and he had been healing well. The meetings had begun again a week ago and he had been up and moving well, spending most of the meeting at his desk with Light hovering nearby. If he remembered correctly the stitches were being removed today and hopefully they would be able to put that entire situation behind them.

He looked up in surprise when he heard the sound of Light’s voice. Since he had been living with Lawliet they took all of their meals in their apartment together, so he was surprised to see him in the dining room. He watched as Light continued to talk to the server and took several of the dessert, strawberry cheesecake, and placed them on the tray. He chuckled, he knew exactly what he was doing. He called to him when he had finished collecting the desserts and Light walked over to his table and sat down.

“Yea, he loves anything with a strawberry on it,” he said, “We don’t have any of this upstairs and I wanted to surprise him with it when he got back from the doctor’s.” Near nodded with a smile.

“Getting the stitches out finally?” he asked as he ate and Light answered with a heavy sigh

“Finally,” he said. “I planned to go with him but he didn’t want me to, said I need a break from worrying about it him.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “It seems like this has been going on forever, I’m just glad it’ll be over now.”

“I can imagine,” Near agreed, “It does seem like this entire situation with Beyond has been going on forever. There isn’t that much time left before graduation, I’m glad we won’t have to dealing with that as well.”

“I’m just hoping Lawliet can put this behind him. I know he’s trying but he’s having a lot of difficulty with it.” Light worried.

“I’m not surprised, it’s bad enough to be the victim of a violent attack but when it’s your twin brother…” Near began.

“Yea, I know. Right now he’s throwing himself completely into his work, he’s more “L” these days than Lawliet.”

“It’s a good place to hide while his mind heals,” Near observed, “It’s good he’s got something to lose himself in right now, as long as he doesn’t get carried away. Maybe…” he stopped when he noticed someone else making their way to the table. “Don’t look now but you’re getting company.” He warned him. Light turned to see Misa making her way over to him. He took a deep breath and began to stand up.

“Thanks for the warning. I’ll see you later,” he said picking up the tray.

“Light please wait,” Misa called from behind him. “I haven’t seen you in weeks except in class and then you‘re always in a hurry to talk to me!” she complained.

‘”Sorry Misa, but I have to keep a close watch on Lawliet, I don’t have a lot of extra time right now. As a matter of fact I have to get back and bring him these.” He said moving away quickly.

“But Light we never talk anymore, I have so much to tell you…” she began as he shook his head.

“Maybe another time Misa, but I have to get back now. See you later, Near.” He called over his shoulder as he moved away.

“But…Light!!!” Misa called after him but he was moving quickly and was already out of earshot and heading for the door. She sank into the chair he had recently been in, fighting tears. Near watched her for a moment, slightly annoyed that she was sitting at his table, but letting that go for the moment.

“Misa, have you ever considered just being friends with Light?” he asked. Her head shot up and she stared at him in anger.

“Friends? That’s ridiculous we’ve been friends for years. But we’re supposed to get married…” she began and he shook his head.

“You’re not that stupid,” he told her, “It’s painfully obvious that’s not going to happen.”

“I’m sure everything will go back to normal once Lawliet is well again; he’s just concerned…” she began and Near laughed.

“Stop being a fool,” he said, “I couldn’t care less about this, except that I consider Light a friend and even I’m getting tired of watching you be ridiculous, I can’t imagine how it must be affecting him. If you continue to delude yourself into thinking he’s going to marry you, he’s going to keep avoiding you until you’re on that plane back to Japan. He doesn’t love you Misa, you have to deal with that now no matter how painful. What you should be thinking about is if you want him in your life at all. He is never going to be what you want him to be, but you have a history and I’m sure he would want to continue to have you in his life as long as you stop stalking him. Don’t you want to at least keep him in your life as a friend?” He stood up and gathered his things. “There are only a few weeks left before graduation; if you don’t want to ruin what little time you have left to be in his company, you’d better think about how you’re going to fix this before you never see him again. Also I would think that if you care that much for Light, you’d want him happy and he’s happy with Lawliet. Be honest with yourself for once.” He then turned from her and walked away.

Misa watched him walk away and then kicked his vacated chair. “What do you know about anything?” she spat at the empty chair. “Who are you to lecture me about my Light? I am being honest with myself! Happy with Lawliet? How could he be happy with Lawliet? We were always happy before he met Lawliet! We were always talking about our future together from the time we were kids before he met Lawliet. He always…” She stopped. “He always told me he didn’t love me.”

She covered her face with her hands and cried as every conversation she’d had with Light ran through her mind.

Every time he tried to tell her his true feelings, every time he honestly told her he didn’t love her, every time he told her they would never get married. The only time he stopped was when she had reported to his father what he’d been doing with Lawliet and only the fear of being kicked out kept him in line. She knew it then, she just didn’t want to admit it; she always told herself it would change if he just stayed away from Lawliet. But now she was beginning to tire of holding on to that hope. Hearing it from someone else only made it more painfully real to her; Light really didn’t love her and never would.

She admitted to herself that the main reasons she held on to that hope was because she had nothing else. She had grown up believing she and Light would marry, her parents groomed her for it, and she just didn’t know what else to do if that didn’t happen. She wiped her eyes with her fingers as she heard friends coming in and calling her name. She sat up straight and put a smile on her face, she’d think about this later.

Light managed to get the deserts upstairs and in the fridge without dropping them, and right before L and Wammy came in the door. He quickly closed the fridge door and turned to meet them in the living room.

“Everything okay?” he asked and L smiled and nodded as he came to him. He pulled up his shirt and turned around so he could see.

“Look, they’re all gone!” he said excitedly, “And it’s only a little tender, almost nothing!” Light reached out and gently touched the scar.

“I’m so glad this is over,” he said as he ran his fingertips gently over the raised skin, “Now we can just forget it ever happened.” L dropped his shirt and turned around to face him
“Already forgotten,” he said and leaned forward to kiss him before remembering Watari was right behind him until the older man cleared his throat.

“Before you get carried away, please remember about the cream you’re supposed to apply every day, twice a day, to help lessen the scars,” he reminded him. L sighed and nodded

“I won’t forget,” he said and Light smiled at him.

“No, he won’t forget, I’ll make sure,” he added

“Now I’ll get you some dinner, you need to just relax until it’s time for our meeting.” Wammy added as he walked towards the door, “I’ll be right back,” he said more as a warning than a statement. When the door closed behind him, Lawliet turned back to Light and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a deep kiss. Light was taken by surprise and he was still afraid to hug him back. Lawliet immediately felt his lack of response and pulled away, looking at him questioningly.

“Is something wrong? I thought after all this time…” Light shook his head.

“No there’s nothing wrong, I…I guess I’m afraid of hurting you.” He answered and Lawliet smiled.

“You can’t hurt me, Light. Unless you’re going to tell me you don’t want me anymore,” he looked down at his feet, “I could understand it if that’s the problem, I’ve caused you so much trouble and if you were only staying with me until I healed…” He didn’t finish as Light grabbed him and pulled him against him, kissing him hard. Lawliet’s eyes went wide for a moment and then closed as he returned the kiss, his hands moving up into Light’s hair. They moaned against each other, not realizing until that moment just how much they’d missed this contact. They pulled apart only when they heard Wammy come back through the door.

Wammy smiled to himself as he saw them jump and pull apart as he came into the room. “Don’t be all evening eating dinner, it’s almost time for the meeting,” he said as he pushed the trolley into the room. “I have some paperwork to catch up on from the day, and Roger wishes to complain to me about something or another so I’ll leave you to it.” He turned and went back out as they both embarrassedly mumbled their appreciation.

“We have to get better at hearing him coming,” Light said and Lawliet chuckled.

“Or learn how to lock the door,” he added and then smiled, “Then you do still care about me?” he asked.

“Idiot, I still love you,” Light answered and walked to the refrigerator, “Would someone who doesn’t love you grab all of these risking the wrath of the cafeteria personnel?” He pulled out the desserts he had placed in there earlier and Lawliet ran to him.

“How did you get so many? They usually argue with me when I only want two!” He gathered them and placed them on the table as Light shrugged.
“I told them they were for you and I guess this is how they showed their concern for your recuperation,” he answered with a shrug, “Strange as it may seem.”
Lawliet grabbed a fork from the silverware drawer and sat down in front of the several plates, grabbing one and taking a huge bite, closing his eyes in near bliss.
“You haven’t had your dinner yet,” Light reminded him going to the trolley and getting their dinner, “You should have your dinner before dessert.” Lawliet looked up at him and took an ever bigger bite in defiance.

“Stop being an ass and eat your dinner when you finish that one,” Light ordered putting Lawliet’s dinner in front of him as he moved the other desserts away.
“You shouldn’t speak to L that way,” Lawliet told him, “L is about to be known as the world’s greatest detective and he’s…”
“Going to get his ass kicked if he doesn’t eat his dinner,” Light finished and for a moment Lawliet just stared at him and then broke into laughter.
“I guess you do love me,” he said as he finished his cheesecake and smiled at him, “Otherwise you wouldn’t care what I ate.”
“Now that you realize that, Eat Your Dinner,” Light reiterated stressing each word as he picked up his own fork. Lawliet pushed the empty dessert plate away and reached for his dinner, the wide smile still on his face.

“I don’t know about you, but I think Beyond is doing really well,” Matt said as they made their way to Lawliet’s apartment, “He seemed almost his old self. Mello nodded with a smile.

“Almost, but there was still that…that something that wasn’t quite right,” he said, “Something I noticed because I’ve known him for so long. But I’m not going to say that he didn’t show a lot of progress.”

“How long do you think he has to stay there do you think?” Mello sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I heard it’s open ended, but at least a year, it all depends on his behavior and how he does with medication and therapy. But you’re right, he did look and sound good and he’s been getting his school work done too, thanks to A. He’s been going to therapy with BB, as well as his own to keep himself going,” he sighed, “Plus doing his own work; I don’t know how he’s getting it all done.”

“Actually it’s the best thing for him,” Matt said as they got to the door, “His big problem had always been a strong sense of inadequacy, that he was nothing except for BB. Now he has been able to prove himself as more capable than he ever thought he was and that’s the best thing that could happen for him.” Mello stopped and looked at him with a loving smile, then leaned to kiss him.

“You always find the best in every shitty situation,” he said, “That’s why I keep you around.” Matt laughed and reached for the door.

“Yea, that and the fact that I can suck the stripes off of a straw,” he said and ran into the apartment. Mello blinked and then laughed as he followed him in.

Near arrived last and made his way to where Light was sitting the moment he came in. He had begun to feel as if he had perhaps overstepped his boundaries by speaking to Misa as he did, and he wanted to warn Light and apologize if it had any repercussions he hadn’t planned on. Once he told Light what he was concerned about, he was surprised when the teen laughed and told him not to worry about it.

“If anything Near, you told her something she needed to hear from someone else besides me and I appreciate your bothering to do it. I’m not worried about hearing anything from her, I can handle whatever she can come up with,” he looked over at Lawliet who was at his desk, hunched over his laptop as Wammy poured coffee for him, “As long as she doesn’t try to hurt Lawliet again, I don’t care what she does.”

“I just wanted to forewarn you and apologize in case she does get out of hand again. As long as he stays out of the general populace she can’t get to him, so I’m sure he’ll be okay,” he said nodding at Lawliet, “Everything go okay with the stitches?” Light nodded with a smile.

“Yes, he’s back to his normal smart ass self now,” he said then looked up as Wammy called the meeting to order. “Time to get to work!” he said as Near nodded and followed him into the main room.

Several hours later, Wammy looked over at the obviously tired teens and smiled. “You’ve all done very, very well, I believe it’s time to call it a night.” They began to put away their notes with tired sighs. “I believe it’s time for you to begin working actual cases,” he added. “There are several that L has not begun to work on yet, and tomorrow I will distribute them for you to work on. I reiterate that these are real, ongoing cases that have been offered to L; and I expect your best work and we will be in contact with the police forces involved. Good night, gentlemen.” The tiredness turned into excitement as they looked forward to actually working on real cases now, the excited chatter lasting as they each went out of the door.

“I think you made them all happy with that announcement,” Light said as he helped Wammy clear the area, “This is what we’ve all been working towards.” Wammy nodded and smiled.

“And you are all ready for the real thing,” he said, “As well as the fact that there are more cases coming in than I think L can handle at the moment. I’m sure as time goes on he’ll be able to handle more, but I don’t wish to push it at the moment.” Light nodded his agreement.

“Just don’t tell him that,” he said, “He thinks he can do everything.” He laughed.

“I believe in time he will be able to,” Wammy said proudly and headed for the door himself, “Don’t let him stay up too late yet; he isn’t at 100% yet.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” Light answered as Wammy went out, “Good night, Watari.” He said with a grin and Wammy nodded and left. Light locked the door and turned back to Lawliet who was still bent over his laptop.

“Come on L, let’s call it a night,” he called as he walked over to him, “I know you must be tired.” Lawliet looked up from his computer and smiled.

“I didn’t think this meeting would ever end!” he said excitedly and closed the computer, standing up and going to Light, “I love you.” He said before attacking his mouth. Light quickly got over his surprise and returned the kiss and then pulled away.

“You go get into bed, I’ll turn off everything and be right there,” he said, kissed him again and turned to turn off the lights. Lawliet grinned and then ran to the bedroom, stripping off his clothes as he went. He checked under his pillow to see if what he‘d put there earlier was still there and grinned wider when he saw it was. He then lay back on his side and waited patiently for Light.

Light finished and headed for the bedroom and stopped as he walked into the room. There was Lawliet, lying on his side and staring at him, wearing nothing but his smile. He closed the bedroom door behind him and chuckled as he walked over to him, sitting on the bed and kicking off his shoes.

“While I’m flattered I’m not sure what you have in mind is a good idea,” he said and Lawliet sat up with a pout.

“What? Why not? It’s been months Light, I would think you’d want this as much as I do.”

“I never said I didn’t want it,” Light told him with a sad smile, “You have no idea how much I want it, but…you just got your stitches out today…I just don’t know…” Lawliet reached over and began to unbutton his shirt.

“I do, I know…I want…” he started and began to kiss him as he worked on removing Light’s shirt. Light reached up and stopped his hands, pulling away.

“Lawliet…I don’t want to hurt you…I’m afraid of hurting you,” he looked away for a moment, “so many people have already hurt you I don’t want to add to it…” Lawliet stopped and sat back, sadness and disappointment on his face.

“What did I tell you before? That I’m fine, you can’t hurt me…except if you didn’t want me anymore.” Light stared at him, trying not to let the turmoil in his mind take control. He relaxed and allowed Lawliet to take off his shirt.

“Alright, but we’ll take this slowly,” he said, closing his eyes as Lawliet leaned forward and began to kiss his chest. Lawliet nodded as he pushed Light back against the bed.

“Yes…slowly….” he echoed, his hands moving down to undo Light’s belt and his pants as he continued to kiss his chest, “But not that slowly.” He added as he practically yanked Light’s pants off and flung them across the room. Light laughed and then sat up and shook his head, pushing Lawliet down on the bed.

“No, you lie down and just let me do all the work this first time,” he said and stopped the coming protest by reaching down and taking him in his hand and stroking him slowly.

“Do you have a problem with this?” he asked as Lawliet’s eyes closed and his head pressed against the pillow. He shook his head as he moaned softly.

“No…no…God no!” he panted as he moved against Light’s hand. Light chuckled and moved up to kiss him, moaning himself as Lawliet’s arms came up and around his neck, pulling him against him as he returned the kiss with everything he had.

Light finally pulled away and kissed down his body, finally moving his hand and taking him into his mouth. Lawliet cried out and clutched the side of the bed with new sensation, then reached down, putting his hands in Light’s hair, his hips pushing him deeper into Light’s mouth.

Light placed his hands on Lawliet’s hips to keep him from moving, his mind still on the freshly removed stitches as he continued to work on him. He sucked gently at first, his tongue swirling around the tip and down again, before taking him as deep into his throat as he could, and sucking hard. He smiled as he felt Lawliet’s body begin to tremble beneath him, the sounds coming from him exciting him as well, and began to move faster as he also slowly inserted one finger into him. Lawliet cried out again, arching his back and pulled Light’s hair as he came suddenly, his body shaking as Light continued to hold him.

Light didn’t let go until he was sure he was finished, then crawled up his body and kissed him before pulling him up into his arms. Lawliet fell against him, his head falling on Light’s shoulder.

“You okay?” Light asked and Lawliet laughed as he nodded.

“I haven’t been this okay in weeks,” he said as he kissed Light’s shoulder, “I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you but it happened so fast…”

“I wasn’t expecting you to warn me,” Light told him as he rubbed his back, “As long as it wasn’t too much.” Lawliet sat up and frowned at him.

“Light you have to stop this, I’m fine. I’m healed, it’s all over, and of course it wasn’t too much. Stop treating me like I’m made of glass and you’re going to break me,” he stopped for a minute, looking down at the bed and trying to compose himself.

“Light, I need everything to go back to the way it was before Beyond attacked us. I’m trying so hard to forget it, put it behind me, but I can’t unless we get back what we were just beginning to have before it happened. You and our relationship is the only thing I have to hold on to and fight against it. ” He looked back at Light, tears standing in his eyes. “Please Light, I need this, we need this. I need you to love me.” He pulled away and reached under the pillow retrieving the bottle of lube he had placed there earlier and tried to smile. “Besides, it’s your turn now.” He placed the bottle in Light’s hands and then laid back on the bed with a grin. “You said you wanted me.”

Light was alarmed at the sight of the tears in Lawliet’s eyes, but couldn’t quite shake the turmoil in his mind, the fear of causing Lawliet any more pain. “Of course I want you Lawliet, of course I love you, I’m just…” Lawliet sat up and took the bottle from him, opening it and pouring it into his own hands. He then reached down and began to apply it to Light in slow strokes.

“Then prove it to me,” he grinned, “We only got the chance to do this once before everything happened. We’ve got to make up for all that lost time.” He dropped the lube and fell back against the bed again. “I love you Light, I want everything back the way it was before, please?” Light sighed and then nodded.

“So do I,” he said, “I love you too and I will prove it to you.” He picked up the lube and began to apply it to Lawliet’s opening, then inserted two fingers as he leaned forward and kissed him. Lawliet groaned against his mouth, trying not to sound as if he were in any pain, knowing Light would probably stop if he thought he was. After a few moments, Light slowly added a third moving them slowly to stretch him, then began to search for that one special spot. Suddenly L’s body tensed and he clutched at the sheets crying out,
“There it is,” Light said with a triumphant smile and continued to attack it as Lawliet moved even harder against his fingers, his moans of pleasure getting louder with each attack. Light leaned forward and kissed Lawliet’s neck, then up his jawline and finally his mouth. He removed his fingers and positioned himself behind him.

“If you’re ready…” he said and Lawliet nodded and smiled at him lovingly. Light then slowly began to press into him. Lawliet reached up and grabbed Light’s shoulders, his nails digging into them as he tried not to cry out, not wanting to alarm his lover. Light could feel him tense up, and he stopped for a moment, leaning forward to kiss him.

“You have to relax,” he reminded him, “But it’s okay if you want me to stop,” he told him and Lawliet shook his head.

“Don’t you dare, I’ll be fine,” he told him and in proof he moved his hips against him, pulling him in further. Light groaned in pleasure as he slid deeper into the warmth of Lawliet’s body, and he didn’t want to stop now either. Once he was completely engulfed he paused again to give Lawliet time to adjust. Within a few moments Lawliet reached up and kissed him, nodding that he was ready.

Light began to move slowly, pulling out and then slowly pushing back in. He covered Lawliet’s face in kisses, matching his moans with his own as he began to move faster. Lawliet wrapped his legs around Light’s back, moving with him as they found a perfect rhythm together.

They were both in such need of being together, reaffirming their relationship after everything that had happened. Light finally relaxed once he was sure Lawliet was not in any pain, and he began to lose himself in the intense pleasure, increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts, with Lawliet moving his hips to meet him. At this moment nothing that had happened existed, nothing mattered except the two of them and their sounds of loving each other.

He felt Lawliet begin to tremble again and he knew he was close; so he reached between them and began to stroke him to help him along. Lawliet’s cries of Light’s name echoed through the room as his body arched and he came, his fingers digging deeply into Light’s back.

As Lawliet’s muscles squeezed around him, Light thrusted into him one last time and came himself, falling forward onto Lawliet for a moment before rolling off of him to his side. He gathered Lawliet into his arms and held him tightly as he caught his breath.

“You’re okay?” he whispered and Lawliet nodded with a smile.

“I’m very okay,” he answered nuzzling against him, “I love you, Light.” Light kissed the top of his head and pulled the blankets up and around them.

“I love you too, Lawliet,” answered and kissed him again, “ You should sleep now,” he told him.

“Okay,” he agreed and then lifted his head, “Everything’s okay now?” he asked. Light pulled him up for another kiss and then pulled him back against his chest.

“Everything’s okay,” he whispered back and held him tightly, watching as Lawliet’s eyes finally closed, then finally allowing his own to do the same.
A made it to the hospital just as Beyond was being served dinner. Everything in his bag was searched thoroughly before he was allowed into the room.

“He needs that to do his school work,” he said when the orderly pulled the pens from the bag.

“Anything that can be used as a weapon has to be confiscated,” he was told.

“I’m going in there with him, he’s not going to use the pen against me. How else is he going to get his work done?” he demanded and the orderly thought for a moment.

“Alright, but just one and it has to be in full view at all times. Any aggressive behavior and I’m coming in to take it, and you’re leaving.” A bit his tongue to keep the answer he wanted to give from coming out and just nodded. He grabbed everything and walked through the doors when he was buzzed in. He smiled when he saw BB sitting at the small table in his room, eating.

“I hope the food here is decent,” he said as he walked in. BB looked up at him, and flashed him a grin. It was a little crooked, and by the look in his eyes A could see he had recently been given something.

“Hey,” he said and stood up, reaching over to hug him tightly against him. “I’m sorry if I sound stupid, they gave me something different today. They say they’re trying to find the right one for me, but in the mean time they just fuck me up.” A kissed him and ran and smiled.

“I understand, my doctor did the same to me until they found the one that worked the best, you’ll be okay soon,” he looked down at his dinner, on paper plates, with a plastic fork. They wouldn’t even give him a plastic knife. “Does it at least taste decent?” he asked as he they sat down together.

“I dunno, don’t really taste it, but I think so.” Beyond answered with a shrug. “They’ve probably drugged the food too.” He chuckled.

“No, they wouldn’t do that,” A assured him and then put the books down on the table. “Mr. Wammy asked me to bring your school work with me. This way you can keep up with us and get your diploma at the same time with the rest of us.” Beyond looked at the pile of books and notebooks and laughed.

“Like I’m worried about getting a diploma right now,” he said and leaned back in the chair, “I don’t really give a fuck.” A sighed and then smiled at him.

“I know you don’t right now, but that will change. You‘re not going to be in here forever B, we still have all of our plans in place. I want you to be ready to jump right back into them when you do get out. I know you want that too.” Beyond looked at him and then smiled.

“Yea…maybe,” he answered and swirled his fork through his food, “If you want me to, I’ll do it,” he said, “It’s the least I can do since you haven’t turned away from me.”
“B I will never turn away from you, even if you decide you don’t want to do the work, for whatever reason. I love you, and you stood by me when I was really bad.” He leaned forward and kissed him until Beyond started to giggle.

“We’re so fucked up,” he said, “We have to stay together no one else would want us!” A laughed with him.

“That’s alright, it makes us unique,” he said and then opened one of the notebooks, “I wrote down what you have to read and what the work is they want you to do for each subject,” he said, “But if you have any questions, let me know. I’m going to work on my own homework while you do your work.” Beyond nodded and then was quiet for a moment and fidgeted with his fork for a moment before saying anything.

“How is Lawliet?” he asked quietly. A looked at him in slight surprise.

“He’s okay,” he answered, “He’s still got a ways to go, but he’s okay.”

“I don’t really want him dead, you know that,” Beyond said, “But I don’t want anything to do with him either. This is all…because of him.” A didn’t think this was a good subject for Beyond to deal with yet.

“Well…I don’t think you should worry about that right now. Everything that happened has a lot of reasons that we can talk about later. Right now, finish your dinner so we can go over your school work. Okay?” Beyond looked up at him with a small smile and nodded.

Lawliet woke up with a start, feeling groggy and warm. He really had to go to the bathroom but every time he tried to sit up he got dizzy and pain radiated up from his wound. He looked over at Light who was still sleeping and the last thing he wanted to do was bother him but he didn’t think he’d be able to get out of bed on his own. He didn’t know what he‘d done, but he was definitely paying for it now. He reached over and began to gently shake Light.

“Light…wake up Light,” he said softly then a wave of pain forced him to stop. Light’s eyes opened the moment he heard Lawliet’s voice and began to sit up.

“I’m awake…What’s the matter?” he asked looking around before looking at Lawliet. The moment he did he sat up straight; Lawliet looked paler than usual, was sweating and was obviously in pain.

“I don’t know, I had to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t get up…my back hurts.” Light wrapped an arm around him and helped him sit up.

“Alright, let me get you to the bathroom and then I’ll call Wammy, you might have opened your wounds between Misa and Beyond.” He said swinging his legs around and planting both feet on the floor. He then stood up, bringing Lawliet with him. He helped him into the bathroom and then went for his phone, calling Wammy and telling him all of Lawliet’s symptoms. Wammy told him he’d be right there, and to get him back into bed. Just as he closed the call he heard a crash in the bathroom and ran in, finding Lawliet on his knees and trying to stand up.

“I was just washing my hands,” he tried to explain as Light wrapped his arms around him, “And my legs just gave out.”

“It’s okay,” Light told him as he practically carried him back to the bedroom, “Wammy’s on his way, you need to lay back down.” He put him on his stomach knowing Wammy would want to look at his back. He looked down at it himself and he could see swelling and long red streaks coming from under the dressing, something was definitely wrong.

“Don’t worry, you might need some extra medicine, but you‘re going to be okay,” Light said trying to reassure him as he ran a hand through Lawliet’s hair.

“I’m sorry I had to wake you,” Lawliet apologized, “But I just couldn’t get up…”

“It’s okay, I would have been angry if you’d tried to do this on your own and had hurt yourself even more,” Light assured him and then started when he heard the front door opening.

“It’s alright it’s just me,” he heard Wammy’s voice calling to them as he came in. He moved quickly into the bedroom and immediately walked to Lawliet’s side. He placed a hand on his forehead and frowned, then looked down at the bandage with a deep sigh.

“It is obviously infected Lawliet,” he said, “You need to be seen by your doctor as quickly as possible.”

“Can’t you do something for him,” Light asked, “He’s in pain…”

“I can give him a little something for the pain, he has pain medication here, and we need to work on that fever. I can tell he’s going to need to have that bandage removed, the wound cleaned, possibly the stitches changed as well. All of which needs to be done by his doctor, who probably can’t get here for a couple of hours at least. If you would be kind enough to get him some water,” he said to Light who nodded and moved quickly to get it.

“Wammy I don’t know what happened,” Lawliet said, “I just woke up and I could barely move.”

“I think too much has happened to you, too much strain,” Wammy told him, “I warned you when you came home that you were to do nothing except rest and this is what happens when you disobey. However, what happened when Beyond escaped you cannot be blamed for; but taking Light’s book to him which resulted in Misa attacking you certainly can, and falling asleep over your laptop and falling to the floor.” Light came back with the water as Wammy helped Lawliet turn and sit up.

“I’m sorry Wammy, I didn’t mean to…” he began and Wammy interrupted him.

“Now, swallow these down for the pain,” he said handing him two large pills from one of the bottles on his side table, “Once those take some effect we’ll see how that fever is. For now I’ll get you a cool cloth and I’ll try to cool your body down.” Once he had taken the pills, Wammy helped him back down to lying on his side. He then looked at Light. “I’ll be right back, keep him quiet.” He instructed and left the bedroom.

Light nodded and pulled a chair to the bed, sitting next to Lawliet and holding one hand.

“Don’t worry, this will be taken care of,” he assured him and the teen nodded.

“Wammy’s upset with me,” Lawliet whispered tearfully and Light sighed.

“He’s worried about you that’s all,” he answered trying to ignore the tightening he was beginning to feel inside his chest, “Just like I am.” He leaned down and kissed the top of his head. “But you‘re going to be okay so don’t worry. Once the doctor gets here and treats you, you’ll be fine.” L nodded, feeling the effects of the medication.

“This stuff always makes me sleepy,” he complained after a few minutes, “But it does make the pain stop.” Light smiled at him.

“Good, then go back to sleep. The doctor will probably be here by the time you wake up, and I’m going to be right here.” L nodded slowly as his eyes began to close.

“Don’t be upset with me too,” L managed before he fell asleep. Light watched him until he was sure he was deeply asleep and then pulled his hand from Lawliet’s so he could massage his own temples in an effort to calm himself.

All he wanted was Lawliet to stop hurting and to get well; he wanted this whole nightmare to be over so they could get on with their lives. He had wasted so much time playing games with Misa; if something happened to L before they had a chance to really be. He shook his head, he wouldn't even think about that. He finally had the freedom to be with the one he loved, and everything kept getting in the way. He could feel himself breathing harder, knowing he was beginning to get upset. He could hear his father’s voice telling him men control themselves, it’s the only way they can help the ones they love, that they’re responsible for. Always keep your head clear, don’t let emotions rule you. Everything that had happened, being attacked, losing his family, all of that he had swept under that rule from his father. But that was easy, he could handle that; but what kept happening to L; this just wasn’t fair. He couldn’t handle any more happening to him, to see the pain in his eyes, to see the fear. He shook his head to clear it; he had to stop this. He felt himself getting angry and he stopped it; he had to keep himself under control if he was going to help Lawliet.

“I’ve called his doctor, he should be here within the hour,” Watari was saying as he walked back into the room with a bowl of cool water and a washcloth. He stopped and gazed at Light. “Are you alright?” he asked and Light nodded releasing a long breath.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m just worried; I just want him to stop hurting, I want him to be well, I want everyone to stop hurting him.”

“Why don’t you go into the living room and Lie down on the couch until the doctor gets here?” Wammy suggested to him, “You need to relax yourself for a while, this has been just as difficult on you as it has been for Lawliet. So much has happened in your life…” Light shook his head stubbornly.

“I’m not leaving him, I promised him I’d be here,” he told him.

“But he’s asleep Light, he won’t know…”

“I’ll know!” Light snapped, “I’m not leaving him!” Wammy frowned at the barely concealed outburst, wondering just how close Light was to completely breaking down. He’d been concerned about it, with everything that had happened from the attack to his family disowning him, but he seemed to be handling it well. Now he wasn’t so sure.

“Alright son, calm down. You can help me try to cool him down then until the doctor arrives.” Light nodded and took the cloth from him, placing it in the cool water in the bowl Wammy was holding and wringing it nearly dry. He then began to gently pat Lawliet’s face and neck with the cloth, then repeated the process along his chest. Lawliet moaned Light’s name softly when the cool cloth touched his skin but didn’t wake fully.

“I’m here babe,” he whispered back as he continued to pat him with the cloth.

It seemed like forever before Wammy received the call that the doctor had arrived. Light had been diligently cooling Lawliet the entire time as Watari had been monitoring his fever.

“I’ll be right back with the doctor,” he told the teen and left the bedroom, still concerned.

“Doctor’s here,” Light whispered to the still sleeping Lawliet, “It’s going to be okay.” He leaned down and kissed his forehead, smiling slightly when he felt how much cooler it had become. He turned when he heard the sound of Wammy and the doctor returning to the apartment and coming towards the bedroom. He heard Wammy bringing him up-to-date and held Lawliet’s hand tightly as they came in.

The doctor put his bag on the bed and took a good look at Lawliet’s back. “Definitely a lot of infection here,” he said to them both and removed gloves from his bag. “I’m going to remove this bandage and clean the wound thoroughly, after that I’ll redress it and give him some antibiotics to fight the infection. Now if you would show me where I can wash and I’ll get started.” Wammy nodded and took him to the bathroom, returning quickly. The doctor pulled on his gloves, then reached down to begin. As the bandage began to be pulled off, Lawliet stirred, opening his eyes and starting badly.

“It’s okay, it’s just the doctor,” Light reassured him, “He’s going to clean it and put on clean bandages.” He told him and then frowned when the bandage was removed; the area looking red and raw, some type of drainage was oozing between the stitches.

“If this doesn’t clear with 24 hours he’ll have to go back to the hospital for iv antibiotics and constant care,” the doctor warned, “But I’ll do what I can right now,” he looked over at Watari; “You might want to hold him still, this isn’t going to be pleasant.” He opened several packets, then reached down and began to clean the wound. Lawliet cried out, pulling away from him and the stinging, burning pain he was causing. Wammy held him down, telling him it would be over soon, just to hang on.

Light held his hand tightly, cringing with every cry Lawliet made; feeling that tightness in his chest again as tears filled his eyes. Everyone was hurting Lawliet again, Misa, Beyond and now this doctor. Why was everyone hurting Lawliet; why couldn’t they just leave him alone; just leave him alone and let them be? He began to feel pure fury, reason beginning to leave him as he watched the doctor hurt him again and again; so much so that suddenly Lawliet just stopped moving, his eyes rolling to the top of his head and his hand going limp inside Light’s. That was the final push for Light.

“Leave him alone, stop hurting him,” he said, quietly at first and then he began to get louder, turning on the doctor, pure fury in his eyes. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” The doctor stopped in surprise and Wammy let go of Lawliet and turned to Light, putting a hand on his arm.

“Come on Light, let’s leave the doctor to finish what he’s doing; he doesn’t mean to hurt Lawliet…”

Light pulled away, holding tighter to Lawliet’s hand as Wammy tried to pull him away.

“No! I’m staying with him, I’m staying with him. Everyone’s trying to hurt him, no one will leave us alone…” he cried and Wammy pulled him harder, as Light began to fight him.

“Light stop it calm down!” Wammy told him, pulling him out of the room, nodding to the doctor to go back to his efforts. “You can’t help Lawliet like this, you have to calm down!!” he said shaking the teen to try to get his attention and stop him from fighting him and ranting. “Lawliet needs you, you have to stop this!!” he shook him again nearly shaking the breath out of him which finally got his attention. Light’s eyes grew wide and he stared up at Wammy before sinking down to his knees and collapsing into tears. Wammy slid down to the floor with him, wrapping his arms around him and holding him against his chest.

“I’m sorry Wammy, I’m so sorry,” Light cried against him, “I don’t know what happened, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright Light, it’s okay,” he soothed, “This has been a long time coming, I completely understand.”

“I love him Wammy, I just want to be with him. He’s all I have left and everyone keeps hurting him, it’s like everything wants to keep us from just being together, I just want him to be okay and not hurt anymore!”

“I know, it does seem that every possible obstacle has been placed in front of your relationship doesn’t it?” Wammy asked and then pulled him away from his chest. “But it hasn’t stopped you has it? It’s just a difficult time right now. After this he will start getting better, we will both make sure he doesn’t move from that bed until the doctor says it okay, alright? And then your lives can get started again, and no one, I repeat no one, will hurt him ever again. Do you believe me?” Light got control of himself and wiped his eyes before nodding.

“Alright, good,” Wammy said and helped him stand up, “Now you go into the bathroom and get yourself together. Lawliet’s passed out so he’s not going to feel any more pain right now. You stay out here until the doctor has finished and I’ll bring you back in at that time. I’m sure he’ll be awake again and will want you there. Alright?” Light nodded again and headed towards the bathroom to clean himself up.

Wammy watched him go and sighed deeply. He wished he had paid more attention to Light’s feelings before now; he should have known he was a time bomb of swallowed down emotions waiting for the excuse to blow. For a moment Wammy’s own feelings felt as if they were going to overwhelm him as well. So many things that could have been avoided had he only paid more attention, but his focus has been on the program and not how it could affect those in it. He heard Lawliet whimper softly and he moved quickly to go back to him; he’d have to think about this later.

Within thirty minutes it was done, and the doctor was leaving prescriptions and telling Wammy he’d be back later in the day to check on him, but to call him if the temperature came back or if his pain became unmanageable. Wammy thanked him and walked him out of the apartment and back down to the main doors.

Light was sitting at Lawliet’s bed side gently stroking his damp hair with one hand while holding tightly to Lawliet’s hand with the other. At least he was sleeping peacefully now, no sign of pain on his face and that made him happy. Now that everything had calmed down he began to feel his own exhaustion come over him and he found it difficult to keep his eyes open. He leaned forward and let his head lay on Lawliet’s chest and let his eyes close.

Watari came back in and found him asleep in the chair. He picked up the blanket at the foot of the bed and placed it around Light’s shoulders. He felt waking him would probably not be best, and certainly separating from Lawliet was definitely not going to happen. He reached down and squeezed his shoulder before gently touching Lawliet’s face, glad to feel the coolness of his skin. He then turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.
Since I've made a journal.  So sorry but I've been a bit on the busy side, trying to keep my fanfictions moving, and just daily garbage!

There's been so much excitement regarding the Death Note Musical. Since I last posted several songs from the New York Demo of the musical were released and were excellent, making me wish even more I could just fly there tomorrow.  There has been excellent rehearsal footage uploaded on youtube ( )and recently footage of the final dress rehearsal that's just brilliant looking.  This video has the English versions of the songs added.

I also just came back from AnimeBoston which was as it always is absolutely wonderful.  It took me three days to recover so that should tell you how much fun it was!! Had the extra added fun of having one of my son's wonderful AMV's make it to the finals of the AMV Contest in the drama category.  It should have won, what do you think? 

I did make an awesome connection with a group that goes to Japan and buys merchandise and copies of the musicals that are made from animes (Like Black Butler, Bleach, Naruto) and sells them at conventions. They are on their way to Japan next week to see the Death Note Musical and I have already put in an order for everything they can bring me so I'll be sure to let you know what I get.

That's it for now, chat atcha later.  New chapters for both stories should be up soon!!


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